Friday, May 06, 2005

100_9347.JPG - Mary La Francis Pro-life Iowa nurse and poet

Read Mary's lovely poem below - dedicated to Terri's
family, this Mother's day.
PLANNED PARENTHOOD'S MURDEROUS BOAST! Where is the Church?? Thirteen year old Florida girls ends her baby's life - another
"tragic" day for Jeb!

Planned Parenthood credits their activism as the reason why Gov Jeb Bush backed-off an appeal. Did Pro-lifers email/fax/phone the Gov regarding LG as much as PP??

PP's propaganda:


Thank you for your hard work today! Together we made a
difference in L.G.'s life! Your help and support was
instrumental in protecting her ability to make private medical
decisions without further interference by Governor Jeb Bush.

Unfortunately, L.G.'s tragic story is not the first or last of
its kind. The legislature is poised to pass a parental
notification bill in the next few days that will force delays
for many other young women seeking medical care. Fortunately, we
have you on our team. The ground swell of support by Planned
Parenthood Activists will ensure that we can protect all of the
other young women in Florida. Your emails, calls, and
letters-to-the-editor forced Governor Bush to stop interfering
on L.G.'s ability to obtain safe and legal healthcare and we
will continue to fight together for the rights of all young

With your support Planned Parenthood will continue to ensure
access to reproductive healthcare for all Floridians!

Again, thank you for your support!