Friday, June 30, 2006


True to their absolutely wicked agenda of child killing
at all cost, Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood had their
“KILL PILL THRILL DAY” Plan B give-away all
over Colorado June 30, 2006.

When Denver’s 7 News contacted Colorado Right to Life
for a comment, V.P. Leslie Hanks, drove to Planned Parenthood’s
press conference with her Center for Bio-Ethical Reform poster
illustrating what “choice” looks like.

Fortuitously, channels 2, 4, Fox News and UniVision were also
willing to hear a differing perspective from the reprehensible
marketing ploy the abortion industry is using, to grab the attention
of sexually active young teens.

Hanks was able to make several points that wouldn’t have otherwise
been made public at the propaganda press event. Designed to embarrass
Governor Bill Owens for his veto of Representative Betty Boyd’s
so called “emergency contraception” measure last session, the pro-aborts
fought back by passing out the kill pill like candy.

Foremost, she noted that, like a drug pusher trying to hook future junkies,
PP pays only $4.25 for the pill but plans to charge $30 for subsequent
pill requests, according to research done by American Life League.

Channel 7 News reported that Plan B was given away all day today to 2,000 girls and women in Colorado.

The point was also made that this pill may make young girls ever more
vulnerable to adult male exploitation.

Hanks also explained to the press that Life Dynamics has caught Colorado Planned Parenthood clinics telling very young girls that they don’t need to admit the age of the adult males who have impregnated them. Accordingly, statutory rapists appear to have a free pass in Colorado.

When Hanks and several others met with Colorado AG, John Suthers’ office
last fall to play the tape of the Life Dynamics sting, they were told that nothing
could be done.

“Finally, no one can predict the long term effects of how these large amounts of hormones will impact the future reproductive health of these young girls, who will have
ever more reasons to avoid chastity, as boy friends tell them Plan B will solve
their problems,” said CRL V.P. Leslie Hanks.