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"Duty to Die" DICK LAMM'S LEGACY!!

Letter noting assisted suicide raises questions

Barbara Wagner

By Susan Harding and KATU Web Staff

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Barbara Wagner has one wish - for more time.

"I'm not ready, I'm not ready to die," the Springfield woman said. "I've got things I'd still like to do."

Her doctor offered hope in the new chemotherapy drug Tarceva, but the Oregon Health Plan sent her a letter telling her the cancer treatment was not approved.

Instead, the letter said, the plan would pay for comfort care, including "physician aid in dying," better known as assisted suicide.

"I told them, I said, 'Who do you guys think you are?' You know, to say that you'll pay for my dying, but you won't pay to help me possibly live longer?' " Wagner said.

An unfortunate interpretation?

Dr. Som Saha, chairman of the commission that sets policy for the Oregon Health Plan, said Wagner is making an "unfortunate interpretation" of the letter and that no one is telling her the health plan will only pay for her to die.

But one critic of assisted suicide calls the message disturbing nonetheless.

"People deserve relief of their suffering, not giving them an overdose," said Dr. William Toffler.

He said the state has a financial incentive to offer death instead of life: Chemotherapy drugs such as Tarceva cost $4,000 a month while drugs for assisted suicide cost less than $100.

Saha said state health officials do not consider whether it is cheaper for someone in the health plan to die than live. But he admitted they must consider the state's limited dollars when dealing with a case such as Wagner's.

"If we invest thousands and thousands of dollars in one person's days to weeks, we are taking away those dollars from someone," Saha said.

But the medical director at the cancer center where Wagner gets her care said some people may have incredible responses to treatment.

Health plan hasn't evolved?

The Oregon Health Plan simply hasn't kept up with dramatic changes in chemotherapy, said Dr. David Fryefield of the Willamette Valley Cancer Center.

Even for those with advanced cancer, new chemotherapy drugs can extend life.

Yet the Oregon Health Plan only offers coverage for chemo that cures cancer - not if it can prolong a patient's life.

"We are looking at today's ... 2008 treatment, but we're using 1993 standards," Fryefield said. "When the Oregon Health Plan was created, it was 15 years ago, and there were not all the chemotherapy drugs that there are today."

Patients like Wagner can appeal a decision if they are denied coverage. Wagner appealed twice but lost both times.

However, her doctors contacted the pharmaceutical company, Genentech, which agreed to give her the medication without charging her. But doctors told us, that is unusual for a company to give away such an expensive medication.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Haunting Youtube of Obamessiah's
perverse views on life.


―Our prayers have been answered.
Both sides have united and are working
together to bring Lauren home,‖ said
Randy Richardson, father of Lauren
Richardson, a 23 year-old Delaware
woman who suffered brain damage after
a heroin overdose in 2006. In a stunning
change of events that has caused jubila-
tion among local pro-lifers, Randy and
Lauren’s mother have agreed to remove
Lauren from the Arbors Rehabilitation
Center in New Castle in order to ―put her
Families Unite to Care for Lauren Richardson
out for Lauren and we give the glory to

Bess McAneny, president of the
Delaware Pro-life Coalition, who facili-
tated pro-life, legal, and personal con-
tacts with the Richardson family for the
past two years, is thrilled with the
news. ―This is a blessing from God
and I’d like to thank everyone for their
prayers and sacrifices and urge them to
continue to pray for Lauren’s healing.‖


Leading Embryonic Stem Cell Researcher Shifts Focus to Ethical Alternatives

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
September 23, 2008

Madison, WI (LifeNews.com) -- Wisconsin scientist James Thomson is considered the father of embryonic stem cell research for isolating the first embryonic stem cell in 1998. Now comes the news that Thomson's two research companies are merging and planning to focus their energies on stem cells that don't involve the destruction of human life.

Thomson's team made headlines last year when he and a separate group of researchers from Japan were able to reprogram adult stem cells into an embryonic-like state.

The work with the induced pluripotent stem cells, or iPS cells, has been so exciting within the scientific community that some researchers suggest the use of embryonic stem cells, which have never helped human patients, may become obsolete.

Thomson still says he thinks embryonic stem cell research is needed until the new iPS cells are perfected.

