Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Suspect in child rape found dead

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Charges filed when protesters' photos prove trip to abortionist
Posted: July 24, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

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A sexual assault suspect arrested after pro-life protesters gave police a photograph showing his vehicle at an abortion clinic where his victim reported getting an abortion has been found dead.

Authorities in Bryant, Ark., have confirmed to WND that Jeffrey Dean Cheshier, 41, was found dead of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound by deputies in Garland County who responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle in a private driveway.

Cheshier had been arrested after Angela Michael, who runs Small Victories with her husband and children, was able to document for police the fact that Cheshier's vehicle was at an abortion clinic in Granite City, Ill., at the time the victim reportedly claimed to have been taken there for an abortion.

Bryant, Ark., Det. Jimmy Long confirmed it was the photograph from Small Victories that helped secure a case against Cheshier.

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An underage girl had accused him of rape, but she also reported he forced her to go to the "Hope" Clinic for Women abortion business in Granite City for an abortion, so there was no evidence.

The protesters' photograph provided an identifiable license plate number on the suspect's car at the abortion clinic when the victim claimed to have been there, police said.

The executive director of the abortion clinic, Sally Burgess, told KSDK television she knew nothing about this particular case but the business has safeguards in place to protect juveniles.

Authorities said Cheshier had been free on bond pending trial on the various charges against him.

According to reports, a witness heard a "pop like a bottle rocket" and a deputy found the body a short time later. Court officials confirmed Cheshier had been scheduled for trial starting the first week in September, and that the case had not yet been dismissed.

"This unfortunate crime of child rape is played out every day," Angela Michaels said in a prepared statement. "This one just got caught. Unfortunately, it ended tragically. One can only imagine the pain and guilt Cheshier felt after stealing this young girl's innocence that would force a man in the prime of his life to take the coward's way out of his problems."

She told WND the case was a tragedy for all involved.

"We knew this man had to face judgment, to go before a jury and a judge," she said. "We really had been hoping to reach this man, to save this man, to have this man repent of his crime."

The young girl, 13 when the assaults apparently started and now 15, now will have to deal with the trauma of being attacked without an assailant to confront, she said.

And she said equally important are the other victims.

"I think the world needs to take note of this. How many more victims are out there?" she asked. "And why is the abortion industry allowed to cover up these attacks."

The Michaels, for their Christian ministry, have spent more than 14 years outside the Granite City abortion business protesting and taking photographs of abortionists, clinic employees and customers.

The victim had reported to police that Cheshier had been assaulting her over a period of time when officers arrived at the home for a call regarding a domestic disturbance.

Angela Michael said the Granite City clinic is known nationwide because of the circumstances. Its abortionists do late-term abortions and the state of Illinois has no parental notification law.

The ministry parks its ultrasound van on the public street in front of the abortion business and encourages girls to miss their abortion appointments. Angela Michael said she's seen "an abundance" of cases where an older man obviously is forcing an underage girl into the clinic.

Former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline also unsuccessfully battled for charges to be developed in many cases apparently involving underage victims.

Kline had cited the 2003 Kansas state statistic that there were 78 abortions on girls under the age of 15. In a state where the legal age of consent is 16, how could 78 girls become pregnant and obtain abortions without a single report of sexual assault, or rape, on a child, he wondered.

He later lost his bid for re-election to an opponent who has expressed support for the abortion industry.

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