Friday, June 30, 2006


True to their absolutely wicked agenda of child killing
at all cost, Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood had their
“KILL PILL THRILL DAY” Plan B give-away all
over Colorado June 30, 2006.

When Denver’s 7 News contacted Colorado Right to Life
for a comment, V.P. Leslie Hanks, drove to Planned Parenthood’s
press conference with her Center for Bio-Ethical Reform poster
illustrating what “choice” looks like.

Fortuitously, channels 2, 4, Fox News and UniVision were also
willing to hear a differing perspective from the reprehensible
marketing ploy the abortion industry is using, to grab the attention
of sexually active young teens.

Hanks was able to make several points that wouldn’t have otherwise
been made public at the propaganda press event. Designed to embarrass
Governor Bill Owens for his veto of Representative Betty Boyd’s
so called “emergency contraception” measure last session, the pro-aborts
fought back by passing out the kill pill like candy.

Foremost, she noted that, like a drug pusher trying to hook future junkies,
PP pays only $4.25 for the pill but plans to charge $30 for subsequent
pill requests, according to research done by American Life League.

Channel 7 News reported that Plan B was given away all day today to 2,000 girls and women in Colorado.

The point was also made that this pill may make young girls ever more
vulnerable to adult male exploitation.

Hanks also explained to the press that Life Dynamics has caught Colorado Planned Parenthood clinics telling very young girls that they don’t need to admit the age of the adult males who have impregnated them. Accordingly, statutory rapists appear to have a free pass in Colorado.

When Hanks and several others met with Colorado AG, John Suthers’ office
last fall to play the tape of the Life Dynamics sting, they were told that nothing
could be done.

“Finally, no one can predict the long term effects of how these large amounts of hormones will impact the future reproductive health of these young girls, who will have
ever more reasons to avoid chastity, as boy friends tell them Plan B will solve
their problems,” said CRL V.P. Leslie Hanks.

Monday, June 26, 2006



"We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,
and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of
their more rebellious members!" Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood
Sent to the Rocky Mountain News


Colorado Attorney General John Suthers' sudden concern
for under age girls being exploited by adult men is rather

Last fall, several of us shared audio tape of a Colorado Planned Parenthood
clinic telling underage girls that they shouldn't admit the age of the
adult male who impregnated them, prior to receiving abortions.

We were told that the Attorney General had no jurisdiction over
that matter - it was in fact the purview of the Denver District Attorney.

Mr. Ritter, unfortunately, had indicated he would not do anything either
to make a difference for young girls exploited by adult males.

All the pro-life posturing aside, the girls lives are devastated,
while politicians refuse to do the right thing to protect them
from statutory rapists.

They should look to Kansas AG Phil Kline for an example
of an elected official who cares about children.

Leslie Hanks
V.P. Colorado Right to Life

Sunday, June 25, 2006


"Warren Buffett Gives 30 B to Gates, 3.3B to promote RU486"
Wall Street Journal ^ | 26 June 2006 | KAREN RICHARDSON

Posted on 06/25/2006 7:09:19 PM MDT by Excellence

In a dramatic shift in his philanthropic plans that will create a colossus in the world of giving, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Chairman Warren Buffett, the world's second richest man, plans to give away the bulk of his fortune to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, run by the world's richest man.

Mr. Buffett also made pledges to the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, named after his late wife,...

The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, which has $270 million in assets, will receive one million B shares, or about $3.1 billion at current prices.

The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation has been a quiet force in the controversial area of population control. It has made substantial donations to supporters of abortion rights, such as the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy, National Abortion Rights Action League and Planned Parenthood. The foundation has also given money for the development of mifepristone, the key ingredient in RU-486, also known as the "abortion pill."

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Disabled children beware!

Stories on alleged crimes said to focus too much on daughters' disabilities

Saturday, June 24, 2006


PEKIN - Recent media coverage of mothers being charged with killing or attempting to kill their disabled daughters solicits sympathy and understanding for the heinous acts, a national disability rights organization says.
The news stories, complains Chicago-based group "Not Dead Yet," focus more on the children's disabilities than the alleged crimes.

"Coverage of the alleged murder of Katie McCarron has been dominated by discussion of autism, poor support services and an alarming parade of parents seemingly eager to tell the public they've felt like killing their own kids with disabilities," said Stephen Drake, a researcher for the group, in a prepared statement.

Karen McCarron, 37, of Morton is charged in the May 13 suffocation death of her 3-year-old daughter, Katherine "Katie."

On Thursday, Kellie Waremburg, 32, of Pekin was charged with attempted murder for allegedly giving her daughter, Lexus Fuller, 4, a potentially lethal overdose of medication on Wednesday.