"I personally believe that the future is in the (adult skin) cells," said Thomson, speaking during a press conference on Tuesday. "But the future is not here yet."

Thomson says his merged company is "moving rapidly" towards marketing the reprogrammed cells for use in other experiments and, one day, helping patients.

Wesley J. Smith, a leading bioethics author and attorney, said he was excited by the news that Thomson is moving in a more ethical and effective direction.

"I can't think of any more vivid example of the dramatic change in the scientific and political paradigms regarding stem cell research than James Thomson, the discoverer of human ESCs--moving away from embryonic stem cell field and into IPSCs," he said.

"We know why, of course. Cloning hasn't exactly panned out, besides which it would be far more contentious, dangerous for women due to egg procurement, complicated, and expensive. But IPSCs have really changed the paradigm," he explained.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, the head of the Susan B. Anthony List, also praised the news.

"This will certainly saves lives both of human embryos and of children and adults afflicted with various diseases because the real cures lie with adult stem cell breakthroughs," she told LifeNews.com.

Buzz up!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Global Institute dedicated to Down Syndrome

DENVER - When Sophia entered their lives, their mission became clear. They would devote their time and energy to creating the world's leading research and care center for people with Down Syndrome.

One family's mission is coming to fruition in Colorado.

The Anna and John J. Sie foundation is committing $34 million to establish the new Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome at the University of Colorado Denver's Anschutz Medical Campus. The institute will have the single research focus of eradicating the ill effects associated with Down Syndrome and will be the first to comprehensively address basic research, clinical research and clinical care all under one umbrella.

After years of due diligence and in the face of steady decreases in National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding for Down Syndrome, the Anna and John J. Sie Foundation decided that the best hope for real break-through and advocacy was a combined force made up of the University of Colorado Denver, the University of Colorado at Boulder, and The Children's Hospital in Aurora. Each organization has committed space, personnel and overhead to the Institute and it will be managed out of the Anschutz Medical Campus.

Anna and John J. Sie have high hopes for their granddaughter Sophia, born five years ago with Down Syndrome. Their family is determined to significantly enhance the lives of all people with Down Syndrome.

Chancellor M. Roy Wilson stated, "It has been a pleasure working with the Sie family in establishing this premier Institute here at the University of Colorado Denver. They bring a unique combination of philanthropy, family focus and business acumen to the table. The first $1 million in research grants that the Sie's supported in 2006 has already started to bear fruit. We are confident that insights that might be unimaginable today will soon be within our grasp due to the work of this Institute."

The Institute will aggressively recruit the best and brightest talent worldwide ? both inside and outside the field of Down Syndrome and is expected to grow into a $150 million organization within ten years with staff estimated at more than 160.

World-renowned neurologist, William C. Mobley, MD, PhD, has signed on as the Executive Director of the Institute and has been a life-long advocate for Down syndrome related research.

"One of the focuses of the Linda Crnic Institute for Down syndrome is to better understand ways to improve the cognitive ability of people with Down syndrome. We are going to do that by chasing down the genes that are responsible for the problems with cognition that happen in children" said Dr. Mobley, executive director of the Institute. "Through research and improved care, we can make it easier for them to go to school, make friends, have jobs, get married and ultimately live independently. We will help them live richer, fuller lives."

One in 733 babies in the United States is born with Down syndrome. A chromosomal disorder caused by an extra chromosome, more specifically, the presence of all or part of an extra 21st chromosome. The condition is associated with impairment of cognitive ability and an increased chance of various medical issues. An estimated 400,000 people in the United States have Down syndrome and millions more worldwide.

Leslie Leinwand, PhD, of the University of Colorado at Boulder and Denver has served as the Interim Director of the Linda Crnic Institute. She said, "The establishment of the Linda Crnic Institute by Anna and John J. Sie Foundation is a landmark event for research in Down syndrome. This Institute will attract the best and the brightest minds to Colorado to tackle this complex problem to work with our existing outstanding faculty.

"Sophia has been such a blessing in our lives and has led us to meet brilliant and huge hearted scientists such as Linda Crnic, Leslie Leinwand, Larry Gold and the wonderful new leaders at the University of Colorado and The Children's Hospital. It has given my wife, Anna, and I a whole new purpose in life and Sophia's parents, Michelle and Tom Whitten, have been laser focused on understanding what we can do better for not just Sophia but for generations of people with Down syndrome to come. We are grateful that the best place to effectuate real change and discovery happens to be in our own back yard," said John J. Sie.

