Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why Letterman's joke can't stand!

David Letterman's crude and rude "joke" at the expense of Sarah Palin's daughter is a sorry reflection of a horrible problem in America and an ongoing criminal cover-up.

What the lecherous late night show host suggested was statutory rape of an under age girl, in the form of a so-called bad joke, which by the way, brought an inappropriate outburst of laughter.

Do we as a collective nation really believe it is something to laugh about - young girls being sexually used and abused by adult men?

Pro-life activist dynamo, Lila Rose, has caught America's largest abortion provider -Planned Parenthood - in numerous stings, revealing they routinely cover-up for the rapist.

This criminal enterprise which covers up crimes, while they are required by law to report the abuse of children, is unconscionable and while the problem is under the microscope, Bill O'Reilly ought to use his considerable clout to expose these thugs for what they do for $$$.

The young girl's baby is killed by the PP hit man and she is sent back to her rapist for more abuse until she gets impregnated again for another trip through the "family planning" revolving door.

This whole sorry mess was revealed to Colorado's AG, John Suthers in 2005
and Colorado Right to Life was told that nothing could be done about the taped recording of Planned Parenthood being caught by Life Dynamics telling the young woman to call back and not mention the age of the adult male/criminal, responsible for her condition.

When is enough, enough???