The cases of McCarron, who had autism, and Fuller, who has cerebral palsy, were handled differently than cases not involving children or disabled persons, Drake complained. He said the girls' disabilities should not be stressed in media coverage because they may have had nothing to do with why the parents did what they did.

Journal Star Managing Editor Jack Brimeyer said Friday he stands by the newspaper's coverage.

"The Journal Star, as it's done for 150 years, simply did its job of providing background and context on news events of great import to many readers," he said. "People wanted to know about autism and cerebral palsy and the challenges of each. We presented facts plus the opinions of experts and others. And now the opinions of this group."

Lisa Brabec of Dunlap, the parent of a severely physically and mentally handicapped 8-year-old, said media coverage should not focus on "trials and tribulations of having a child with special needs."

"I think what it does is perpetuate the feeling of pitying these children. There are so many families out there who embrace the child, love the challenge and are humbled by what is in front of them - not burdened or discouraged," Brabec said.

Drake also criticized the Autism Society of Illinois and the Peoria-based ANSWERS autism support group for indicating that feelings of desperation are normal among families that have disabled children.

"Will this increase the acceptance of children with disabilities in our schools and neighborhoods?" Drake asked.

Libby Taylor, president of ANSWERS, said her group does not advocate murder. The group, however, wants people to know that desperation and distress among parents of autistic children is a fact and there are not adequate support services.

"It is very hard" to raise an autistic child, Taylor said. "It could move any normal person to be a different person and consider things they never considered before."

Although the McCarron murder is tragic, it has brought autism to the forefront, helped educate the public about autism and encouraged communities to recognize needs, Taylor said.

"Until now, your average home did not know what autism was, let alone (know) where to get services or a diagnosis," Taylor said. "If anything, we thank the media for putting the spotlight on the disability because these children need help."

Taylor's organization has received numerous calls from parents of autistic children since the McCarron murder.

"Now, people are starting to move. Parents are now starting to recognize some of the early symptoms because they are familiar with the term," she said.

Karen McDonald can be reached at 346-5300 or

Monday, June 12, 2006



I recently cleaned out my purse. In it, I found the
information on the lady that joined us in protesting
in front of St. Luke's Hospital in Houston, when they
were trying to kill my sister:

Sylvia Garza's sister was in the hospital (St. Luke's
Episcopal) with pneumonia for 3.5 weeks and developed
sepsis (an infection in the blood, just like Andrea)
and the doctors recommended to the family that she be
taken off of life support. Sylvia's sister, who had
never drank or smoked in her life, was 62 years old.
Her brain was functioning normally, but doctors didn't
think that she could survive the sepsis. They
"counseled" the family to take her off of the
respirator and the family reluctantly agreed.

The doctors gave her shots of morphine (which are
known to depress respiratory function) and took her
off of the respirator. Ms. Garza's sister lived,
breathing on her own, FOR EIGHTEEN HOURS. This is
with morphine pumped into her, to depress her
respiratory system and with NO VENTILATOR, to help her
to breath. When her doctor was approached by Mrs.
Garza, the patient's sister, and asked, "I thought my
sister was going to die very peacefully and quickly
once you removed the respirator?" the doctor replied
that the patient was just "very strong."

TO LIVE? Why pump her full of morphine and take her
off the respirator? Clearly, this patient had a
chance! Clearly, this patient could have made it!

Mrs. Garza's email is: Her phone
number is: 281-265-4207. She has a list of the
doctors involved in this. This is clearly murder and
since the doctors (this happened three years ago)
didn't even convene an ethics meeting, they are
legally and criminally liable. This is a woman who
was willing, after she saw the news that we were going
to protest in front of the hospital, to come out and
help us protest, because of what they had done to her
sister. This might be someone who can speak out, as
well, against what these murderers are doing.

Friday, June 09, 2006


Pray for lives saved by this compelling narrative!

What Abortion Really Looks Like


You have my total permission to re-print my story. If it helps stop any one from making this horrible mistake, or helps anyone who has made this mistake, I am all for it.

Hello whoever you are,

I guess I'm just reaching out to tell my story, or maybe get this off my chest, to warn other people. I am a " sinner, baby killer and whore". I was never told how much I would hurt after this. I was never told that I would re-live the event everyday. I was never told I could feel the life being sucked from my womb. They made it sound easy, simple, painless and made it sound all right.

It is regret. It is feeling dirty.

Had I known it would hurt so much emotionally. I would not have proceeded. Had some one told me, that this would be stuck with me forever. I would never have entered the clinic.
It has only been two days since my mistake.

Friday night my now ex boyfriend was arrested for domestic violence charges against me. He had hit me several times. I was six weeks pregnant. I was given council about what I could do and what not. I had spoken with a "friend" and she said " Get an abortion, you'll hate the kid forever"

Saturday morning I found myself outside of the planned parenthood facility. It was the day before mother's day. It was a fact that hit me moments before entering. There were many people trying to hand me literature. One with a rosary, one young lady yelled at me " It's ok, you can be a mother". Her words ran through me like electricity. It made the decision so much harder.

