Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Baby saved!!

Last week I was used by the Lord to turn this mom away from
killing her baby.

I approached her with my Center for Bioethical Reform sign
(www.abortionno.org) of an aborted 10 week old baby and when she saw it, she burst into tears.

She clearly didn't want to abort. Her husband approached and
we got a spanish speaker to tell them about Alternatives
Pregnancy Center downtown Denver.

PTL!!! God hates the hands that shed innocent blood!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Freeper cpforlife.org Prayer Request: 8-month old boy with rapidly growing cyst on brain5-28-05 | CpForLife.org

Posted on 05/28/2005 8:29:48 PM MDT by cpforlife.org

Dear Freepers and prayer warriors,

My good friend and his wife, who together have done Pro-Life work for about 30 years have an 8-month old grandson with a rapidly growing cyst on his brain.

His name is Teddy Thaddeus Ladislaus and he’s in Texas, just like our tiniest Freeper, Logan, aka. Texas Termite.

Teddy was diagnosed with brain anomalies and I believe other problems when he was still in-utero and the doctors advised his mother to abort him. Well his good mother is a tried and true Pro-Life Christian and would not consider that.

Teddy is now 8-months old and has been diagnosed with a rapidly growing cyst on his brain.

I will provide more details when I get them.

My friend is a member of Knights For Life and his grandson needs many prayers. Please hold little Teddy, his mom, and family in your prayers.


Kevin (cpforlife.org)

I figure Memorial Day started Thursday...Since that day, I have watched as mothers brought their children to be killed at two of Tampa's abortuaries...That I know of only two mom's turned away...Four very large babies came inside their moms today at Hyde Park to be injected with digoxin, into their tiny hearts, by Harry the Hacker Perper, who then left to kill those waiting at the Kennedy Killing Place...He would return around noon or so to finish killing the little tiny first trimester babies by hacking them up and sucking them into a canister, the same ones used in liposuctions...Sue and I actually saw the sucking tubes being carried into Alternatives on Thursday...

The alter-ego of Margaret Alvis, owner of Alternatives, again threatened to sue me...She told me that if I told one more person "they would die in here" that she would sue me...She had witnesses that would sign affadavits, yada-yada-yada...I told her she should go ahead now and sue...Why wait?

Alternatives has spent huge bucks lately on a very rotten roof and soffits, AC, etc. Keep praying for more disasters to befall this place. I put her, Margaret, among the worst of the killers, since she purposely located across from a high school...She thought she could capitalize on killing kid's kids...Ed Martin thinks she would be the easiest to put out of business. I know they are threatened because no one else ever came out to threaten me with lawsuits, etc...(Harry just comes out and screams.)

Pray that this place goes down...The killer, DeHaan is 81 ...If a young woman is severely injured at that place and we can use that to shut them down...so be it...

Will you join me in that "attack" prayer?



Saturday, May 21, 2005


Mary Henning, 94 years young, faithfully offers another option to
women seeking to destroy innocent life at Denver's Planned Parenthood
killing clinic on 2th and Vine.


Passionate Pro-lifer thanks Mary Henning, 94 year old
rescuer, for her faithful witness!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Operation Save America's National Director, Flip Benham, was in Denver this week to meet with pastors
regarding their national event in Denver this July.

These photos, taken in front of the 20th and Vine Planned Parenthood killing clinic,
of Denver pro-life rescuers, celebrate friends willing to rescue those being led to the

Sara, (3rd from left) spared the life of her baby boy Braden 4 years ago because
of their presence at the mill!



Saturday, May 07, 2005


© 2005 WorldNetDaily.com

A gift promoting abortion might be the last thing someone searching for a Mother's Day present might have in mind, but the National Organization for Women is offering jewelry that does just that.

NOW features abortion bracelet for Mother's Day

On its website with the banner headline "Mother's Day Gift Ideas from NOW," the group has listed as its first item a bracelet carrying the message "Keep Abortion Legal."

The ad reads: "7 1/2 inch link bracelet with Keep Abortion Legal round charm and lobster closure. Silvertone finish over solid brass, packaged in drawstring pouch." Its price is listed as $11.95.

Friday, May 06, 2005

100_9347.JPG - Mary La Francis Pro-life Iowa nurse and poet

Read Mary's lovely poem below - dedicated to Terri's
family, this Mother's day.
PLANNED PARENTHOOD'S MURDEROUS BOAST! Where is the Church?? Thirteen year old Florida girls ends her baby's life - another
"tragic" day for Jeb!

Planned Parenthood credits their activism as the reason why Gov Jeb Bush backed-off an appeal. Did Pro-lifers email/fax/phone the Gov regarding LG as much as PP??

PP's propaganda:


Thank you for your hard work today! Together we made a
difference in L.G.'s life! Your help and support was
instrumental in protecting her ability to make private medical
decisions without further interference by Governor Jeb Bush.

Unfortunately, L.G.'s tragic story is not the first or last of
its kind. The legislature is poised to pass a parental
notification bill in the next few days that will force delays
for many other young women seeking medical care. Fortunately, we
have you on our team. The ground swell of support by Planned
Parenthood Activists will ensure that we can protect all of the
other young women in Florida. Your emails, calls, and
letters-to-the-editor forced Governor Bush to stop interfering
on L.G.'s ability to obtain safe and legal healthcare and we
will continue to fight together for the rights of all young

With your support Planned Parenthood will continue to ensure
access to reproductive healthcare for all Floridians!

Again, thank you for your support!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I met Mary LaFrances in Florida, working to save Terri.

She had driven straight through from Iowa all by herself
to join the battle. As a pro-life nurse, she spoke
passionately about Terri's condition and how she would
have been fired if a patient in her care were to have
his or her hands and feet drawn up as Terri's were.

She stayed over a month, praying fervantly and serving
those who gave their all to show the media Terri's dignity and

It was a pleasure to have worked along side such a faithful
servant of God. I trust you'll enjoy another side of her God
given talents as much as I have!
In tribute to Terri and her beloved family and supporters....


I wandered, lonely as a cloud
O'er hill and valley, 'neath leafy shroud
Of stately forest that raised its head
To sky above from earthen bed.

I paused ' neath cool of sylvan wing
That sheltered there a tiny spring
Giving forth from Natures breast
To infant waters, virtue blest.

Crystal waters, cool and sweet
Dance o'er pebbles on twinkly feet,
Sparkling droplets, sunlight kissed
Gurgle on 'neath moon and mist.

Sombred now this babbling brook
Drifts on quiet thru valed nook
And winds its way thru mossy side
Where creature small and flower hide.

On they course thru cavern walls
That echo back the erie calls
Of searching waters pounding on
To find New Life within the Dawn

The Gate is won, the battle's done
Reborn they leap to greet the sun,
Plunging down, proud and grand
Crowned in mist upon the sand.

Times tides surge on
But mortals end,
And to his Fate each one must bend.
Coursing on magestically
These waters meet the Eternal Sea.

mary mitchell lafrancis 1955