Monday, March 13, 2006

4-Year-Old Broomfield Boy
Starved to Death by Parents

The appalling starvation of Dylan is evidence of the limitless cruelty the compassion in dying movement will accept in order to remain faithful
to its mantra, "Better Dead Than Disabled."

Just prior to Christmas 2005, The Denver Post carried an exclusive, titled "Letting Go: Dylan’s Last Days. Two parents face an agonizing test of faith and love for their son." The piece raised great alarm for Colorado Right to Life. The special report is still available on line and chronicles the 24-day starvation death of 4-year-old Dylan Walborn of Broomfield, Colorado. The article states that The Denver Post agreed (ed.- perhaps "conspired" is more accurate) with the parents to withhold publication of the story until Dylan’s passing.

Dylan suffered with severe seizures from Cerebral Palsy, and even though the euthanasia movement has convinced the mainstream media that it is merciful to starve to death terminally ill patients, The Denver Post did not even raise the objection that Dylan was not dying, nor terminally ill. He was severely disabled.

The article makes the claim that the parents sought and received an approval to euthanize their son from Children’s Hospital, and from their pastor, Buddy Conn. The Denver Post omitted the name of Westminster’s Victory Church, where pastor Conn ministers. Victory has denied that they were aware of the parents’ decision to starve Dylan. Kevin Simpson, The Denver Post author of "Letting Go," told Colorado Right to Life that he stands by his story. To date the pastors of Victory Church have not publicly repudiated their reported involvement in the matter.
"The tender mercies of the wicked are cruel." Proverbs 12:10

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