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Parent a downs syndrome baby -
when over 90% abort!!!

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Protest sign gets a lot of attention

posted by: Sara Gandy Date last updated: 8/26/2008 7:43:06 PM

JEFFERSON COUNTY - An unauthorized group spent much of Tuesday morning unveiling their political message by way of a huge sign on Table Mountain.

The group of 65 adults and children was forced to remove the material after going up early in the morning to put up the sign.

The sign's layout is similar to a crossword puzzle and read vertically, "DNC" and then horizontally, "Destroys, Unborn, Children."

Dozens of 9NEWS viewers called to alert us about the massive protest sign.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department says the protestors hiked up Table Mountain with backpacks carrying 2,500 sheets sewed together.

When deputies first approached the group, they were suffering from both the heat and the altitude.

Deputies and Open Space Rangers allowed the protestors to hike down the mountain to get water before they had to hike back up and remove the sign. The protestors had to get their own water and deputies say water was not provided to them.

They were not cited, but did violate two open space regulations of not applying for a special activity permit and going into a restricted and closed area that is considered sensitive to wildlife.

Reports say the protestors were with American Right to Life Action.

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It's Just a Blob of Tissue!!!

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World's Largest Protest sign Unfurled at DNC


World's Largest Protest Sight


Huge protest sign to be taken down

By Joanna Nasar and Kristi Morhbacker Special to the Rocky

Updated 12:43 p.m., August 26, 2008

GOLDEN - Officials are working to remove a gigantic protest sign unveiled this morning in Golden that is visible from downtown Denver.

The American Right To Life Action unveiled a sign on North Table Mountain with dimensions the groups says set a new record for protest signs as measured by the Guinness Book of World Records. The group hopes delegates, journalists and convention-goers will be able to see the sign which reads, "Destroys uNborn Children."

The sign measures 530 feet tall by 666 feet wide, according to the press release. It has the letters D-N-C in huge yellow capitals arranged vertically.

Former Colorado Republican Party chairman and ARTL Action president Steve Curtis said the group began to hike up the mountain at 1 a.m. and finished erecting the sign at 8:30 a.m.

"The protest sign weighs more than 2,700 pounds and was sewed together with more than four miles of seams connecting 2,400 sheets and backpacked onto location and is being unfurled by 44 letter carriers with spotters a mile away to ensure proper letter placement," said Curtis. Curtis did not return repeated phone calls today.

Brian Rohrbough, vice president of the group, did not return phone calls early Tuesday, but said in a press release that the group aims to show links between DNC policies and school violence. Rohrbough's son, Daniel Rohrbough, was killed in the 1999 Columbine shootings. The group says it plans to participate in the Power in the Park protest at the Martin Luther King Jr. park which will take place each morning during the DNC.


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I'm a little hesitant to have you put out an update on Tuesday
because things have been so grave for so long but as of this
am, she is respirator free!!!


It has truly been the longest month of our lives.

Tuesday still has a long way to go but has just finished round 2 of
6 rounds of chemo.

They are still weaning her off of all the heavy narcotics she has
been on and that has been a really tricky dance.

She needs to be on methadone, poor honey!

We are very grateful for all the concern and prayers.

God bless you all,

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The People’s Press Collective, an impressive group of Denver-area bloggers who have united to provide multimedia coverage of the circus, caught a Democrat clean-up crew quickly dispatched to scrub away pro-life chalk messages left on the sidewalk at the Pepsi Center yesterday:

The message they didn’t want the public to see:
“True change ends abortion.”
Stay tuned here, at Hot Air, and at the People’s Press Collective for more video.


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Scientific breakthrough! No
embryonic stem cells needed

New research uses adult sources
to grow heart, lung, brain tissues

Posted: August 22, 2008
12:05 am Eastern

By Bob Unruh

The abortion-rights arguments that cite embryonic stem cells as the potential solution for a vast array of human diseases has taken another significant hit with an announcement from a San Francisco research and development company that it has defined and isolated an adult cell that has been shown to develop into tissues matching those in the heart, lung, liver, pancreas, blood vessels, brain, muscle, bone and fat.

The announcement this week from Medistem Inc. says its newest tests reveal the cell can regenerate failed blood vessels, allowing a restoration of health in limbs once given no alternative but amputation.

