Sunday, August 25, 2013

It's Not All About You !

Last week, in a most unsavory move, Denver's KNUS morning drive time talk show host, Peter Boyles devoted two hours to promoting the new and improved Hemlock Society.

The pro-euthanasia organization's founder, Derek Humphrey, explains how the organization got its start in an article which discusses why they changed the name to the more soothing sounding
"Compassion and Choices."

"Born in 1980 in my garage in Santa Monica, California, Hemlock went on to be the largest and oldest right-to-die organization in America fighting for voluntary euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide to be made legal for terminally and hopelessly ill adults. (There were larger organizations but they had what might be called a “passive euthanasia” agenda.)"

The wealthy Hemlock Foundation (worth some $2-3 million) has also modified its name. In a Articles of Amendment filing to the Colorado Secretary of State on 10/29//2004, the Hemlock Foundation for End-of-Choices changed its name to a new entity (surprise!) “Compassion and Choices”. Life memberships were grandfathered. Mission statements? Quietly forgotten. Presumably now there is no existing organization with the name “Hemlock”?

Mr. Humphrey has had a longstanding fascination with advocating for people to be able to "choose" their end of life and has created and numerous others which promote euthanasia.

I was so disturbed by the presumably "Christian" Salem Radio Network's pro-death advocacy that I just had to call in.

Yours truly has had a longstanding interest in the death peddler movement for so long that I have an institutional memory about the movement's sordid history ~ much of it centered in Denver.

Crazy as it seems, the state that launched legalized child killing in the U.S. also spent decades and untold sums of money pushing death on the other end of the spectrum. As a matter of fact
that death obsession has had a dynamic duo at the helm for all these years ~ yes, you guessed it, "Duty to Die" Dick Lamm and his wife Dottie.

Dick Lamm carried America's first legalized abortion law, passed in Colorado in 1967 and went
on to create a Governor's on Life and the Law, primarily to facilitate more death advocacy.

Not surprisingly, The Denver Post gave the "Duty to Die Team" free reign for decades.

That freedom doesn't seem like it should extend to Christian radio, so The Passionate Prolifer
took on the two docs from "Compassion and Choices" and Peter Boyles.

I first mentioned that Derek Humphrey had a wife who wasn't all that thrilled with his death obsession ~ Second wife, Ann, who suffered breast cancer wrote ~


"There. You got what you wanted. Ever since I was diagnosed as having cancer, you have done everything conceivable to precipitate my death.

"I was not alone in recognizing what you were doing. What you did--desertion and abandonment and subsequent harrassment (sic) of a dying woman--is so unspeakable there are no words to describe the horror of it.

"Yet you know. And others know too. You will have to live with this untiol (sic) you die.

"May you never, ever forget.


Peter countered with an accusation that there will always be abuses but that I was picking just one example ~ Derek Humphrey is the head of the pro- Euthanasia movement in America, for crying out loud !

Next I brought up Michael Schiavo and his starvation & dehydration murder of his disabled wife, Terri in Florida. Who can forget how Michael found Terri to be inconvenient when he fathered two children with another woman he lived with?

Again, Peter claimed I was bringing up a RARE case of abuse.

How anyone can miss the potential for relatives of the vulnerable and disabled to hasten their demise in order to get their inheritance really baffles me.

As Wesley Smith reminds us in his important article "Boomers Too 'Special' To Die Naturally"

"Oh good grief. We Baby Boomers are such a pain. It’s always about us: Me. Me. Me.

And now, according to Time, we are supposedly going to change “how we die.” From, “A Good Death: How Boomers Will Change the World a Final Time.”

For eons, folks grew old, endured the symptoms, and died when it was their time—according to God’s will, some would say, even if it involved fighting through lingering illness, pain and suffering, or years of mental or physical incapacitation. A “good” death was about having lived long enough to see grandchildren, put one’s affairs in order, and pass away surrounded by a loving family."

And so lest we forget God's enduring command, "Thou shall not murder", I continue to rage against the death machine from fertilization through natural death. This clip reveals how even
so called "Christian" radio is promoting assisted suicide. My call is at 32:00.

Colorado has been ground zero for decades in the struggle to protect innocent life ~ how will it end ? Me, me, me ~ or as Mr. Smith presciently ponders, "Boomers are not a great generation. To the contrary, we did shamefully little considering how much we were given. Too busy patting ourselves on the back, perhaps, and breaking the china.

Frankly, I think we are going to leave quite a mess. And if we do open the spigots to assisted suicide, it will be to our everlasting shame."