"We remain ever thankful to a Loving God" !!!!

WOW! "Biggest End of Chemo Party" indeed. Thank you to our new friends, the Millers for including us in this awesome event. Justin Miller was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma two years ago this week. After 15 months of being cancer free, Justin presented with a brain tumor and is currently in treatment again. He is a gorgeous child, a true survivor and just oozes life. Please pray for this special kiddo and his family. We look forward to getting to know them all better. We also had a chance to meet the infamous, and might I add adorable, Hope Halloway and her family. Hope is another little miracle that had Neuroblastoma and is CANCER FREE. We hope to hang out with the Halloway clan as well. We know these families have lots to teach us. Lessons their children have taught them and continue to teach us all. Lessons of what life is really about. Thanks be to God for the lessons we have already learned. You have know idea what life is really about until you are faced with the possibility of your child's death. Ok, now enough about that. We all had a ball and sweet Tuesday even stood on her own two legs and did a little dancing. Could she be any cuter?

How is Tuesday doing you ask?


Life has been so fine since coming home. Tuesday is feeling great, or at least deserves a Daytime Emmy for acting like she feels great. Her past cycle of chemotherapy is notorious for being particularly pukey. Not only did Tuesday not puke, but she managed to eat thru the entire course. Quite a feat for someone who yanked her own NG tube just a couple weeks ago. Ok, so she's eating like a toddler but, um, she IS a toddler so we are cutting her some slack. We have her on an organic diet (always did) with a smattering of McDonald's (gasp!) french fries.

It's been one big love fest around here since coming home. It feels so good to be back together. The girls have slipped right back in to twin-ness and Piper is proving to be quite the little mother hen. She makes sure Tuesday has every creature comfort she may need. Keeping her in Nuk's and blankies and snacks. Tuesday on the other hand spends most of her day trying to get a hold of Piper's new shoes. This is where the love ends. "MINE! MINE! MIIIIIINEEEEE!!!!!!", "NO! MINE SHOES!"
Spencer and Axel are fantastic big brothers and huge helps. And 5. And 7. And boys. Need I say more?
So where do we go from here?

Tuesday goes back in to Children's on Sept 29th for her 4th (of 6) round of chemo. If all goes well, we will be in-patient for 4 days. Aunt SuSu will be flying in from Atlanta to help out at home. Still taking things one day at a time. We remain full of hope. We remain ever thankful to a Loving God. We remain, more than ever, so proud to be Tuesday's mom and dad.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

"In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
- George Orwell


By Judie Brown

At American Life League, we have spent nearly 30 years trying in every way we can to humanize the preborn baby, even when he is a single-cell zygote. We have challenged those who deny the personhood of the preborn to explain what precisely is different between the way their life began and the way every person's life begins. The response is usually something rather obtuse that translates into "Don't bother me with the truth." I am sure you know all about that type of intellectually stimulating argument.

So, I am encouraged when I tell you that my good friends at Colorado for Equal Rights are making a lot of headway in their campaign to amend the state constitution by clarifying that every human being, from his beginning, is a person. They have brought the truth out of the closet of political correctness.

But in the process, the enemies of human life have come out of the woodwork, and things are heating up in Colorado. Just yesterday, the Denver Post ran a rather interesting article focused on the individuals and organizations opposing Amendment 48. The article gives us a lot to think about because it provides the rhetorical mumbo-jumbo pro-aborts are using to try to defeat the personhood intitiative. It is nothing new, but perhaps it bears repeating, for those who constantly strive to develop pro-life apologetics that actually resonate in our current, declining culture.

One slogan on an anti-Amendment 48 T-shirt is "Women's health matters." The T-shirt is clearly designed to imply that pregnancy can make a mother very unhealthy, and that is why only the woman should have the "right to choose." The message subliminally asserts that pregnancy is a condition in need of treatment, and in the abortion world, the treatment of choice is abortion.

This is but one of the abortion cartel's frequently used fear tactics, as it denies the reality that the preborn child's health matters too. If abortion advocates thought about that, they would agree to personhood. If they considered the obvious truth – that a just society respects and nurtures mother and child equally – they would end their association with the culture of death.

