Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tuesday's Blog Party

One of the amazing positives that I can recount from the recent and very painful loss of one of my twin
grand daughters, was to make the acquaintance of some very tremendous mothers.

I speak of some 20 twin moms who made the incredible effort to be at Tuesay's memorial service - with their babe's in tow.

To say we were blessed by their commitment, is truly an understatement!

And the blessings continue to wash over us.

One twin mom friend - Debi - whom I call the Energizier Bunny -has organized a blog party to help raise awareness about Neuroblastoma and $$$ for pediatric cancer research, whilst raising her 9 children.

I can't say I understand the way this fun event works, but if you'd like to learn along with me, click on the blog party button to see all the items you can bid on.

Debi took my Precious Tuesday poem and photo and placed it gently into a lovely music box which plays Amazing Grace.

Pledge $1.00 or whatever amount you'd like to raise your chances for whichever item catches your fancy. I'm looking at Items from New Zealand since it is tops on my list of places to go in the next year.

During Tuesday's struggle with cancer, people from all over the world became aware of her illness, culminating with 13,000 hits on my daughter's blog the day Toosie went to be with Jesus.

So all kinds of international friends are likely checking in for this fun way to honor Miss T and to bless her Mama leading up to Mother's Day Saturday.

THANK YOU Debi !! Your kindness is so appreciated and won't soon be forgotten.