After being in the clinic for about two hours I was finally called in. I could not afford the anesthesia, so I was awake the entire procedure. They told me I would feel a little pressure. It felt as if someone was ripping me open. "You'll feel a little prick and numbness" I felt the needle, and still felt the pain. I screamed. I tried to hold the nurses hand, but she had pulled away. I felt every move that doctor made. I heard them vacuum the child from my womb. When it was all over, and too late, they just handed me a maxi pad and a damp cloth and walked out of the room. Having a bad reaction to the Novocain they injected into my cervix, cramping beyond no pain I've felt before, I put my clothes back on, silently. I was then escorted into a recovery room.

I was provided a pill that would shrink my cervix back to normal, and two extra strength Tylenol. Every other woman in the room was in shock. We laid there, heating pads over our stomachs, all regretting what we did. It was a common feeling in the air. Tears were shed. The nurses, they attempted to lighten the room. It made no difference. We killed our children. We gave into this horrible idea that it wasn't a person, that it was ok to murder.

I sit here today, incapable of going to work. I see people walking down the street, I know they have no way of knowing, but I still feel so awful.

If someone would of only gotten to me before I even was pregnant, before I even graduate high school. It would be different.

I wanted that child. It was never a mistake, a child is never a mistake. Getting rid of it was.

I wish I knew about your site before this.

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TODAY! And every day:

Check out
click on "Why?"
Read it and weep, then fight for justice!

This narrative is also found on Terri's website

Last Visit Narrative
by Attorney Barbara Weller

When Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube was removed at 1:45 p.m. on March 18, 2005, I was one of the most surprised people on the planet. I had been visiting Terri throughout the morning with her family and her priest. As part of the legal team working throughout the previous days and nights to save Terri from a horrific fate, I was very hopeful. Although the state judicial system had obviously failed Terri by not protecting her life, I knew other forces were still at work. I fully expected the federal courts would step in to reverse this injustice, just as they might for a prisoner unjustly set for execution—although by much more humane means than Terri would be executed. Barring that, I was certain that sometime around noon, the Florida Department of Children and Family Services would come to the Woodside Hospice facility in Pinellas Park and take Terri into protective custody. Or that federal marshals would arrive from Washington D.C, where the Congress was working furiously to try to save Terri, and would stand guard at her door to prevent any medical personnel from entering her room to remove the tube that was providing her nutrition and hydration.

Finally, I was sure if nothing else was working, that at 12:59,just before the hour scheduled for Terri’s gruesome execution to begin, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush would at least issue a 60-day reprieve for the legislative bodies to complete the work they were attempting to do to save Terri’s life and to make sure that no other vulnerable adults could be sentenced to starve to death in America. I had done the legal research weeks before and was fully convinced that Gov. Bush had the power, under our co-equal branches of government, to issue a reprieve in the face of a judicial death sentence intended to lead to the starvation and dehydration of an innocent woman when scores of doctors and neurologists were saying she could be helped.

All morning long, as I was in the room with Terri and her family, we were telling her that help was on the way. Terri was in good spirits that morning. The mood in her room was jovial, particularly around noontime, as we knew Congressional attorneys were on the scene and many were working hard to save Terri’s life. For most of that time, I was visiting and talking with Terri along with Terri’s sister Suzanne Vitadamo, Suzanne’s husband, and Terri’s aunt, who was visiting from New York to help provide support for the family. A female Pinellas Park police office was stationed at the door outside Terri’s room.

Terri was sitting up in her lounge chair, dressed and looking alert and well. Her feeding tube had been plugged in around 11 a.m. and we all felt good that she was still being fed. Suzanne and I were talking, joking, and laughing with Terri, telling her she was going to go to Washington D.C. to testify before Congress, which meant that finally Terri’s husband Michael would be required to fix her wheelchair. After that Suzanne could take Terri to the mall shopping and could wheel her outdoors every day to feel the wind and sunshine on her face, something she has not been able to do for more than five years.

At one point, I noticed Terri’s window blinds were pulled down. I went to the window to raise them so Terri could look at the beautiful garden outside her window and see the sun after several days of rain. As sunlight came into the room, Terri’s eyes widened and she was obviously very pleased. At another point, Suzanne and I told Terri she needed to suck in all the food she could because she might not be getting anything for a few days. During that time, Mary Schindler, Terri’s mother, joined us for a bit, and we noticed there were bubbles in Terri’s feeding tube. We joked that we didn’t want her to begin burping, and called the nurses to fix the feeding tube, which they did. Terri’s mother did not come back into the room. This was a very difficult day for Bob and Mary Schindler. I suspect they were less hopeful all along than I was, having lived through Terri’s last two feeding tube removals.

