Friday, June 17, 2005

Terri's Autopsy

On Wednesday I was privileged to speak on Terri's behalf
on Denver's KHOW Radio Caplis and Silverman program.

Pro-life attorney Dan Caplis was out of the studio and
as his "Pro-Choice" partner, Craig Silverman says,
while the cats away, the mice will play.

Former prosecutor Silverman's opening question to me
was "Don't you think you owe Michael Schiavo an apology?"

I said, "Absolutely not!" I think Michael owes the doctors he
sued for not diagnosing Terri's supposed bulemia an apology
and that he should re-pay them for the malpractice settlement
he received, since the autopsy showed Terri didn't have bulemia.

I told Mr. S that I thought the autopsy raised more questions than
it answered. Craig made a big deal about the size of Terri's brain
being half of normal. I asked if it didn't make sense that one's brain
would atrophy after 13 days of dehydration.

I told Craig that any questions about the autopsy's impartiality could
have been alleviated had Cyrl Wecht or Michael Baden been allowed to
observe which is usually done as a professional courtesy. He replied
that it may have been too crowded in the room - LAME!!

Jeb Bush is now calling for an investigation of what Mark Fuhrman's book
will illustrate - that the timeline is not Michael Schiavo's friend.

Why couldn't he have demanded that while Terri was still alive?