Friday, September 10, 2010

Future football players of America ~ Choose Life!

Long time political activist and former Denver mayoral candidate, Steve Schweitzberger, blessed Colorado Right to Life today
with the gift of a fantastic batch of t-shirts sure to inspire some wonderful conversations during this our crazy political season in Colorful Colorado!

With Amendment 62 ~ the only personhood measure on the ballot in the country for 2010 ~ the climate for embracing life, is gathering strength daily.

This shirt says it all.

How many amazing future football players has Planned Parenthood sacked before they ever had a chance to see a football?

How many babies in utero today might be saved, if enough moms see this shirt before they choose PP to "solve" their current crisis?

Time will tell, but we pray that all of God's great gifts to our families will be embraced for the infinitely valuable persons that they are and will be ~ safe in their mother's wombs when Personhood is the law of the land!