Suzanne and I continued to talk and joke with Terri for probably an hour or more. At one point Suzanne called Terri the bionic woman and I heard Terri laugh out loud heartily for the first time since I have been visiting with her. She laughed so hard that for the first time I noticed the dimples in her cheeks.

The most dramatic event of this visit happened at one point when I was sitting on Terri’s bed next to Suzanne. Terri was sitting in her lounge chair and her aunt was standing at the foot of the chair. I stood up and learned over Terri. I took her arms in both of my hands. I said to her, “Terri if you could only say ‘I want to live’ this whole thing could be over today.” I begged her to try very hard to say, “I want to live.” To my enormous shock and surprise, Terri’s eyes opened wide, she looked me square in the face, and with a look of great concentration, she said, “Ahhhhhhh.” Then, seeming to summon up all the strength she had, she virtually screamed, “Waaaaaaaa.” She yelled so loudly that Michael Vitadamo, Suzanne’s husband, and the female police officer who were then standing together outside Terri’s door, clearly heard her. At that point, Terri had a look of anguish on her face that I had never seen before and she seemed to be struggling hard, but was unable to complete the sentence. She became very frustrated and began to cry. I was horrified that I was obviously causing Terri so much anguish. Suzanne and I began to stroke Terri’s face and hair to comfort her. I told Terri I was very sorry. It had not been my intention to upset her so much. Suzanne and I assured Terri that her efforts were much appreciated and that she did not need to try to say anything more. I promised Terri I would tell the world that she had tried to say, ”I want to live.”

Suzanne and I continued to visit and talk with Terri, along with other family members who came and went in the room, until about 2:00 p.m. when we were all told to leave after Judge Greer denied yet another motion for stay and ordered the removal of the feeding tube to proceed. As we left the room, the female police officer outside the door was valiantly attempting to keep from crying.

Just as Terri’s husband Michael has told the world he must keep an alleged promise to kill Terri, a promise remembered a million dollars and nearly a decade after the fact; I must keep my promise to Terri immediately. Time is running out for her. I went out to the banks of cameras outside the hospice facility and told the story immediately. Now I must also tell the story in writing for the world to hear. It may be the last effective thing I can do to try to keep Terri alive so she can get the testing, therapy, and rehabilitative help she so desperately needs before it is too late.

About four in the afternoon, several hours after the feeding tube was removed, I returned to Terri’s room. By that time she was alone except for a male police officer now standing inside the door. When I entered the room and began to speak to her, Terri started to cry and tried to speak to me immediately. It was one of the most helpless feelings I have ever had. Terri was looking very melancholy at that point and I had the sense she was very upset that we had told her things were going to get better, but instead, they were obviously getting worse. I had previously had the same feeling when my own daughter was a baby who was hospitalized and was crying and looking to me to rescue her from her hospital crib, something I could not do. While I was in the room with Terri for the next half hour or so, several other friends came to visit and I did a few press interviews sitting right next to Terri. I again raised her window shade, which had again been pulled down, so Terri could at least see the garden and the sunshine from her lounge chair. I also turned the radio on in her room before I left so that when she was alone, she would at least have some music for comfort.

Just before I left the room, I leaned over Terri and spoke right into her ear. I told her I was very sorry I had not been able to stop the feeding tube from being taken out and I was very sorry I had to leave her alone. But I reminded her that Jesus would stay right by her side even when no one else was there with her. When I mentioned Jesus’ Name, Terri again laughed out loud. She became very agitated and began loudly trying to speak to me again. As Terri continued to laugh and try to speak, I quietly prayed in her ear, kissed her, placed her in Jesus’ care, and left the room.

Terri is alone now. As I write this last visit narrative, it is five in the morning of March 19. Terri has been without food and water for nearly 17 hours. I’m sure she is beginning at least to become thirsty, if not hungry. And I am left to wonder how many other people care.

Visit Terri's site:

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Some providers even provide phony clergy
for a pseudo memorial service to commerate

Cybercast News Service: Why do you consider abortion the holiest sacrament of the liberal "religion"?

Ann Coulter: It's their version of virgin sacrifice. The Democrats will betray any special interest group -- except the pro-abortion ladies. If you mean why is it the holiest sacrament of the liberal religion, it is because they think if women have access to easy abortions, they can engage in carefree trysts without consequence.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Mourn for the destruction the abortion industry has wrought
upon the Native Americans with their lies!


"Dr. Death" Dies of Cancer

"Ronald Cranford died last night in a hospice near Minneapolis. He was a good man and a good sport. We are all in his debt for his work in fighting to improve dying in America. Ron got in the trenches and helped people. We should learn from his example." - Arthur Caplan (pro euthanasia advocate and friend of Michael Schiavo)