Advocates for medical research long have cited their desire for embryonic stem cells to study as a possible solution to myriad human diseases, although few results actually have been documented. Celebrities also have chimed in, such as actor Michael J. Fox, who suffers from Parkinson's disease. During the last election he lobbied for a Missouri plan that enshrined in the state constitution the right to clone human embryos for "research."

Now officials with Medistem Laboratories have confirmed their Endometrial Regenerative Cell has treated an advanced form of peripheral artery disease known as critical limb ischemia successfully.

(Story continues below)

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How can a newspaper reporter get so much wrong in
one article?

According to the original story, the baby was aborted, not miscarried.
She is and was a baby, particularly after she was no longer inside her

And finally, Dr. Eidelman - go back to school and study embryology!

The pre-born baby has a heart beat at 18 days - not 16 weeks!

Baby who 'came back to life' dies
Aug. 19, 2008
Judy Siegel-Itzkovich , THE JERUSALEM POST

The "dead" miscarried fetus brought to a hospital morgue who started moving when taken by her father for burial on Monday was not a "medical miracle," said a leading Jerusalem neonatologist on Tuesday.

The infant, weighing 610 grams and born after 23 weeks of gestation, breathed her last on Tuesday morning despite doctors' frantic efforts to save her. She was buried in the Western Galilee village of Kafr Yasif later in the day.

Prof. Arthur Eidelman, who headed the neonatal unit at Shaare Zedek Medical Center between 1978 and 2003 and then led the pediatrics department for several years, told The Jerusalem Post that such immature infants had very slow and irregular heartbeats and breathing cycles, and that the baby "didn't die and come back to life."

Eidelman, who based his assessment of the unusual case at Nahariya's Western Galilee Government Hospital solely on media reports, said a well-trained pediatrician should have checked the miscarried fetus rather than the two hospital gynecologists who had pronounced her dead.

The baby died at 5:15 a.m. in the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit. The parents, Faiza and Ali Mardub, expressed their sorrow over the death of their baby, whom they had named Bana Hiba. The father carried his daughter, wrapped in a white shroud, to her grave in the village's Muslim cemetery and recited prayers. The grave was covered with sage leaves and flowers. Mourners - only men attended the funeral - said they hoped lessons would be learned and accounts taken by hospital doctors. Hospital director Dr. Mas'ud Barhood expressed his sorrow over the sad case and sent his condolences to the family.

The survival of such an immature baby, whether she was in an incubator or a cooler in the morgue, was very unlikely, said Eidelman. "It was a borderline case," he said, adding that she almost inevitably would have suffered from severe disability if she had lived.

Eidelman said that at Shaare Zedek, doctors know they must leave such immature infants in the delivery room for at least 20 minutes to try to detect a heartbeat and respiration.

"A fetus develops a heartbeat only around the 16th week, so at 23 weeks it is still very slow. Five minutes or more can pass before such a premature baby's heart beats or [it] takes a breath. After 20 minutes without such a sign of life, doctors let nature take its course, and the baby is presumed dead and taken to the morgue.

But she didn't die in the morgue and then didn't spontaneously come back to life," he said with assurance.

"This is nonsense. There was no miracle. Putting a live miscarried fetus in the cooler slows down the metabolism, so it remains in suspended animation. In fact, there is now a new treatment for viable premature babies to put them in a cooler to perpetuate this suspended animation and protect the brain from damage," said Eidelman.

The Health Ministry will look into the case via an external investigation committee; the hospital will conduct its own internal investigation. The ministry said it would consider whether to issue additional guidelines in the wake of the tragic case.

This article can also be read at /servlet/Satellite?cid=1218710399820&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull

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After Bibles seized, U.S. group won't leave Chinese airport

Story Highlights

300 Bibles found during an X-ray scan of group's luggage

It's illegal in China to bring printed religious material for more than personal use

China: Christians free to worship in government-registered churches

Group members say they will not leave airport until bibles are returned
BEIJING, China (CNN) -- Four members of a Christian group from the United States are refusing to leave an airport in China after authorities confiscated their 300 Bibles, the group's director said Monday.

