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Abortion for Child rape? Ezekiel 18:20

"The soul who sins shall die. The son shall not bear the guilt of the father, nor the father bear the guilt of the son… the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon himself." –God, Ezekiel 18:20

26 April 2010 Vol. 12 / No. 12

The abortion movement has created a new class of victims: Pregnant pubescent girls who are being used to justify “therapeutic” abortion.

Steven W. Mosher


Why Abortion Does Not Solve Child Rape

by Colin Mason and Steven W. Mosher

There is no tragedy that the abortion movement does not seek to turn to its own advantage.

Consider the case of a young girl in Quintana Roo, Mexico, who was raped by her supposed stepfather and impregnated at the tender age of 10. After the girl's mother belatedly notified the authorities, she is now, at nearly 18 weeks of pregnancy, receiving proper medical care. The offending rapist has since been arrested.

We should all decry the horrific sexual abuse that led to this pregnancy. But the abortion movement, led by radical feminists, wants to go further. They claim that the girl should be given an abortion, even though the Mexican state in which she lives, Quintana Roo, forbids all abortions after 90 days gestation. The underlying problem here, they insist, is that Mexican girls are not properly informed of their “right” to an abortion in case of rape before 90 days gestation, and that they are not allowed to receive one after that point. According to them, Mexico's abortion laws must be relaxed.

According to CNN, which in its story on this child rape only interviewed abortion advocates (See CNN s coverage of the story):

“This girl is much more than an isolated case," said Adriana Ortiz-Ortega, a researcher at Mexico's National Autonomous University who has written two books on abortion in Mexico, "and there is much more influence now from conservative groups that are trying to prevent the legalization of abortion.”…

Child protective services officials in Quintana Roo said in a statement last week that the girl and the fetus were in good health.

But Quintana Roo state legislator Maria Hadad said the girl's doctors aren't telling the whole story. She said continuing the pregnancy could cause severe mental and physical health problems for the girl. "It's not just a high-risk pregnancy. It's a pregnancy that puts the girl at risk," Hadad told Mexican broadcaster Channel 10 in Chetumal, Mexico.

This girl has surely been horrifically damaged by what has been done to her, but will subjecting her to an abortion—as Maria Hadad advocates—somehow begin to “repair” this damage? Obviously not, as any person who is truly concerned about the welfare of the girl would conclude. It would only add tragedy to tragedy. And why would Hadad attack the girl's doctors, going so far as to suggest that they may be involved in a cover up? The reason is that Hadad and others like her are not the least bit concerned about the girl as a person. The victim is only a political tool, whose pain can be commoditized to advocate the legalization of abortion on demand. That there is another tiny person involved does not even enter into their calculations.

The political gamesmanship around this case distracts the public from the underlying problem: the family breakdown and pedophilia that allowed a young girl to not only be raped, but also impregnated by her supposed “step-father.”

According to Christine De Vollmer, president of the Latin American Alliance for the Family, a girl this young was unlikely to become pregnant from a single instance of rape. It is common, De Vollmer said, for “everybody to live in the same little house and sleep in the same bed. And of course all kinds of things happen there, unfortunately including to children. As the bodies of these little girls are stimulated, they begin to ovulate and become pregnant at some point.” As far as the so-called “stepfather” is concerned, this is often just a man who lives in the home with the mother and her children, “without any serious commitment.”

According to De Vollmer, the legalization of abortion will only serve to further enable child rape, since “the visible consequences (of rape) will be taken away. It would be more objective, engaging, and caring to prevent or correct these very common and dangerous situations of promiscuity to young girls before it's too late. How can politicians rend their garments over these pregnancies and at the same time turn a blind eye to the sexual abuse that goes on daily in broken homes? If nothing is done to stop the abuse, it can only end in pregnancy.”

Carlos Polo, head of PRI's Latin American office, noted to CNA that the abortion lobbyists are using such tragedies to advance abortion on demand. These activists are “absolute vultures,” who seize upon such cases for their propaganda value, arguing that only way to save the lives of women and girls in such circumstances is to “legalize so-called ‘therapeutic abortion.’” Polo said to PRI that “they care nothing about the girl herself, and abandon her as soon as they are done using her.”

The proper approach to such tragedies involves a consistent ethic of life. The crime of abortion cannot cancel out the crime of rape, as the radical feminists in effect argue. The rape can never be undone, nor can the girl ever return to her prior innocent state.

Yet the innocent human life inside her womb—however sad the circumstance under which it was conceived—can be preserved and protected, as well as the girl herself.

Only a consistent ethic of life will insist on the right of prepubescent girls not to be sexually abused; at the same time it will trumpet the right of a tiny unborn human to live.

Any other position betrays them both.

Colin Mason is the Director of Media Production at Population Research Institute.
Steven W. Mosher is the President of the Population Research Institute.

