Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mammos & Mammon

Oxford defines: god of wealth, regarded as evil or immoral; 'those who worship mammon' are equivalent to greedy people who value money too highly.[1] Webster's dictionary defines "Mammon" or "Mann" as: 1) the false god of riches and avarice. 2) riches regarded as an object of worship and greedy pursuit; wealth as an evil, more or less personified.[2]

By now Cecile Richards should be facing charges of fraud and worse for the crimes the organization she runs has been caught perpetrating. In the real world, that would be the normal course of action but this is Planned Parenthood ~ so don't hold your breath. In fact, dig deep because it's even doubtful that the spineless in Congress will stop giving your tax dollars to this evil bunch.

As the Washington Times explains, "The pro-lifers at Live Action struck again when they posted tapes Wednesday showing that Planned Parenthood’s claims of offering mammograms are false.

A series of undercover phone calls contacting 30 Planned Parenthood clinics in 27 states revealed that the organization does not offer mammograms, contrary to claims made on national TV by Cecile Richards, the group’s CEO.

Ms. Richards had spoken on CNN’s Joy Behar Show in February, and argued that if federal funding was removed from Planned Parenthood, it would lose its ability to provide healthcare services such as mammograms.

“If this bill ever becomes law, millions of women in this country are going to lose their health care access, not to abortion services, to basic family planning — you know, mammograms,” said Ms. Richards."

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Once again, the amazing Lila Rose and her Live Action team have peeled the shiny veneer off the ugly org and revealed the evil inside with this video.

You can't make this stuff up!!

Congressional Hearings, anyone?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Remarkable Easter events ~ redux

The Elian Gonzalez saga 10 years later: Exiles' miracle boy missed, ever-present

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Updated: 9:15 p.m. Saturday, April 17, 2010
Posted: 2:57 p.m. Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thousands of white blooms on Delfin Gonzalez's avocado tree are starting to become fruit, and that means he'll soon have a new reason to visit his neighbors.

They all know him, and not just because he's lived on this Little Havana block for nearly 10 years, handing out avocados. Gonzalez is famous here because of a woman he never met, but who changed his destiny and unforgettably altered the lives of the residents of Northwest Second Street.

People may have forgotten her name — Elizabeth Brotons — but no one here will ever forget her son: Elian Gonzalez.

It was 10 years ago this week that the world watched U.S. Border Patrol agents storm the Gonzalez home on this humble block and seize the 6-year-old refugee boy at gunpoint.

Elian, subject of an epic tug of war between Havana and the boy's Miami relatives, was snatched from inside a closet in the wee hours of April 22 and delivered to his father, who waited with Castro government escorts in Maryland. Two months later, after a family battle in the court, the boy's father took him back to Cuba.

Elian was the boy whose story hit Miami with the force of a Category 5 hurricane, the boy whose mother died at sea when their boat sank in their escape from Cuba. Adrift alone, the boy clung to an inner tube for two days before he was rescued by fisherman. He came to live with his closest living relatives, the Gonzalezes of Northwest Second Street.

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Pray that the trauma of Elian's horrendous kidnapping and return to Cuba's communist nightmare will be erased by our merciful and gracious Lord and that he never forgets his mother's sacrifice so that he might be free. May the Castro brainwashing machine's grip on Elian's life be broken and good brought from what our evil government did to thwart his mother's wishes and put him back in bondage.

Friday, March 18, 2011

CO Fetal Homicide measure ~ What fellowship hath light with darkness ?

"Lawmakers say a single sentence and a campaign of "misinformation and disinformation" helped doom a bipartisan bill that would have made it a crime to kill a fetus.
The provision in question says nothing in the bill "shall be construed to confer the status of 'person' upon a human embryo, fetus or unborn child at any state of development prior to live birth."

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Representative Waller's good intentions to provide a legislative remedy for fetal homicide victims, notwithstanding, the legislative effort this session demonstrates how good intentions can easily go awry.

His decision to partner with state senator, Pat Steadman, former business partner of Planned Parenthood lobbyist, Fofi Mendez, likely led to the 16 page measure, which it apparently took, to further entrench abortion in Colorado.

Colorado Right to Life had suggested language to Representative Waller, on two different occasions, which wouldn't have been morally compromised as our latest letter explained, "Rep. Mark Waller's 16-page Act Concerning Crimes Against an Unborn Child, Is Itself a Crime Against Every Unborn Child in Colorado"

Colorado Right To Life proposes a one-sentence legislative solution to Colorado's need to punish criminals, other than abortionists, who injure or kill an unborn child, for example, from a drunk-driving crash. Working with a county prosecutor, CRTL has suggested this wording to Rep. Mark Waller and other state legislators:

CRTL's Single-Sentence Solution: The offenses codified in Part 1, Article 3 of Title 18 of the Colorado Criminal Code shall apply also to unborn members of the species homo sapiens at any stage of development."

Senator Steadman made this ridiculous claim, "But Steadman said the anti-choice side was unwilling to view the legislation as a criminal-justice issue."

We responded to this absurd assertion by sending Denver Post's Lynn Bartles this explanation, "We re-sent [Representative Waller] the language again this morning, stating that we're sad he pulled the bill but that we'd like to see him carry a measure this year with the above language, precisely because we feel so very strongly that the Gorham baby's tragic and unfortunate death demands justice."

The abortion industry's lies and rhetoric twisting the truth of the effort to provide a legal remedy for pre-born babies, victims of drunk drivers or worse, shouldn't surprise anyone.

But that the bill's sponsor didn't anticipate that partnering with an unscrupulous, racist organization ~ recently and repeatedly caught covering up criminal sexual assault of minors might not create a positive result, really is shocking.

"Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?" 2nd Corinthians 6:14-15

Monday, March 14, 2011

Cut the head off the snake!

The events of the recent past few weeks in relation to Planned Parenthood are enough to make heads spin!

They have been stung by Live Action so many times covering up crimes that OF COURSE congress should defund them and hold congressional hearings about the criminal enterprise.

So, it was somewhat thrilling to see the House of Representatives vote to yank the purse strings, yet the
Senate is loathe to do the same to this point.

While the move to defund is a step in the right direction, this is a Teachable Moment for the nation. American Right to Life is concerned that in the effort to slay the dragon, some are being left behind.

American RTL has another educational piece about regulating abortion that teaches ~ Don't Prune the Abortion Weed: "Child killing regulations just prune the abortion weed, and strengthen its root," says Jason Troyer of Colorado RTL. So like pruning your favorite bush to make it grow strong, if you want to make abortion a permanent part of society, then regulate the procedure and it will look more reasonable and humane.

And so it is important to remember because it is imperative to end child killing immediately, we want every child legally protected.

Please ask Representative Pence to leave no child behind. Defund evil Planned Parenthood now ~ NO EXCEPTIONS!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rawandan Grammy survives starvation ordeal ~ UPDATE!!

As world events swirl around us ranging from catastrophic earthquakes in Japan to the Middle East turmoil ~ days of rage ~
to rage in Wisconsin's Capitol, on a more quiet front, evil sneaks more subtly into every day affairs.

An innocent baby boy, in Canada has drawn international attention to the terrible dangers of socialized medicine. Baby
Joseph, suffers a neurological disorder, which previously stole his older sister's life. His family wants to take
him home to likely die but the hospital ~ intent several weeks back to remove his ventilator to hasten his demise ~ refuses to do a tracheotomy to facilitate his home care. Bobby Schindler, Father Pavone and others have done heroic work to save him from the hard hearted court ordered decision and it appears that a resolution may have been reached.

Meanwhile here in the good old US of A, a Rawandan grandmother is being starved and dehydrated after a Jesuit hospital decided it was costing too much to keep her alive.

Several Terri warriors from the most cruel court ordered starvation murder in American history, are still engaged in helping other families avoid similar fates.

Lifesitenews brings us another grim story of the death panel style decisions from courts which will become ever more commonplace should Obamacare actually be implemented.

Rachel's life is literally hanging in the balance as an emergency injunction is being sought to rehydrate her and reinsert
her feeding tube.

She sought a City on a Hill, as she escaped Rawanda's horrific genocide and now that shining city is starving her?

I'm so ashamed of my nation as every God fearing person should be.

Are we made in God's image or are we animals to be put down, like dogs when we become a "burden"?

Of course Americans would be in jail if they starved a pet to death ~ God help us!!

I am so thrilled to report that Rachel's son Jerome just wrote to say her feeding tube has been put back in until the next hearing which may be postponed from Monday until next Wednesday or Friday. Hallelujah !!!

Please pray that the reinsertion of the tube will spare her life after all these days of torture!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Pro Life "platitudes" & Priceless People

After decades of hearing National Right to Life claim that legislation needed to have "exceptions" for rape, incest and life of the mother, great progress was made in the recent past in dispelling the lie.

Colorado Right to Life has been blessed to have had several superb speakers who were conceived in rape and who are very, very pleased their mom's chose life.

We invited Julie Makimaa to speak at our March for Life after hearing her challenge NRTL, stating that she objected to their "exceptions," and that she was very happy to be alive, thank you very much! She and her beautiful mother, Lee Ezell found one another and their beautiful story is told by Lee here.

A few years later we were blessed by Sherri Williams who shared her amazing story of courage at our annual fall banquet. Sherri also helped Colorado launch their Amendment 62 campaign to legally protect every baby in the womb from the beginning of the little boy or girls biological development.

In 2010, prolife lawyer and spokeswoman, Rebecca Kiessling, addressed our March for Life and educated our attendees about the infinite value of every life, regardless of the circumstances of conception.

So it was with great disappointment that we learned this past week about Planned Parenthood defector, Abby Johnson's advice to Texas that prolifer's shouldn't get in a "tizzy" that their ultrasound bill had rape & incest exceptions.

Many have seen the flurry of back and forth on Facebook between those who know that in God's sight there are no "exceptions"
and those who claim that attempts to educate with scripture that abortion is always wrong, are taking words "out of context".

This incredible claim was made by Life Training Institute in this dismissive article titled, "When Spiritual Platitudes Replace
Good Arguments.

The claim made by LTI and others that Abby's remarks were taken out of context can be clearly disputed by watching the uncut version posted by Juda Meyers, who was at the Texas event and was herself conceived in rape. Juda has an organization Choices4Life where you can learn of many precious lives
conceived in rape through which God was and is glorified.

Finally, although the last word has likely not been written on this hot topic, Rebecca Kiessling's brilliant reply to LTI can
be read here and is a superb treatise for the prolife movement on the need for Personhood and the imperative to see the ugly abortion industry destroyed in our lifetimes.

"Hello Scott, thank you for bringing up these very important issues. Many in the pro-life movement will insist that we remain silent on things that matter to us in order to have “unity.” But the reality is that there is not unity within the pro-life movement on every issue and on strategy. We may say we want unity, but really, we’d like everyone else to either agree with us, or keep it to themselves. I think it’s beneficial for all to have logical discussions on issues involving strategy, and hopefully through these discussions we’ll at least gain more understanding."

America's first abortion law ~ passed in Colorado in 1967 ~ was only for rape, incest and life of the mother. Talk about
40 Years in the Wilderness!