A law student wearing the T-shirt at an anti-Amendment 48 rally told the Denver Post that if the proposed amendment passed, "This would be a huge step backward. I want to be part of that never happening again."

Her comment conjures up images of a time when, supposedly, all sorts of dreadful things happened to expectant mothers. Moreover, it attempts to justify the current legal system's denial that the preborn child is a person and the notion that a woman and her doctor are entitled to decide whether to allow a pregnancy to continue.

Her statement also sets forth the principle of dehumanization. The Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton Supreme Court cases denied that babies in the womb are persons, thus dehumanizing them. Naturally, the pro-aborts subscribe to that mentality, based solely on arguments of contrived personal rights and legal precedent.

The newspaper reporter never addresses the result of abortion and what that act does to the second person involved in the pregnancy, because that is not on her agenda. Apparently, she was not committed to querying the T-shirt-wearing student about the substance of Amendment 48 which is, after all, personhood.

In the ongoing debate regarding abortion and whether or not the law should protect it, we frequently witness mothers being pitted against their babies, as though they were mortal enemies. This sort of tactic, of course, has tragic results, which we have witnessed time and time again. The human suffering caused by abortion is unfathomable.

According to pro-lifer Michele Jackson, writing about the problem of abortion in the black community,

The women suffering abortion in silence, and their dead children, are a part of our community in staggering numbers. We have the job of rallying the community to stop the killing of our children. We have the job of rallying the community to find better solutions to pregnancy than killing the baby, than pitting mother against child.

Jackson is correct, but the pro-aborts will have no part of that argument. As far as many of them are concerned, abortion is the demonic "sacrament" of the culture of death and, as such, must never be infringed upon in any way.

This is why we also hear the argument that only a woman can decide and that she is, after all, in control of her own body. What this argument fails to acknowledge is that once she is with child, she is in control of the bodies of two human beings, to the extent that anyone is actually in control of life.

Everyone knows that the U.S. Supreme Court itself, in its 1973 abortion decisions, made it perfectly clear that if personhood were ever established, the Roe and Doe decisions would crumble. Thus, our opponents will do all within their power to attack the very idea that the preborn child is a human being who has an inherent right to be recognized as a person. This is why they are compelled to stay on message, deny the existence of a living human being and demand that the so-called right to choose be enshrined as a constitutional right. These fanatical individuals are committed to an agenda that cannot admit the humanity of the preborn child.

As barbaric as this may sound to those of us who understand the real identity of the child within, we are dealing with abortion devotees who have their heart set on the freedom to kill at will under cover of law and with the full agreement of politicians. This is the lesson we must remember every time we hear arguments against personhood, be it in Colorado or anywhere else.

Our opponents are scared to death of babies. They cannot admit the obvious. When we focus on personhood, they get out their bag of deceptions and expect everyone to fall in line, for fear of losing something if they don't.

Something has already been lost, my friends, and that something is honesty. It does not matter what you call the human being whose life begins at the beginning; he is still what he was before the denial set in. In the past 35 years, our nation has relegated a person's status prior to birth to that of an "issue," "political hot potato" and other such nonsense. We have, for the most part, avoided focusing on the facts and have instead preferred polite conversation about opinions and religious beliefs.

The result is too bloody for me to think about. This is why Amendment 48 is such an urgent matter.

Colorado is facing a watershed moment in the history of the human race. The voters in that state will make a crucial choice: Affirm human dignity or affirm the cruelest act of child abuse ever to be decriminalized in a civilized nation.

Judie Brown is president of American Life League and a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

Respond to Judie


Newborn Baby Found Alive in Trash Can at Phoenix Middle School

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Phoenix police are investigating the discovery of a newborn found alive in a trash can at a Phoenix school.
Police said a school administrator discovered the baby boy screaming inside the garbage can Tuesday afternoon with his umbilical cord still attached.

The baby seemed to be in excellent condition. He also appeared to have been carried to full term, said Capt. Victor Rangel, a Phoenix Fire Department spokesman.

Emergency crews took the newborn to St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center. The baby has since been placed in custody with state Child Protective Services, said Sgt. Andy Hill, a Phoenix police spokesman.