The pro-life Population Research Institute is dedicated to ending human
rights abuses committed in the name of "family planning," and to ending
counter-productive social and economic paradigms premised on the myth of
"overpopulation." Find us at

PRI, PO Box 1559, Front Royal, VA 22630 USA Phone: 540-622-5240

Friday, April 09, 2010

Response to Eagle Forum and Concerns about Personhood

Hello from Colorado Right To Life! If you're a delegate at a Colorado County Assembly tomorrow, please feel free to print out a few dozen copies (for a better formatted copy click here) of the following and bring it to your county assembly.

Dear Pro-Life County Delegate,

Please support the Personhood Amendment #62! The most fundamental right recognized by our Constitution is the God-given right to life. It is government’s foremost duty to uphold the right to life of all innocent human beings, without exception. The Personhood Amendment – Amendment 62 on your November ballot –recognizes the right to life of unborn children from the beginning of their biological development as a human being.

Forty states currently are following Colorado's leadership and trying, through legislation or ballot initiatives, to get Personhood recognized for the unborn child. This has transformed the pro-life movement and given it new energy! For the first time in recent history, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we may see abortion prohibited in the relatively near future.

Unfortunately, many politicians, including Republicans, and even some pro-life groups fear losing control of the agenda. They are trying to smother the Personhood movement in its crib. You may see an Eagle Forum flyer here today, spreading misleading statements.

They mean to discourage pro-lifers by pointing out that our 2008 measure only received 27% support – the first time any state has ever voted on Personhood. They say we should not try again. What successful social movement has ever given up after its first try? What if the anti-slavery movement had quit at their first setback? What if Britain had surrendered to Hitler because victory seemed impossible? It's not leadership to say, “We tried once and failed, so we should stop.” In 2008 conventional wisdom held that only one out of eight people would vote for a total abortion ban. Yet in our first time on the ballot we received over 600,000 votes, more than doubling what was expected, in a state that had just elected a pro-abortion governor and president. With a well-run campaign, in this non-presidential election year, where just some Personhood voters bring another voter to the polls, we could win. Of slavery, the Holocaust, and abortion, we're now at two down and one to go!

The anti-personhood flyer claims pro-abortion groups are “enriched” by getting to fight the Personhood amendments in several states. The ACLU and Planned Parenthood don't see it that way. They're suing to keep Personhood amendments off the ballot in Missouri, Alaska, and Nevada, and they've announced that they might sue here in Colorado. (We're ready for them if they do.) And Mississippi has already certified their state's Personhood Amendment to be on the ballot, and signatures are being collected by the hundreds of thousands in Florida and California and elsewhere. Further, the pro-abortion group NARAL put Personhood USA, parent group of one of our sponsors, on their national Hall of Shame! What an honor! They fear what we can see: that Personhood has ignited a broad base of grassroots activity with more being done to stop abortion than any time in the last twenty years!

The “pro-life” opponents of Personhood claim “it’s not the right time,” but it’s never the wrong time to do the right thing. They say they want to back Personhood “eventually,” but the US Supreme Court is not yet “ready” to support a pro-life measure. This admission comes after decades of their efforts to change the court, which admission is proof from their own mouths that their strategy is utterly failing. Republicans have nominated the majority of the federal judiciary, and the federal courts are overwhelmingly pro-abortion, so we need a new, direct strategy of teaching the public and our politicians the difference between right and wrong. After decades of electing pro-life presidents, there is not a single Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court who has ever once advocated the right to life of the unborn child. So National Right To Life has never been able to claim the $10,000 offered them for simply naming a single pro-life Supreme Court Justice. That check is already written and remains un-cashed in the office of the Colorado-based American Right To Life.

Eagle Forum points to a memo by National Right To Life attorney James Bopp, which claims they fear a challenge to Roe v. Wade now might “make things worse.” Fear never won a fight. Fifty million dead children and they are afraid to pursue victory because things might get worse? That's like giving in to terrorists because we don't want to make them mad. Tragically, National Right To Life's general counsel tried to compromise the Republican Party platform by modifying it to support embryonic stem cell research, which is lethal experiments, on the tiniest children, little boys and girls just like the snowflake children, the adopted frozen embryos who themselves are the proof that these are precious little children. Thank God that National Right To Life's attorney failed.

That failed strategy, the old pro-life approach, of electing politicians who are pro-life, who will appoint judges who are pro-life has failed because we didn’t have “quality control” and all our candidates, without opposition from NRTL, openly admitted that they would ignore abortion when nominating judges. And the proof is in the pudding, along with the poison, of scores of pro-abortion judges that we have unwittingly put on the bench. We need to teach our politicians that there is an actual right to life (i.e. Personhood)! We need to insist that they appoint judges who acknowledge the God-given right to life of each child. Where we stand right now, we don’t need “one more pro-life justice” – we need five! That old strategy has proved an utter failure.

