Friday, May 25, 2007


Thanks for your serious concern. After Dr. Dobson's many years of dedicated ministry, it is not surprising that you disapprove of our confronting him. If we are wrong, we deserve your criticism. And if the three following points are correct, then we ask you to reconsider this life and death matter.

1. The Gonzales v. Carhart PBA ruling instructs abortionists that they can legally continue to perform partial-birth abortions simply by delivering a late-term baby halfway (to his bellybutton), and then killing him by various methods including by ripping off his legs. (See the ruling itself or our analysis at This is evil.

2. Most pro-life ministries have done many years of fundraising on this PBA ban, leading donors and Christians by the millions to believe the ban had the authority to save the lives of late-term babies even though they knew from the beginning this law did not have the authority to save a single child's life.

3. We are warning the many pro-life leaders who have become moral relativists that it is wrong to defend judges and rulings that violate God's enduring command, Do not murder. This happens commonly when officials affirm the killing of the innocent, as happened when Dr. Dobson defended Samuel Alito's 2000 ruling that kept partial-birth abortion legal in New Jersey. And now he defends this PBA ruling which optimistically suggests that abortionists "may find… less shocking methods to abort the fetus."

Some people who have been dismayed by our confronting of Focus on the Family have been even more shocked, to the point of disbelief, of what this brutally wicked ruling actually says, because they are not being told the truth by ministries they have grown to love and trust. We urge you to read carefully our open letter (earnestly co-signed by respected pro-life organizations like American Life League, Operation Rescue, Colorado Right To Life and Human Life International), and you can read the ruling itself. Then after you have more information, for Dr. Dobson's sake, and for the sake of the Body of Christ, and for the unborn who we are fighting for, please reconsider joining us in exposing moral relativism among Christian leaders, and in condemning any law or ruling that provides authority to intentionally kill an innocent person, thus undermining personhood and God-given right to life, which is the only place of safety for the unborn.


Leslie Hanks
V.P. Colorado Right To Life

p.s. Many respected pro-life leaders joined together to condemn this brutally wicked ruling, including:
* Ambassador Alan Keyes, RenewAmerica (see 28-second video at