Saturday, March 15, 2008


Jill Stanek's blog recently
revealed that Senator Obama's "Spiritual Advisor" is associated with a sham religious organization, RCAR - Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. added insult to injury yesterday with the revelation that the Wright reverend has also shown up around America hawking the end of life pro-death mantra:

"Barack Obama's minister for the past 20 years, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, has been in the news this past week for his hate-filled rhetoric. His name, and his church, sounded familiar. Now I know why.

Back in 2004, as right-to-die group Partnership for Caring transitioned into "Last Acts Partnership," Rev. Wright's name was listed (on their website) as a member of the Board of Directors for Last Acts Partnership. Rev. Wright and a deacon from his church -- Rosalyn Priester -- participated in Richard Payne's "Last Miles" conference (funded by Soros's Project on Death, and by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation). Payne's institute at Duke focuses on educating African-Americans on end-of-life issues, and the Institute is not exactly pro-life.

When Terri died, they were one of the first out of the box to host a conference to explain that her death was not euthanasia; it was merely an ugly family disagreement. The Institute perpetuates the myth that withholding/withdrawing is a good death. Wright's church has participated heavily in the Duke projects, in Last Acts, and in the RWJF faith-based programs. ( )

This is the culture of death, folks. Ironic that Wright berates the US for not respecting life, when he himself is promoting this stuff. And this has been Barack Obama's church home for two decades."

Could the vile hate speech emanating from Obama's pastor be the natural outcome of a heart filled with darkness?