The four members of Vision Beyond Borders -- based in Sheridan, Wyoming -- arrived in the southwestern Chinese city of Kunming on Sunday. Customs officials discovered the Bibles during an X-ray scan of their luggage, said Pat Klein, director of the group, which supplies Bibles and other Christian material to people in China and other countries.

Under Chinese law, it is illegal to bring printed religious material into the country if it exceeds the amount for personal use. The group distributes the Bibles through a local shop owner in Kunming, according to Klein.

Klein said he's been bringing Bibles into China for 21 years and had no idea he was breaking Chinese law.

The group spent the night at the airport, and Chinese customs officials told them they had broken the law and repeatedly asked them to leave the airport, Klein said. He said the customs agents have not been antagonistic.

China says Christians are free to worship in China -- as long as they worship in a church that registers with the government.

People in China can buy Bibles, but some members of underground or unregistered churches in China say Bibles are in short supply in some locations, especially rural areas, according to a 2007 report from the U.S. State Department.

The Report on International Religious Freedom warned that the distribution of religious publications in China is closely watched. All publication in China is controlled by the government, whether religious or otherwise.

"Customs officials continued to monitor for the 'smuggling' of Bibles and other religious material into the country," the report said. "Religious texts published without authorization, including Bibles and Qurans, may be confiscated."

President Bush criticized China's record on human rights and religious freedom in a speech he made before going to China for the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics.

"I have spoken clearly, candidly and consistently with China's leaders about our deep concerns over religious freedom and human rights," he said. "And I have met repeatedly with Chinese dissidents and religious believers. The United States believes the people of China deserve the fundamental liberty that is the natural right of all human beings."

Qin Gang, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, brushed aside Bush's criticism.

"We firmly oppose any statements or deeds which use human rights, religion and other issues to interfere with the internal affairs of other countries," he said.

He said China "keeps to the concept of putting people's interest first and is devoted to maintaining and promoting basic rights and freedom of its citizens.

"Chinese citizens enjoy freedom of religion in accordance with the law."

While in China, Bush worshipped at a church that operates with government permission. That drew criticism from Amnesty International and other advocates of religious freedom, who said that Bush was endorsing the Chinese government's regulation of churches.

Klein, meanwhile, said his group members won't leave until their Bibles are returned.

"We're being inconvenienced a little, but it's nothing compared to what our brothers and sisters in China experience for their faith in Jesus Christ," Klein said.


Baby pronounced dead lives after hours in cooler

Mon Aug 18, 2008 3:55pm EDT

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A stillborn Israeli baby who was pronounced dead by doctors "came back to life" on Monday after spending hours in a hospital refrigerator.

The baby, weighing only 600 grams at birth, spent at least five hours inside one of the hospital's refrigerated storage units, before her parents, who had taken her to be buried, began noticing some movement.

"We unwrapped her and felt she was moving. We didn't believe it at first. Then she began holding my mother's hand, and then we saw her open her mouth," said 26-year-old Faiza Magdoub, the baby's mother.

The baby was pronounced dead several hours earlier, after doctors at Western Galilee hospital in northern Israel were forced to abort her mother's pregnancy because of internal bleeding. Magdoub was 23 weeks into her pregnancy.

"We don't know how to explain this, so when we don't know how to explain things in the medical world we call it a miracle, and this is probably what happened," hospital deputy director Moshe Daniel said.

MORE . . . .

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May come back to bite the ObamMessiah

August 16th, 2008

Obama says pointed abortion query “above his pay grade”

DALLAS - U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama side-stepped a pointed query about abortion on Saturday by “mega-pastor” Rick Warren during a televised forum.

Asked at what point a baby gets “human rights,” Obama, who strongly supports abortion rights, said: “… whether you’re looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity … is above my pay grade.”

He went on to reiterate his view that it was important to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain, who followed Obama onto the stage of the nationally televised event, was more blunt and more emphatic.

He said a baby’s human rights began “at the moment of conception … I have a 25-year pro-life record.”

Both candidates were vying for the “faith vote,” in particular the one in four U.S. adults who count themselves as evangelical.

Obama took questions first from Warren and McCain followed. The two shared the stage together briefly.

