Saturday, July 09, 2011

Help Mei Stay!!

Prayer/help request from Jo Scott

Xiu's story: Xiu Mei Wei (Shoe Way May) was engaged to a man in China.
The engagement ceremony is a solemn event and taken very seriously.
Xiu's fiancé moved to the U.S. in the nineties and arranged their marriage ceremony. Her fiance picked her up at the airport, told her that he was no longer interested in marriage and abandoned her. When a woman has been betrothed in Xiu's culture, and the man then abandons her before the wedding, she is shunned by her family and her village.

Xiu's dilemma:
Over the next decade since she came to the U. S.Xiu met a Chinese man, married, settled in Oklahoma and now has four children.

Since 2002 Xiu has been petitioning our courts for asylum.
Although Xiu has been living in the United States, China still recognizes her as a citizen and she is held accountable to their laws, including their one child per family laws. Family planning officials
in China have stated to Xiu's parents that if she returns to China she will be sterilized and fined.

Mei became a Christian in 2004 and supports the underground church in China. Only after she spends time in prison and after she pays exorbitant fines would her children be able to receive health care, attend school or be employed.

On November 7, 2008 the 10th Circuit court in Denver ruled that because Xiu's former lawyer mistakenly filed her case in the 5th Circuit Court, she missed filing deadlines in the 10th Circuit and therefore must return to China. Case number 07-9527.

A petition for rehearing has been filed in the 10th Circuit Court. If
the hearing is denied or if asylum is refused, Xiu is subject to immediate deportation.

Please send a letter to Xiu's lawyer to present to the court. Please pray that she will be able to stay here with her family and brothers and sisters in Christ.

Also, feel free to post this on Facebook.

Mrs. Wei does not speak English very well, but an interpreter can be provided. If you are interested in her story or have any information about how to help keep Xiu here, please contact Jo Scott.

Jo cell: 303-550-8170 or Ken Scott at 303-501-4706

Mei's lawyer's contact information:

John Chang
401 Broadway Suite 2001
New York, NY 10013
Mei's case number is: 96281393

Letter talking points:

State who you are, give some contact info.

1) Mei has been trying for a almost a decade to become a citizen but because of a mistake her lawyer made she is in danger of being deported.

2) Tell them that Mei is a fine Christian woman who has violated China's one child policy and that she has been supporting the underground church.

3) If she is deported she is subject to forced sterilization, her children cannot be educated or employed until after exorbitant fines are paid but she will be imprisoned for being a Christian and supporting the underground church.

It's better if everyone tweaks the letter a little. They will be taken more seriously then.