Friday, July 22, 2011

Bought With the Blood of the Innocents!

Having just spent a week in Orlando Florida with a team of totally sold out to God, no exceptions pro-lifers, I'm encouraged to do a photo essay book of abortionists' homes in the USA titled, "Bought With the Blood of the Innocents"

Operation Save America does a week long rally every summer where they inspire Christians to put their theology into biography on the streets of an American city. During the days, there are large protests confronting the abortion industry and showing the ugly truth of the plight of the pre-born in our country today.

This week was no exception and the Florida abortion industry, Lord willing, will never be the same.

Numerous abortionists whose neighbors likely never knew of their profession, have been exposed for buying their mansions with blood money. Our team did three protests of abortionists in gated communities and one at a million dollar waterfront property in Titusville.

You can read about our effort to expose these evil people in this article from Florida Today:

TITUSVILLE — A national anti-abortion group targeted the Titusville home of Planned Parenthood official Sue Idtensohn for a protest Tuesday as part of its wide-ranging demonstrations throughout Central Florida this week.

About 30 representatives of Dallas-based Operation Save America protested along several street corners not far from Idtensohn's home near downtown Titusville -- chanting, singing, carrying placards and handing out leaflets. Idtensohn is president and chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando, which also had protests this week outside one of its Orlando clinics.

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The OSA evening prayer rallies are always tremendous and this year Doc Johnson, and Coach Daubenmire both spoke a strong word.

On my last day in town, notorious Orlando abortionist Scotty Pendergraft was in the same court house as Casey Anthony
receiving an 18 million dollar damages verdict for malpractice ~ God is at work in Florida!! Please pray that the seeds planted will be well watered and that revival will spring forth, leading to the end of child killing in the Sunshine State!