Friday, February 25, 2005

February 25, 2005

As an employee of a domestic U.S. air carrier, I am blessed to be able
to travel to various destinations in which I have been able to try to make a
difference for saving lives.

When Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube was removed in October of 2003,
I felt compelled to travel to Florida to help raise awareness of her plight.

As Terri faced a similar juncture in her life this week, I was once again drawn
to seeing if there wasn’t something I could do to make a difference.

Midway through the flight, it was reported that “judge” Greer had granted
another 48 hour reprieve. I began soul searching about whether I had
mis-perceived the Lord’s leading in my trip to Florida. Would there
really be anything for me to do?

At 6:30 am yesterday, I kept a lonely watch in front of the hospice where
Terri has been held hostage for years. I listened to the birds singing
and wished I could just walk in the front door and say, “Hi, I’d like to take
Terri for a walk in her wheelchair today.” Unfortunately, not even her parents are allowed that privilege. No fresh air, no sunshine, no fragrant flowers to smell, no
bird’s songs to hear.

Most of the cars which drove by, dropping their children off at the nearby school,
read my poster saying “Colorado (heart) Terri.” Mostly they just glanced and
kept driving, their conscience possibly pricked. A few gave the thumbs up
sign. One Jeep Cherokee, sporting a Kerry sticker, screamed, “Let her die!”

It seemed a bit strange to ponder why Terri’s neighbors are so apathetic while
people around the nation are so passionate about her cause. There are
many wonderful Florida people who have done yeoman work to see that Terri isn’t
the victim of judicial murder. Yet, local talk-show host, Mark Larson, vehemently
berated DCF on air for wasting his tax dollars in asking for a 60 day
delay to investigate charges of abuse. Why is he so eager for Terri to die?
What happens if “judge” Greer refuses to allow the 60 day reprieve, remains
to be seen in this showdown between the Executive and Judicial branches.

Around noon, Randall Terry held a press conference at the Pinellas County Courthouse.
He told reporters that there would be a picket of Michael Schiavo’s lovely home today.
“judge” Greer’s Baptist church, down the street from the court house, will be targeted
with protestors asking that he be denied communion, since he is violating Southern Baptist Convention teachings. The Mad Italian, Michael’s live-in’s family restaurant is to be the focus of another group of Terri supporters who will call for a boycott of the eatery.

Mr. Terry closed the press conference noting he had told George Felos, that he wasn’t sure if he was merely a pain in the ass or criminally insane. He said he didn’t know if he should offer him Preparation H or Prozac. Doubtful that
quote made the 6:00 news!

By late afternoon, more supporters gathered in front of the hospice once again for
prayers, songs and a candle light-vigil. By the time it was over, we had 4 signs for
Terri – mine, a “Minnesota (heart) Terri”, an “Iowa (heart) Terri” and a “Maryland (heart) Terri”.

Mary from Iowa drove 28 hours straight by herself to get there.

Our efforts were captured as photos in the Tama Tribune and the St. Petersburg

And yet today some Floridians are claiming that where Terri’s brain should be, there is a big black hole there.

Is that anyway to describe a fellow citizen?

It really does go back to the red state, blue state phenomenon. Were John Kerry in office today, the judicial scales, dangerously close to tipping all the way toward the death agenda, would be falling with an audible thud.

Don’t expect this ghastly agenda to disappear any time soon. If Million Dollar Baby
sweeps the Oscars this week, as expected, there will likely be many more Terri’s!

So if you feel an irrepressible urge to go make a difference, your efforts will undoubtedly