Sunday, October 07, 2007

5 SMOOTH STONES: Finding the beast's underbelly

Denver, Colorado October 6, 07 -

Abortion foe and construction industry executive, Chris Danze,
joined Keep Peace in Stapleton president, Will Duffy in front of
Planned Parenthood's 29th and Vine abortion mill, Saturday,
October 6, 2007 to participate in the regular pro-life rescue efforts
and discuss the proposed replacement for the first and oldest
abortuary in the nation.

Mr. Danze granted an interview to Westword Magazine, Denver's
alternative newspaper and later in the day met with pro-life
activists at Colorado Right to Life to share tactics. PP opponents
learned how he took his deep seated faith and convictions and brought
about a tremendously effective boycott. Chris founded Texas Contractors
for Life and rallied area contractors to effectively boycott the building of
Planned Parenthood's killing mill in Austin.

According to a 2003 CNN report, "Danze, a 48-year-old who has protested outside clinics,
compares the building of an abortion clinic to construction of a concentration camp during the Holocaust.

"We can't just look the other way," he said. "We can't just take the blood money and run."

Browning Construction, one of the biggest contractors in Texas,
quit the project - stunning Planned Parenthood and forcing them to hire "mercenaries" to complete
the death camp.

Denver is looking to the Austin, Texas boycott and the Aurora, Illinois protests
(of PP's end run around the city of Aurora's Planning and Zoning board) to educate
the public about the evil of Planned Parenthood, their slaughter of the innocents for
profit and how one person can make a tremendous difference in fighting the Goliath
of our time.