Phoenix police said the 14-year-old mother gave birth to the child inside the administration building at Osborn Middle School.

The Phoenix Fire Department later located the mother at a nearby apartment and she was taken to a hospital in good condition, Hill said.

Due to the abandonment of the baby in a life threatening situation, investigators will do a possible child abuse report and submit it to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office for review, Hill said.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Please weigh in on this so called Quandary!

'Personhood' poses quandary

Anti-abortion groups split over Amendment 48

By David Montero - Rocky Mountain News

Monday, September 15, 2008

Supporters of the "Personhood Amendment" on the Nov. 4 ballot argue its strength rests in its simplicity - a mere 43 words in one sentence.

, calling it poorly worded and predicting it would open a Pandora's Box of legal questions that could clog up the legislative process and courtrooms for years.

Amendment 48 might be one of the most controversial items on Colorado's lengthy ballot.

In short, it would amend the state constitution to define personhood as beginning at the moment of conception - when a human egg is fertilized. That fertilized egg - or person, as advocates say - would enjoy all the protections of the state constitution, including inalienable rights, equality of justice and due process, supporters say.

While those who predictably support abortion rights line up against the measure, it has fractured the usually rock-solid line of those who oppose abortion. Among them are Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput and Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer. Also not supporting it is National Right to Life.

Their reasoning closely hews to Schaffer's logic.

"He believes it would ultimately set the pro-life cause back because it would not meet judicial tests and would be struck down," said Schaffer's campaign manager Dick Wadhams.

And the Catholic bishops of Colorado said in a statement that while they "admire the goals" of Amendment 48 "it does not provide a realistic opportunity for ending or even reducing abortions in Colorado."

Encouraging a yes vote

However, the political arm of Focus on the Family has chosen to encourage people to vote for it.

More . . .

Tuesday, September 09, 2008



Your strategerie means nothing in the eyes of God.

VOTE YES ON PERSONHOOD! Vote yes on 48 !

This week's I-70 Scout, my local
paper, had a letter to the editor from
Amanda Mountjoy advising against voting
for Personhood - Amendment 48.

I decided to see how Repubs for Choice (Murder) are doing in Colorado and nationally. At the national level,
they are still setting up their state pages from when Bill Owens was on the RNC platform committee - in the 90s.

Locally, they have a meeting set for 9/11/08.

So far, no attendees but 2 said maybe! The Republican Party is utterly broken,as evidenced by Dr. Dobson
saying last month the nominee was unacceptable and this week reversing himself, so he can be a player.

Pro-Choice meeting (for those of you that are pro-child killing)

Sep 11 Thu 6:00 PM

Denver Athletic Club
1325 Glenarm Pl
Denver, CO 80204
(303) 534-1211

Who’s coming?
0 Yes / 2 Maybe

Who's organizing?


Focus on the Family Senior VP, Tom Minnery,
had this to say in August about John Mc Cain:

What about John McCain? He’s struggled to talk about his own faith.
He does. I’m not sure of the extent of his saving faith if there is one. We as evangelicals would have hoped to hear a lot more. I hope those who are Christians who are around him are talking to him. He usually talks about that Vietnam soldier’s faith. It loosened his bonds, scratching a cross in the dirt, I’ve heard that about six times. He does seem to have viable Judeo-Christian worldview, which means that things of God are significant, the church needs to be vigorous and independent, he knows the difference between right and wrong, good and evil.

What objections do evangelicals raise about him as a candidate?
He’s inconsistent on the abortion issue, given his view of the stem-cell research side of it. He has caused great mischief for a lot of organizations including our own who try to do issue advertising to let people know how the politicians stand during the election. We can’t do that because of McCain-Feingold. Finally, the Supreme Court knocked that part of it out, but there’s an increasing number of regulations that we have to deal with, so we don’t appreciate that. I think that his joining the gang of 14 to take control over the Supreme Court justices was ineffective. Obviously we’d like a candidate that supports the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Now Dr. Dobson has violated his own pledge, "however long God lets me live on this earth, I will never cast one vote for any man or woman who would kill one innocent baby," and come out in support of the Mc Cain candidacy.

This past week, American Right to Life held a sit in at Focus on the Family to suggest that Dr. Dobson take the
video of his pledge down from the visitor center of the FOTF headquarters in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs KKTV, 11 News carried this report from the sit in this week.

