Thursday, May 14, 2009

Deconstructing Fr. Jenkins

"The President’'s visit to Notre Dame can help lead to broader engagement on issues of importance to the country and of deep significance to Catholics.

Ultimately, I hope that the conversations and the good will that will come from this day will contribute to closer relations between Catholics and public officials who make decision on matters of human life and human dignity."

If abortionists kill your future students, who will "engage" in the matters of deep significance to Catholics?

"At this crossroads, we must be a place where people of good will are received with charity, are able to speak, be heard, and engage in responsible and reasoned dialogue."

And of course, those individuals killed by abortionists won't ever be received with charity, or be able to speak, or be heard - or engage in responsible or reasoned dialogue !!!!

"As the first African-American holder of this office, he has accelerated our country’s progress in overcoming the painful legacy of slavery and segregation. He’s a remarkable figure in American history and I look forward to welcoming him to Notre Dame."

It is truly tragic that Mr. Obama pretends not to know that the founder of America's largest abortion provider, Margaret
Sanger, was a eugenics proponent and as such a racist. Her legacy is nearly 1,500 black babies killed in the U.S. every day. He betrays the black race and LEARN has statistics that are chilling.

The presidents would be wise to read Psalm 11.