Some centrist evangelicals have said they appreciate moves by the Democratic Party to “soften” the edges of its pro-choice stand by stressing the need to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions — and by also working harder in areas like adoption.

But for many conservative evangelicals — a key part of the evangelical base — life begins at conception and the argument ends there.

The issue remains one of the most divisive and partisan in America — as Obama and McCain highlighted on Warren’s stage.

(Additional reporting by Jeff Mason)

(Photo credit: REUTERS/Rebecca Cook, Files, USA)


Leading Chinese Intellectuals Ask China to Rethink Tibet Policy
March 22nd, 2008

Leading Chinese intellectuals and writers released a petition today that appeared on several websites in Chinese, entitled 'Twelve Suggestions for Dealing with the Tibetan Situation'. It is a significant indication that Chinese voices are being raised in China in response to the way Beijing has handled the protests that began on March 10. An English translation is published below.

The letter, demonstrating great courage among its 29 signatories, strongly urges the Chinese government to "stop the violent suppression" in Tibet, and appeals to the Tibetan people likewise not to engage in violent activities. It also urges the Chinese government to end the propaganda and news blockade, saying: "The one-sided propaganda of the official Chinese media is having the effect of stirring up inter-ethnic animosity and aggravating an already tense situation. This is extremely detrimental to the long-term goal of safeguarding national unity."

The signatories include Chinese writers Wang Lixiong, Liu Xiaobo and Yu Jie, Professor Ding Zilin, of the pressure group Tiananmen Mothers, as well as other scholars, and several lawyers and artists.

The petition states that the language used by the Chinese government to describe the Dalai Lama is not "in keeping with the situation, nor is it beneficial to the Chinese government's image,", saying: "As the Chinese government is committed to integrating into the international community, we maintain that it should display a style of governing that conforms to the standards of modern civilization."

The leading intellectuals point out that the demonstrations in the late 1980s which led to the imposition of martial law in March 1989, presided over by China's top leader Hu Jintao, were limited to Lhasa, while the protests of the past 10 days have spread across Tibet. The writers says: "This deterioration indicates that there are serious mistakes in the work that has been done with regard to Tibet. The relevant government departments must conscientiously reflect upon this matter, examine their failures, and fundamentally change the failed nationality policies."

The letter urges dialogue between Chinese leaders and the Dalai Lama, so as to "eliminate animosity and bring about national reconciliation", and appeals for calm and reflection among Chinese people in China.

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SUPPORTERS - I just love this Mom!!

Tuesday on Wednesday

God is an Awesome God!
He can do things just because He wants to.
It doesn't happen on our time, it happens when He is ready.
Our job is to be patient and put trust in Him that He knows what He is doing.
It's not always easy to remain faithful. It can be hard not to falter when times get tough.
Hard not to think perhaps God has abandoned us.
I know I have been there, allowed myself to doubt God.
It's embarassing to admit.

No, worse than embarassing. Shameful.

I have questioned, "Why me, Lord?", only to have His plans revealed to me later, when He was ready to show me and probably when I was more ready to see.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. We don't always understand at first what those ways are, but He always reveals Himself to us. Always.

I have tried hard to understand God's plans for my friend, Jess, and her daughter Tuesday. It is difficult not to get angry with God for making this little girl suffer so much and putting her family through so much anguish. But, I have to believe that God will reveal his plan.
I have to have faith that there is something bigger planned and I am waiting to see Him perform miracles right before our very eyes.

He is constantly at work.
Big miracles. Small miracles.
With Him ALL things are possible.

And, so, especially for my friend, Jess....
I am posting this for you today, because you need to see that with God nothing is impossible.
Will IS walking!
Not just taking one or two steps. REALLY WALKING.

We were told he might never walk and Will is walking.
God is at work!
If God can make my little boy walk, God can heal Tuesday.
Just because He can!


"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time."

Obama Woos Abortion Foes With Platform Embracing Motherhood
By Kristin Jensen

Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and his supporters are working to win over voters who want to ban or reduce abortions with a call for measures to help women keep their babies.

The party's platform supports the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling that made abortion legal and adds a twist, saying the party ``strongly'' backs a woman's decision to carry a pregnancy to term. The compromise language is the result of behind-the-scenes negotiations with abortion-rights groups and religious leaders on both sides of the issue.

