Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hello, fellow pro-lifers:

Please join us for what many consider the ultimate family fieldtrip...

Operation Save America's annual national event is taking place right here in Colorado.

While some attendees will witness with us Saturday morning the 16th in front of the Planned Parenthood abortuary located two blocks west of City Park at 20th & Vine Streets, the event itself officially kicks off at 6:30 pm Sunday, July 17, at Redeemer Community Church.

The Redeemer Temple is conveniently located about one mile west of Elitch's amusement park just a little west of downtown Denver in a nice neighborhood near 32nd and Lowell Streets. Just take the Speer exit off of I-25 and continue on to 32nd, and then look for Lowell.

Pastor Lou and the good folks at Redeemer have graciously loaned their facility, where we will be offering nightly services and rallies; afternoon equipping seminars and workshops on Christian activism, stem cell research, and similarly interesting topics; and youth training and activities. You'll hear a variety of speakers from around the country and others from right here in Colorado. If you have never heard Reverend Flip Benham, OSA's Executive Director, you have really missed something special. His knowledge of the Word and the exciting ways he shares timely messages are truly exhilarating. His countless preachings and interviews across the nation on various life issues have been some of the more memorable programs anyone recalls.

Have you ever wondered how to get involved in activism? Has your family looked for an outlet to share your faith? Would you like to be better equipped to deal with our antagonistic, GOD-hating society? Would you like to be a part of a solemn assembly whereby Catholics and Christian brothers and sisters come together to praise our LORD and exclaim His glories? During the day for the next six, there will be public witness and displays and many other exciting and effective ways to reach out to the lost and to re-ignite the Church. Understandably, this IS the best way for you and your family to leave the comfort zone and take your ministry to the streets.

Don't worry about not having experience in activism. There are many parts to Christ's body and they all serve different functions; each are valued. Some come to pray. Some come to learn. Some come to be re-energized. But, please, do not miss out on one of the most exciting events you'll ever attend. Please note, we employ only Biblical principles: the Bible is our foundation, the cross of Christ is our strategy, the repentance of the Church is our ultimate goal.

Why Denver, you might ask? After more than fifty million babies, Denver is where the abortion holocaust all began. In 1967 (yes, six years before Roe v. Wade was decided), Colorado was the first state in the union to legalize the murder of pre-born children. The first abortion mill in the country was the Planned Parenthood facility in Denver, Colorado. The Denver area also shamefully boasts of having the second highest percentage of homosexuals - behind San Francisco. Their recent "Pride" parade held in the downtown area drew hundreds of thousands of people in support. They virtually own our current legislature, with a couple of openly and unabashed homosexuals holding prominent positions and driving their agenda of perversion and moral decay. What better place for Christ's Church to storm the gates of hell in the mighty name of Jesus!

Jesus is calling the salt of the earth out of the salt shaker! Please, come and join us.

For details check out the website at http://www.operationsaveamerica.org, or call OSA's Communications Center (rings at Redeemer) at 972-200-4074 for more information.