Friday, September 05, 2008



"Send a donation in honor of lil Bristol Palin, with a card acknowledging the donation sent directly to her soothless Mama at the Governor's office in Juneau.

Lemme help you out with that address, okay?

Juneau Office
Alaska State Capitol Building
Third Floor
P.O. Box 110001
Juneau, AK 99811-0001

You can enjoy the fricking irony of the gift, or just appreciate how many forms of contraception will be purchased with Palin in mind. Either way, it's a win for Planned Parenthood.

Now, get busy! It's payday"



Gov. Sarah Palin:
Unequally yoked

Exclusive: Alan Keyes says vice-presidential pick
has put herself under 'unacceptable moral authority'

Posted: September 05, 2008
1:00 am Eastern

By Alan Keyes

I hear that Richard Viguerie, the renowned conservative political consultant, described McCain's selection of Sarah Palin to be his running mate as "perfect." As a matter of unalloyed political calculation, I'm sure he's right. McCain cannot win without support from the pro-life moral constituency. Given his abandonment of pro-life principle, he cannot get that support on his own merit. Support from supposed leaders of the moral constituency wasn't getting the desired results. Their endorsements and fallacious arguments couldn't stand up to the truth about his actions. Given the facts, these leaders were simply destroying their own credibility. Since his own record belies any attempts to portray him as pro-life, the choice of Sarah Palin allows him to run on someone else's. All his supporters have to do is convince the moral constituency to forget that they are voting for John McCain and act as if they are voting for Sarah Palin. McCain can't be too comforted, however, by the knowledge that some of them are trying to make their point with whispered references to McCain's age, and the likelihood that his early demise would bring his running mate to the Oval Office.

Be that as it may, McCain's political calculation is not hard to understand. The restive elements of his base may be placated, while some unhappy Hillary Clinton supporters (who prefer making gender rather than racial history) may be tempted to help put a woman in the batter's box for the White House. All in all that's not a bad day's work. It's also not hard for me to understand why the supposed leaders of the moral constituency are breathing a bit easier. Though they must know that the moral ice they're on is dangerously thin, with only two months until Election Day they may be able to skate over it fast enough to get by.

As a matter of cynical political calculation, all is well. If that is the only standard to judge by. Of course, the leaders of the moral constituency profess a higher standard. Many of them explicitly claim that they are guided by the Scripture, and especially the words and example of Christ. I wonder what they say in light of this admonition in St. Paul's second letter to the Corinthians (a Christian community suffering at the time from the very type of corruption that is threatening to destroy American liberty).

Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? For ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. (2 Corinthians 6:14-16)
(Column continues )

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Check out her new website!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Teen Sex? Please Do! - Planned Parenthood

Matt Barber
Monday, September 01, 2008

Planned Parenthood, the billion dollar corporate abortion mill, has taken indecency to a whole new level and is using your taxpayer dollars to do so. The organization, which is responsible for the abortion deaths of tens of millions of people, was founded in 1916 by admitted white-supremacist Margret Sanger, with the lofty goal of, as Sanger put it, eliminating “the ever increasing, unceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born at all.” Lest there be any doubt as to whom, exactly, Sanger was referring to, she also wrote: “We do not want the word to go out that we (Planned Parenthood) want to exterminate the Negro population.”

Sorry, Maggie. Word’s out.

Although Planned Parenthood’s primary mission is detestable beyond words and remains unchanged still today, its secondary goal, if left in a vacuum, is not so sinister. That is, of course, to make lots and lots of money.

But here’s what is sinister. In order to make lots and lots of money, Planned Parenthood, just like any other “service provider,” needs lots and lots of customers, and the best way to get those customers is to promote the very behaviors which create them. Specifically, to manipulate kids – under the guise of so-called “comprehensive sex education” – to engage in promiscuous, casual sex as soon and as often as possible. It’s simple supply and demand. Planned Parenthood encourages the behaviors which create the demand and then dutifully offers its deadly supply.

To that end, Planned Parenthood has created a new promotional Web site that targets youth. It’s called “Take Care Down There” (. It features short, near pornographic “public service” video vignettes which, among other things, promote casual sex, immodesty, homosexuality and even group sex.