What’s more, we’ve been teaching the American public the wrong lessons. When we say “the unborn child has a right to life!” and then turn around and promote laws to protect some babies, but not others, the American people rightly detect hypocrisy! Footnote 54 of Roe v. Wade ruling (which tragically was written by a Republican Justice, Harry Blackman, and passed by a Republican majority) points out this very thing – that you cannot say the unborn child is a Person, and then say there are some circumstances when that innocent Person can be killed. That hypocrisy was cited as the reason why abortion was decriminalized– because existing "pro-life" laws actually didn’t recognize unborn children as Persons. But the Roe v. Wade decision itself also said that if a law were passed to recognize the Personhood of the unborn child, then the Supreme Court would have to protect unborn children under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment!

Personhood is a legal strategy, aimed at that "loophole" in Roe. But more than that, Personhood is a social movement, trying for the first time in 30 years to convince the American public that there exists an actual, God-given right to life for innocent children – no exceptions! Imagine the outcry if a massive body of citizens cried out to stop the slaughter, and the courts or politicians stood by and did nothing! They cannot. Personhood will force the politicians and the courts to change – if we insist our politicians support Personhood, then eventually the courts will follow.

Some defeated folks claim we have no power to change things, and we must accept the world as it is. They have no hope for victory, and they want you to abandon hope also. Their reasoning is all based on political calculation and conventional wisdom. But they forget that Christian social movements changed the world by relying on God’s wisdom! Remember the anti-slavery movement! Remember the civil rights movement! These were not secular in nature – these movements were Christian at their core! They dared to believe God would help them, and they changed the world!

That’s the promise of Personhood. In 2008 Colorado launched this strategy, and in 2010 there are 40 states following the example of our first “failure!” We’ve just now set out! So please support the pro-life Personhood Amendment 62 resolution! We must press forward and not look back!

Press forward with us! Personhood for the unborn child – NOW!!

Also, see candidate survey updates, click here, and click here

Amendment 62 Co-Sponsors
Leslie Hanks
Colorado Right To Life

Gualberto Garcia Jones
Personhood Colorado

Our federal judiciary crisis!

Colorado RTL is informing pro-lifers, politicians and candidates of a crisis among the federal judiciary. For 35 years, pro-lifers have hoped that by electing pro-life presidents such as Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and George W. Bush, America would get judges who support the God-given right to life of the unborn. Justices, who we all hoped were pro-life, have made it increasingly clear that they are not.

Antonin Scalia has publicly stated that he would strike down any law that prohibited abortion in all fifty states, and Clarence Thomas has ruled that the public has the right to decide to legalize the killing of unborn children. Sadly, not even one of the seven current U.S. Supreme Court Justices nominated by Republican presidents support the right to life of the unborn.

Further, our pro-life presidents have nominated sixty percent of the U.S. federal judiciary, and yet the judiciary utterly rejects the right to life of the unborn. Also we should remember that the pro-abortion Roe v. Wade decision was written by a Republican Justice and passed by the Republican majority on the U.S. Supreme Court, and abortion was legalized in Colorado by Republican governor John Love in 1967.

Colorado RTL is educating pro-life politicians and candidates to the sobering judicial crisis because it tells us that the status quo strategy of regulating abortion over the last decades is leading to a judicial culture exactly the opposite of what the pro-life movement had expected. When we ask judges to uphold abortion regulations, that very request moves "our own" judges to accept that the government has the right to regulate the killing of children, which they do by upholding the pro-life movement's own initiatives.

Thus Colorado RTL advocates enforcement of the God-given right to life and promotes the Personhood strategy to end legalized abortion in America!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Denver Examiner shows horror of abortion

One reason abortion prevails in America has been the media black out of the images of the suffering babies being killed. Unlike the images of suffering animals which undoubtedly raise big $$$$ for the Humane Society, pre-born infants images are kept in the main stream media lock box.

For years front line rescuer, Jo Scott, stood alone in her determination to show abortion minded moms the reality of what they were about to do.

The pro-life industry squawked that the images tainted the "professional image" of their leaders in their ivory towers. Perseverance paid off and now a msm outlet has used this image of how a saline abortion scalded this tiny one, ending his or her life.

Thank you, Examiner for showing a glimpse of abortion's cruelty!

Personhood - Abortion may soon be illegal in Colorado

April 7, 7:28 PM
Denver Headlines
Examiner Brian Smith

Personhood would define a baby as person from the moment of conception.

"The Colorado Personhood amendment will be on the ballot in 2010," says Jo Scott (avid Personhood supporter). "That is no thanks to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. In order to get the Personhood amendment on the ballot in Colorado , 76,000 signatures were needed by late January. 79,648 signatures were turned in on time."

