Monday, January 31, 2011

Stericycle’s Profit from the Death of the Innocent Unborn

"Although those that rose up against the detestable actions of the Nazi government thankfully brought the Jewish Holocaust to an end, a holocaust still remains in our midst today. Every day, 4,000 unborn children are murdered in the womb in the name of “choice.” Sadly, like Degussa, a number of businesses are willing to aid the abortion industry in their unthinkable task, despite the fact that doing so equates to receiving blood money for the murder of the innocent."

Stericycle classifies America's posterity, which our founders claimed to have had an inalienable right to life, as medical waste, when they haul tiny bodies made in God's image to the local dump or to their incinerators.

Are we really any different than Hitler's Germany?

Please consider joining the campaign to stop Stericycle ~what a soothing euphemism! and join their FB page so you can share this vital information with your pro-life activist friends!