Thursday, April 10, 2008


Like they need it!

When Colorado Right to Life met with Komen officials
in 2006, this extraordinary admission was mostly met
with silence in main stream media. Bob Enyart Live gave the meeting
the coverage it deserved:

"Colorado Right To Life: has an extraordinary meeting with the Denver chapter of the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Leslie Hanks, Phillip Hendrix, Dr. Joel Brind, former Komen analyst Eve Sanchez Silver, and pro-life leader Jo Scott confront Komen officials on the link between abortion and breast cancer. As transcribed from a recording of the meeting, CRTL asked, "Why aren't women being told about the most preventable risk factor?" to which Komen's Dana Brandoff answered, "We tend to focus on the cure... we're focusing our energies on that, rather than the preventative."

Thanks to Life Site News and STOPP for continuing to expose the lies!