On March 4, the Secretary of State disclosed that 20.63% of the 79,648 signatures submitted by Personhood Colorado were invalid.

The signatures were thrown out because of a recently implemented law prohibiting Colorado notaries from stating “personally known” on a petition as a valid ID. The new law was literally unknown to the notaries in the state. Even the Secretary of State, Bernie Buescher, was unaware of the law. Although a spokesman for the state says the law is clear, it is not the citizen’s duty to train notaries how to do their jobs. A lawsuit is currently being considered by Personhood Colorado to vindicate the thousands of signatures that were tossed.

More . . .

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Shirking responsibility, Komen likes to focus on the cure!

As transcribed from a recording of the meeting, CRTL asked, "Why aren't women being told about the most preventable risk factor?" to which Komen's Brandorff answered, "We tend to focus on the cure... we're focusing our energies on that, rather than the preventative."

The above quotes are from an October 2006, meeting that Colorado Right to Life, Eve Silver and Joel Brind, Ph.D ~ via phone ~
held with Denver's Susan G Komen leadership. We met just prior to their annual Race for the Cure event to which we have brought a truth truck message, "Breast cancer's most avoidable risk factor: Abortion," for the past 8 years.

We were discussing why Komen continues to give grants to Planned Parenthood in light of growing evidence about the
ABC link.

Now Jill Stanek has uncovered a deeper and more disturbing connection between Susan G Komen and Planned Parenthood.

"In my previous column, I revealed that the son of the founder of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is in a joint business venture with Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest....

Eric Brinker wrote me that only "20 of Komen's 122 US affiliates fund breast health services through local Planned Parenthood clinics."

Coincidentally, 2 of those 20, Komen Puget Sound and Komen Boise, fund Brinker's business partner, PPGNW (corroboration at links)....

All 5 PPGNW clinics involved with Komen either commit or refer for abortions. All dispense birth-control pills and emergency contraceptives....

A 2009 study... showed that the risk for women under 40 of contracting a newly identified and virulent form of the disease called triple-negative breast cancer rose by 320% if using hormonal contraceptives for a year or more."

More . . .

It is beyond time for the word to get out that the FOX is GUARDING the HENHOUSE!!

Would the tobacco industry have been given the same pass, were it to have given such lame excuses for its complicity in the horrific health woes their product induced?

Why are industries who prey on mis-informed women given carte blanch to exploit, and demean their intelligence with such drivel?

Wake up America! Wake up women! Come to grips with the reality that you've been duped!

Your health and happiness and that of your daughters' are on the line!!!!!

Become informed and protect your loved ones from the insidious dangers of OCs and abortion.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Nattering nabobs of negativity!

WHEREAS, many pro-life citizens have become frustrated in their attempts to re-criminalize abortion since it was made legal in Colorado 43 years ago and in all 50 states 37 years ago; and

WHEREAS, one attempt to re-criminalize abortion is by introduction of citizen initiatives called "Personhood Amendments," which would purport to establish the fact that unborn babies are "persons" under the law and would therefore have protection under the U.S. Constitution; and

WHEREAS, this tactic has been thoroughly studied by the most knowledgeable and experienced legal experts of several pro-life organizations, including the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops; National Right to Life Committee; Eagle Forum; and Americans United for Life, a Chicago-based lawyers group and the oldest pro-life organization in the nation; and

WHEREAS, almost without exception, these legal experts warn that if such initiatives pass, they will certainly be challenged in the courts and, given the present make-up of the state and federal courts, they will be overturned, thus having diverted considerable time, effort, and resources on the part of the pro-life movement; and

WHEREAS, these same legal experts further warn that court rulings against such measures could also do more harm by more firmly entrenching the "non-personhood" status of unborn babies, thus having the opposite effect of the proponents of the initiatives; now therefore be it
RESOLVED, that the ____________ County Republican Party commend the intentions of those who wish to re-criminalize abortion, but urge such individuals and groups to reconsider their tactics in attempting to do so until enough state and federal officials are elected who will appoint and approve more judges who respect the value of human life; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the ____________ County Republican Party not divert its efforts to restore Republican values to American government and society by expending resources in support of the "Personhood Amendment" now being promoted in Colorado.

Jayne and Jim Schindler, Directors of Colorado Eagle Forum

Now here's a resolution which will bear fruit!!

WHEREAS, murdering the unborn is no different than murdering the already born; and

WHEREAS, God’s 6th Commandment states “Do not murder” period; now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that we will fight for the passage of Amendment 62 with every resource at our disposal, including the Blessing of Almighty God, to declare in the Colorado Constitution that the unborn are persons, from the beginning of their biological development, in order that their lives would be protected by love and by law.

Scott & Debbie Evans, Longmont, CO