Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pro-life Woman Warrior!

What a privilege to have been in the presence of Monica Migliorino Miller at Notre Dame's pro-life witness and protests over the weekend. This bold PhD professor and theologian last year searched the dumpster behind abortionist Alberto Hodari's clinic in Detroit. Her website Pro Life Society chronicles the sorry saga of children killed in the womb and scraped into surgical towels.

All kinds of little hands and feet were retrieved and subsequently Father Pavone of Priests for Life presided over a funeral and proper burial for these invisible children.

One can read this Spero News article on this horrific story or view her video, "Requiem for the Disappeared" on her site.

Dr. Miller created a photo essay of her findings and was compelled to show the invisible ones to the graduates and their families who were about to hear the most pro child killing president in history. Her boldness resulted in her arrest
along with a nun and a senior citizen gentleman who said his conscience demanded that he join her.

It is with great admiration that I show these photos I was privileged to take of this amazing individual and champion of the innocent pre-born!