The idea is to frame abortion as less of an either-or issue by discussing both the need to keep abortion legal and the desire to provide programs for expectant and new mothers. It may help Democrats woo evangelical Christians, a core Republican constituency that backed President George W. Bush by a margin of 77 percent in 2004.

``Voters that this will win over are those that are looking for an excuse to vote for Obama,'' said Joel Hunter, a Florida pastor who helped with the language and said he is a ``pro-life'' Republican. ``They just needed one signal that, if I vote for him, more babies can be saved than if we keep wrangling over whether Roe v. Wade is going to be overturned.''

Hunter, 60, is undecided about his vote, though he said the language in the platform ``is huge for me.''

More . . . .
To contact the reporter on this story:

Obama More Pro-choice than NARAL

Jill Stanek's: Links to Barack Obama's votes on IL's Born Alive Infant Protection Act

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Terri Schiavo's Death and the Misdiagnosis of a Persistent Vegetative State

by Dr. Michael Egnor
August 12, 2008

Email RSS Feed Printer Note: Michael Egnor, M.D. is professor of neurosurgery and pediatrics at State University of New York, Stony Brook and an award-winning brain surgeon who has been named one of New York's best doctors by New York Magazine. This editorial may not necessarily represent the views of

Yale neurologist Dr. Steven Novella and I have been involved in a vigorous discussion (example here) of the mind-brain problem in science and philosophy. There are real-world implications of our understanding of the mind, and nowhere are these implications more important than in the medical management of people with severe brain damage.

Dr. Novella recently posted a commentary on the Terri Schiavo case. Dr. Novella’s post was prompted by a study just published in the journal Neurology that analyzes the media coverage of the affair and offers suggestions as to how experts and journalists can convey the truth of such complex cases to the public more effectively. These are laudable goals.

The crux of the matter, of course, is this: what are the facts in the Schiavo case, and, more generally, what are the real issues involved in the diagnosis of persistent vegetative state (PVS)?

Dr. Novella and I see things quite differently.

I am a neurosurgeon, and I believe that the diagnosis of persistent vegetative state, in Ms. Schiavo’s case specifically and in other cases more generally, is of dubious validity.

"Persistent vegetative state," defined succinctly but accurately, is the denial of subjective experience in a brain-damaged human being. PVS is the medical assertion that a human being is an object, but not a subject.

PVS is the only modern medical diagnosis that denies the personhood of a patient, and thus is fraught with logical and ethical problems.

Furthermore, patients diagnosed with PVS are precisely those patients in whom discernment of awareness is most unreliable.

We can never directly apprehend the thoughts of other people; we infer the thoughts of others only by their behavior. Patients with severe brain damage are precisely those people in whom expression of behavior is most impaired and in whom diagnoses based on assessment of behavior are most unreliable.

If the mind is entirely caused by the brain, the inference that a severe degree of brain damage could eliminate the mind is unexceptional. If mental causation is in part immaterial, one would approach the inference that brain damage would render a human being an object-but-not-a-subject with great caution.

The materialist inference in neuroscience was very much a part of the Schiavo debate, and that inference had—and continues to have—profound ethical consequences.

In my view, the political efforts to save Ms. Schiavo’s life were well-intentioned and completely justified. I believe that many of the medical opinions offered publicly by physicians who favored withdrawal of Ms. Schiavo's hydration and nourishment were rank pseudoscience. What was done to Ms. Schiavo was an atrocity.

A detailed and thoughtful public exchange of views about the Terri Schiavo case by two experts in neurological medicine—an academic neurologist and an academic neurosurgeon who have quite different opinions on this matter—would be very informative.

The discussion could take the form of detailed exchanges between Dr. Novella and me on specific aspects of the case, such as the autopsy report, the neurological exams, the nature and reliability of the diagnosis of persistent vegetative state, and the ethical and political issues involved. This discussion extends to many of the issues involving the materialist inference in neuroscience that Dr. Novella and I have debated over the past year.

I will begin in the next week or so by discussing the medical aspects of the diagnosis of persistent vegetative state. I hope Dr. Novella will join me in this important public discussion.

