Wednesday, April 09, 2008

LRF Italia Discusses Laogai, Tibet, and Organ Harvesting in Two Conferences

(Laogai Research Foundation Italia, 4/8/2008)

"The Laogai, public executions and the sale of organs for profit in Communist China, Beijng 2008 - The Genocide Olympics, and repression in Tibet" - Cisterna, Friday, April 4, 2008

For years foremost China dissident, Harry Wu has warned of the rampant murder of political dissidents for the harvesting of their organs to sell to wealthy westerners.

Pray the above article receives the proper attention with world focus on China because of the pending Olympics.

Colorado RTL brought Mr. Wu to Colorado in the late 1990s when then Governor Bill Owens was having a trade fest with China's Prime Minister Zhu Rongji. The videos of organ harvesting trade with China were given to members of the Colorado General Assembly, to no avail.

Birth Control Pill Linked to Hardening of the Arteries

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pills over the counter to underage girls whose medical history is completely unknown to any pharmacist who
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For Immediate Release
April 8, 2008:
Expelled? Go to the movies!
American Right To Life Movie Marathon

American RTL members in Denver are holding a movie marathon viewing every showing on opening weekend of Ben Stein's new movie, Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed, Friday through Sunday, April 18-20.
According to the group's website, ARTL president Brian Rohrbough was contacted by the executive producer of Expelled, John Sullivan, one year before the start of production. In a three-hour meeting Rohrbough encouraged the filmmakers to expose Darwinism's connection to genocide, including Nazism and other social ills. A sneak preview attended by ARTL members confirms that Ben Stein and the Expelled producers have courageously linked the teaching that men are advanced animals, to the outcome of men behaving like animals.

"A number of school shooters from Columbine to Finland justify their own wicked actions as being authorized by evolution and 'natural selection' giving them the right and even the obligation, as Klebold and Harris said in their basement videos, to murder those they deem weaker or inferior," said Mr. Rohrbough, whose son Danny was murdered at Columbine High School. "After the Rocky Mountain News ran the autopsy finding that one of the murderers wore to the crime a t-shirt that read, 'Natural Selection,' the paper's editors showed themselves to be deceptive by reporting, "It is not clear what the shirt's inscription referred to, but there is a video game with the same name." accurately quotes one of the Columbine murderers as writing that they would "kick natural selection up a few notches."

"American Right to Life proudly promotes Expelled and encourages pro-lifers nationwide to see this historic film on opening weekend," said Steve Curtis, vice president of ARTL and former chairman of the Colorado Republican Party. "Fish eat other fish, polar bears cannibalize their young; if man is an advanced animal, there is no right to life in a dog-eat-dog world," said Curtis. "An Intelligent Designer, a.k.a. God, created us in His image and by His hand even the tiniest human has the inalienable right to life."

According to the group's website,, "American Right To Life's movie marathon, Expelled? Go to the movies! will be held at Colorado's Arvada Olde Town 14 movie theater from Friday April 18 at 11 a.m. until the last showing Sunday evening, with some of our members seeing Stein's Expelled about a dozen times on Opening Weekend! If you're in Colorado, please pick a convenient show time to visit our marathon and watch the movie with our members!" Columbine dad Rohrbough adds, "Expelled is opening on 800 screens. Pro-lifers can ask additional theaters to run the movie to hold their own marathons. The best minds in the world that promote evolution appear in this movie and we want everyone to see their superstitions and myths about mankind's origins."

Media Contact: Donna Ballentine
1-888-888-ARTL (2785)

Ray Greybar
Ross Mountain Public Relations

9 April 2008
CONTACT: Kristi Burton

Wilberforce Descendant Endorses Colorado Human Life Amendment

DENVER, CO (April 9, 2008) Colorado for Equal Rights campaign has picked up the endorsement of the great great grandson of William Wilberforce, Father Gerard Wilberforce.

The Colorado For Equal Rights Campaign Director, Keith Mason, spoke with Fr. Gerard Wilberforce last week, explaining that "We are going to keep fighting until we protect all of these little ones."
In answer to Mason's comments, Fr. Wilberforce replied "Yes, that is just the way William Wilberforce would have done it."

Wilberforce has told campaign officials that he would be willing to help out the campaign, and he sent this statement to all of the volunteers working on the campaign:

"Two hundred years ago William Wilberforce campaigned on behalf of slaves who were not treated as human beings. Today society does not treat the beginnings of human life as persons who demand our respect. Abortion is widespread because people do not consider the unborn to be worthy of legal protection."
He continued, "Those who are working for the rights of the unborn could therefore look to the example of the abolitionists and take heart. It may not come immediately but good people will eventually change the law. People will then look back and ask how it was that abortions were ever committed. in the same way we look back in horror at the evils of slavery. God bless all of you who work for no reward only to see justice prevail for those last able to defend themselves." -Gerard Wilberforce, great great grandson of William Wilberforce.
William Wilberforce was an evangelical Christian who headed the British Parliamentary campaign against the British slave trade, and was largely responsible for abolishing the British slave trade.

"As we are in our final weeks of getting signatures, Fr. Wilberforce's encouragement is an exciting jolt that will encourage our volunteers as they work to put personhood on the ballot," said Kristi Burton, Spokesperson for Colorado For Equal Rights.
She continued "I am so thankful for Father Gerard Wilberforce's support. He serves as an inspiration to all of us, just as his great great grandfather did. "

Colorado for Equal Rights is a statewide grassroots organization of committed pro-life activists. Colorado for Equal Rights is sponsoring the Human Life Amendment to the Colorado Constitution, stating "(t)he term "Person" or "Persons" shall include any human from the time of fertilization." The Human Life Amendment initiative is currently working to gather petition signatures to appear on the November 2008 ballot.

For more information, please contact Kristi Burton at 719-661-8827 or via e-mail at