Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vote YES on CO's Personhood amendment 62 for more beautiful "Beginnings"!!

Incredible photographer of life, Anne Geddes, has a new book, "Beginnings" which the Huffington Post is featuring. (HT,

Imagine that and ponder why!

I'm personally thinking that she may be wanting to soften a crowd not typically baby friendly.

Who knows, but her photos have the unmistakable handprint of God on every page!!

What artistry!

What vision . . .

"I saw a photograph of a bird's nest, which was an advertisement for what I thought was a photographic exhibition at a small gallery in Sydney. When I arrived, it was a showing of real birds' nests. I was deeply moved by these little nests, their incredible beauty and fragility, and the mothering instinct at work -- the ingenuity and energy channeled into creating a safe place to conceal the young. Everything about them was just so nurturing. And I began to think about these miracles of nature that are concealed in a repeating pattern of secrete, store, burst forth in abundance -- seeds, bulbs, cocoons and the miracle of pregnancy.

When I saw the nests, everything began to flow again; everything came back. I felt inspired to start photographing again. I came out of the exhibit and phoned my husband, Kel, and said, "I need to do another book. I just saw these amazing nests." The whole "Beginnings" project started from there.

The creative intensity of the project pushed me into deeper and deeper territory, giving me something far richer than I could ever have anticipated. I sometimes had to change course within my vision. I think you have to be able to say, "Wait a minute, this is closer to what I wanted to say," and not be afraid to do that. The evolution of the project attracted me as an artist and was fulfilling in the sense that I became aware of being inspired to explore my vision in new forms."

Thank You, Anne for so perfectly revealing the MIRACLE that is new life!!