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by Katie Walker
Released August 11, 2008

Washington, D.C. (11 August 2008) –On Monday, American Life League condemned the media blackout on China's most egregious human rights abuse: its one-child policy, which has led to forced abortions, sterilizations and infanticide.

Pro-life activists were sent back to the United States August 10 for the crime of public prayer and demonstration against China's heinous population control policy. But the mainstream media has consistently ignored the one-child policy, instead focusing on China's grim record in Darfur and Tibet.

"Television commentators have been dutifully telling Olympics watchers that China is changing and becoming modern," said Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League. "Yet none of them speak of the horror of China's one-child policy and its numerous forced abortions."

China's one-child policy took effect in 1979. The Chinese government employs coercion and infant abandonment to enforce it. It is estimated that it has caused over 100 million forced abortions. The United Nations Population Fund has supported the one-child policy.

"As the world watched 15,000 individual Chinese performers during the Olympic opening ceremonies on August 8, it was sobering to think that probably not one of these performers has a living brother or sister," Sedlak observed. "With China's one-child per family policy in existence for decades, it is likely many of these young performers' brothers and sisters were sacrificed, often brutally, to China's Communist regime."

American Life League was co-founded in 1979 by Judie Brown. It is the largest grassroots Catholic pro-life organization in the United States and is committed to the protection of all innocent human beings from the moment of creation to natural death. For more information or media inquiries, please contact Katie Walker at 540.659.4942.

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Olympic Games Bringing More Abuses, China Expert Says

Aug 7 04:42 PM US/Eastern
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FRONT ROYAL, Va., Aug. 7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- As China's human rights record worsens, the Beijing Olympics are becoming a byword for Beijing's brutality, says Steven W. Mosher, an internationally recognized China expert.

Far from being the grand "coming-out party" that the Chinese regime hoped for, Mosher contends that the Olympic Games have actually fueled abuses. According to Mosher, as the Olympics approach, the Beijing regime has:

-- Arrested, imprisoned, and tortured numerous political dissidents.

-- Broken all of its promises to ensure freedom of the press, speech, and assembly during the Games.

-- Put in place new control on the Internet.

-- Destroyed the homes of millions of citizens to make way for new Olympic structures.

-- Forcibly deported hundreds of thousands of migrant workers.

-- Introduced restrictive and forceful security measures that infringe on the basic freedoms of thousands of Chinese citizens.

"Beijing has been turned into the world's largest Potemkin Village," says Mosher. "The streets of Beijing are quiet, but it is the 'quiet' of the graveyard. Not only has the Chinese government broken its promises to improve its human rights record, the Games themselves have led this oppressive regime to crack down on dissent on a scale unprecedented since the brutal Cultural Revolution."

Steven Mosher is the director of the Beijing Boycott Coalition, and he invites journalists and human rights organizations around the world to join him in exposing human rights abuses in China. The Coalition's web site is

"China is one of the worst violators of human rights in the world," Mosher explains. "Giving the Chinese Communist Party bragging rights over the games makes a mockery of their meaning."

SOURCE Population Research Institute
Copyright 2008 PR Newswire. All Rights Reserved.

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I'll let this Google image of Olympics 2008 speak for itself!

Three American Christians Released From Custody After Arrest In Beijing

Group plans a press conference in China to discuss forced abortion and other human rights abuses

Washington, DC – Three Christian activists were arrested in Tiananmen Square and forcibly taken into custody after displaying a banner that read “Jesus Christ Is King” in both English and Chinese. They were later released.

Rev. Pat Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition in Washington DC, Brandi Swindell of Generation Life in Boise, Idaho, and Michael McMonagle, National Director of Generation Life were standing in solidarity with the victims of human rights abuses, including forced abortion, religious persecution of Christians, and other denials of fundamental civil liberties.

According to news reports of the incident, they called out to those around them, “End the brutality. To those who are forced to go through forced abortions and have no voice, we are your voice.”

Rev. Mahoney released the following statement:

“Today we stand as a bold and prophetic witness against the tyranny and brutality by the Chinese government against their own people. As the Summer Olympics are being celebrated, millions of Christians and those with other faith traditions are routinely oppressed, tortured and jailed by Chinese officials. It is a privilege and honor to be able to stand with those who are persecuted.

