Wednesday, July 20, 2005

100_9671.JPG - Remembering the babies killed for their body parts in the 100 degree sun!

100_9670.JPG - PP's pitiful response - little yellow signs saying No to OSA in their window!

100_9668.JPG - The saints on the streets of Denver in front of the racist Planned Parenthood

100_9673.JPG - Praying in front of Aurora's Mayfair Clinic which sells baby body parts!

100_9665.JPG - Your free speech is disturbing our class! Go home!

100_9664.JPG - Flip Benham preaching at CU Boulder about Ward Churchill destroying the university's integrity

100_9660.JPG - Marching to Warren Hern's late term abortion mill in Boulder

100_9659.JPG - Father Pavone speaks to OSA in Boulder about Terri's judicial homicide - Many wept!