Friday, April 10, 2009

Don't corrupt American Medicine

Freedom of Conscience is Fundamental to American

As Concerned Women for America reminds us:

No one should be forced to participate in an immoral act.

Conscientious objectors are exempt from combat. Physicians opposed to the death penalty are not forced to administer lethal injections.

Doctors should not be forced to do procedures they believe are immoral.

Today a few of us tried to raise awareness of the potential recision of the current conscience clause for Christian medical professionals. We went to St. Anthony's Hospital in Denver.

Sadly, we were asked to leave. Chased off the property. I guess our signs saying "Protect conscience rights" were too strong for the hospital staff to take.

We went to the sidewalk out front and a security guard came again to tell us that we had to go across the street with our message. Fortunately, we knew we were on city sidewalks and had every right to exercise our
1st Amendment rights.

Do you fear for the country we are leaving our children and grandchildren?

Visit Freedom to Care and act!

Thank you Jesus