Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Colorado Woman tackles Planned Parenthood Lie Head-On!

Yesterday, August 25, 2009 Colorado Right to Life and Personhood Colorado launched their Personhood 2010 campaign with a press conference in front of the Denver South Station post office.

In what might have been a first, Personhood Colorado spokesperson, Sherri Williams, told her story of having been raped and exposed on-camera the biggest lie Planned Parenthood tells women. Sherri gave her daughter up for adoption, they found one another after Bethany was an adult and they now have a beautiful relationship.

Sherri didn't buy into the evil Planned Parenthood lie that children of criminal rapists deserve the death penalty.

Despite the truth that was told to KMGH News, which takes away one of the pillars of the baby killing industry, they chose not to air her footage.

You can read her story here and here.