Monday, February 04, 2013

Another football great's Mom chose Life ~ shouldn't everyone?

While some of us might balk at the notion that not killing one's children is "courage," we are nevertheless glad to hear about the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick's Mother making the loving choice of adoption for her son.

"Her name is Heidi Russo, a 44-year-old nurse from Thornton, Colo. He’s declined her requests to visit or talk. She accepts it, but she aches for more.
Wouldn’t you? She was 19, unmarried and nearly broke when she gave him up. She cared for him for five weeks while she looked for an adopting couple who were (A) set for money, (B) had other kids and (C) loved sports. Heidi stands 6-foot-2, and the birth father, now absent, was also 6-2. 
She picked another nurse, Teresa Kaepernick, and her husband, Rick. They had one request: they wanted a boy. They had two kids already — son Kyle and daughter Devon. But they’d lost two sons to heart defects, Lance and Kent, who would be 34 and 32 now.
“I think about them every day,” Teresa says. “What we went through. What they went through. They played a role in all of this.”

This story, like so many others reminds us of how many other stellar human beings ~ extraordinary, ordinary and even less than ordinary have been destroyed in the greatest human rights abuse the world has ever known. 

Legalized child killing has denied the world, great artists, scientists, moms, dads, athletes, statesmen and women and who knows who else that might have changed the course of human history . . .

It's beyond time for the madness to end!

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