Friday, July 03, 2009

Colorado pre-born babies have fewer rights than dogs and cats

Gualberto Garcia Jones held his 2 week old son Leonardo and told reporters, July 2, 2009, at a press conference announcing Personhood 2010, that his newborn had fewer rights than dogs and cats - a mere 15 days ago.

Jones was referring to a tragic 2008 Grand Junction, Colorado drunk driving case in which a judge declared that "A Fetus is not a person"! Penalties for killing a pet are stronger than killing a full term baby in the womb.

Oh, and did I mention that the Denver Post got it wrong?

When the co-sponsor (yours truly) challenged the media to not allow late term abortionist, Warren Hern, frame the issue -
as was the case last year - Post reporter,Tim Hoover seemed to intentionally mis-quote Personhood USA founder, Keith Mason.

"When we use 'fertilized egg,' it's a pejorative," said Keith Mason, director of Personhood USA, an Arvada- based organization supporting the measure and similar proposals across the country.'

Herns' fraudulent attack ads on the campaign for Personhood, showing a chicken egg and stating "This . . . is a person?
No! It's a Chicken!!!" made a mockery of the science of embryology.

Sadly, Denver media was all to willing to allow late-term abortionist Hern, to frame the issue for the entire campaign.

A group making a mockery of the legal profession appears to be carrying the water for those who scorn God-given rights this go round.

The mangling of Guabe's answer to the question of what "the beginning of the biological development of that human being" means is better left for the next post.

PersonhoodUSA has produced this video clip of our announcement which shows the truth of our message.