“China also promotes the barbaric practice of forced abortion and sterilization, while those who speak out against human rights abuses by the Chinese government are crushed and trampled. And, the peaceful citizens of Tibet have been brutalized by Chinese leaders.

“Today we follow the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 25 and stand in solidarity with our oppressed Chinese brothers and sisters. Our public witness is a visible reminder that 100,000 military troops and abusive security measures cannot silence the voice of freedom, justice and the power of the Gospel of Christ. The truth will always be heard and we hope that President Bush will boldly speak out against these human rights abuses on his official visit to China during the Olympics.”

The group is planning a news conference in front of the Mao Tse-tung Mausoleum at 11 am (China Time) on Thursday, August 7, 2008, to discuss human rights abuses.

Operation Rescue provided support for this prophetic witness to China.

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5280 Magazine

Web Exclusive: Operation DNC

Twenty years after anti-abortion protests made history at the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta, Colorado has become a battleground for reproductive rights, and the next generation of activists is targeting Denver to commemorate the occasion.

By Bethany Kohoutek

For more coverage of this month's Democratic National Convention in Denver, click here to visit the DNC Daily.
In the election year of 1988, Michael Dukakis was the Democrats' nominee to succeed Ronald Reagan as president. Dukakis' chief message was economic: Reaganomics had left Middle America behind. But in Atlanta that summer, the Democratic National Convention had forced a different agenda for city officials: Hundreds of anti-abortion protestors had landed in the sweltering Southern city, and their plans for Atlanta extended beyond the convention. For the next six weeks, they repeatedly targeted abortion-providing clinics throughout the city, eventually resulting in more than 1,600 pro-lifers making their way through Georgia's court system. It was the maiden voyage of what would become the most well-known anti-abortion effort in U.S. history.

Two decades later, the Democratic National Convention comes to Denver at a significant moment in the battle over reproductive choices in Colorado, and anti-abortion protestors have used the twenty-year milestone as a clarion call to the pro-life faithful. Colorado has emerged as a battleground for the future of abortion rights, and both sides of the debate agree the stakes are high.

Amendment 48, a pro-life ballot initiative that is historic in its potential impact, will be presented to Colorado voters in November. Meanwhile, a new brand of anti-abortion street protesting has cropped up around Denver. Both efforts have drawn out-of-state attention and resources from national right-to-life groups, and both are spearheaded by believers under 30 years old. Believers like 21-year-old Kristi Burton.

Burton is the founder of Colorado for Equal Rights, the group behind Amendment 48, or the "personhood amendment," as its supporters call it. She says God gave her the idea after she spoke with friends who regretted their abortions.

"Our intent is to lay the foundation to protect every person," she says, "no matter how small."

To Burton, "small" could mean microscopic. If approved by voters in November, Amendment 48 would alter Colorado's constitution to grant legal rights to a human embryo. This is the first time voters anywhere will be asked to define the point at which life, or personhood, begins. Pro-life groups in Montana working on an almost identical measure failed to get the signatures necessary to land it on the ballot there.

More . . . .

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Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything (James 1:2-4).

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No Need to Destroy Lives to Alleviate Suffering - NRO

A Stem Cell Win-Win [Yuval Levin]

The news embargo now seems to have been broken on what is likely to rank as the most important development in stem cell science since the first derivation of human embryonic stem cells in 1998.

Two prominent scientific journals—Science and Cell—are each today publishing papers that demonstrate extraordinary success with a technique called “somatic cell reprogramming.” Working separately, and using slightly different methods, these two teams (one of which is led by James Thomson of the University of Wisconsin, the original innovator of human embryonic stem cells) have each successfully taken a regular human skin cell and transformed it into what appears to be the equivalent of an embryonic stem cell—all without the need for embryos, or eggs, or any other ethically controversial methods. The resulting cells (which they call induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells) have passed all the tests for “pluripotency” and seem to function just like embryonic stem cells. Again, they’ve done this in humans, not just in animals. Thomson’s team puts the matter plainly in the usual scientific deadpan: “The human iPS cells described here meet the defining criteria we originally proposed for human ES [embryonic stem] cells, with the significant exception that the iPS cells are not derived from embryos.” In other words: embryonic stem cells not from embryos. A "significant exception" indeed.

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