Friday, December 16, 2011

ICYC ~ In Case You're Curious

As if things in Denver aren't sick and sordid enough in Denver with the Twilight Zone tale of a "National Cop of the Year" apparently turned meth user and alleged exploiter of young men; now local sex abuse enabler, Planned Parenthood, is launching a community outreach program to give your kids advice about their "sexual health."

As the Denver Post reported yesterday, Alice Macklin will head up the community education program ICYC for Planned Parenthood.

A number of questions come to mind . . .

Is MS Macklin a licensed medical professional? Will she be personally responsible for the carnage left in her wake? Will she know the age of the child that is seeking her sexual advice? Is she familiar with the physical, emotional and spiritual risks associated with sexual activity in young teens and even middle school children?

Or will she be an abortion and sexual activity recruiter?

Since Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains is an affiliate of the national "non profit" which killed over 300,000 innocent babies in the womb last year for profit, should moms and dads be alarmed over the possibility their children will be victimized by this new texting out reach marketing program? Absolutely!!

PP spokeswoman, Monica McCafferty, stated on Caplis and Silverman's KHOW drive time show yesterday that their new program encourages kids to talk to their parents ~ one of her funniest lines. Moms have come out of their abortion facility and told stories about being prevented from even talking to their daughters when their grand child is about to be killed.

Will your child's natural, normal and God given inhibitions be mocked and broken down?

Does PP give medically accurate information to their female clients to whom they routinely dispense harmful steroidal agents for "contraceptive" use? Of course not. Do they explain that The Pill has been dubbed a "Molotov Cocktail" for breast cancer by breast surgeon, Dr. Angela Lanfranchi? Do they mention the greatly increased rate of premature birth in women who have had abortions? Do they tell girls that abortion elevates the risk of ectopic pregnancy? Do they share the dirty little secret that abortion of a first pregnancy nearly doubles the rate of breast cancer later in life? The answer is unequivocally NO!!

How many parents of young teens are aware of the numerous under cover stings by Lila Rose which showed that Planned Parenthood routinely fails to report sexual abuse of minors and they tell the girls to call back and not mention the age of their adult abuser, so they can facilitate illicit sexual behavior and sell more abortions down the road.

Colorado's Republican Attorney General, John Suthers' office was made aware of a local sting of Planned Parenthood in 2006 and told Colorado Right to Life that there was nothing to be done.

Illicit sexual behavior? Such a quaint notion, isn't it?

But now that we see how Denver is apparently a hub for human trafficking, one wonders how Planned Parenthood can not be an important cog in Denver's ongoing youth sexual exploitation saga.

If you value your child's life and future emotional health and well being, you MUST warn them of the dangers of having any interaction with this evil, racist organization which preys on the young and vulnerable for profit.

In case you're curious, PP wants your kid sexually active, as early as possible, so they can sell them between 3 and 5 abortions for around $500. a pop.

Pretty good racket if you ask me!

Coming to a neighborhood near you, soon . . .

If you'd like to hear your's truly on KHOW's Caplis and Silverman show last week, click here.

Monday, November 28, 2011

" But the tongue can no man tame"

"But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison." James 3:8

I've been a student of the holocaust and how it parallels the current American genocide on the pre-born for some time but oddly enough, till very recently, I've not realized as fully as I should have how powerfully language was twisted in the dehumanization required for both horrors to prevail. I'd like to thank Life Resources Charitable Trust for publishing their "Word Games" article by, from which I've borrowed generously.

For the past few years I've been grieved in spirit at the notion the pro-abortion forces promote that the baby in the womb is a mere parasite and so of course is worthy of extermination.

"Feminist Naomi Wolf said that "In the quest for the liberation of the female self, the fetus was reduced to nothing more than a parasitic mass." Colorado's very own late term abortionist, Warren Hern, said, " the relationship between the pregnant woman and the fetus "can be understood best as one of host and parasite." From this he defines abortion as a "defense mechanism" against the "local invasion" and accompanying "deleterious effects of the parasite."

A foetus has also been called "an unseen infection," "product of conception," "the pregnancy," "a sexually transmitted disease" and "a cancerous growth". Abortion supporters have stated that abortion is the "preferred treatment" for "unwanted pregnancy" and "an aborted baby is just garbage." Abortion is commonly referred to as a mere "procedure" or "minor surgical operation" and abortionists are often called "service providers."

Just recently, however, have I come across the same terminology used to describe Jews in Nazi Germany to persuade Hitler's followers that they were somehow deserving of their destruction. In The Evolution of Terminology ~ Word Games, they explain, "Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany was able to manipulate the thought patterns of an entire nation."

And furthermore, "The German people were, over time, conditioned to dehumanise the Jews and to think of them as, quote, ..."a gangrenous appendix"... "vermin"...and "parasites." Once the victim's full humanity was denied, killing them became easier to justify. "

Transforming the cultural image of God's miraculous creation from the infinitely valuable gift that it is ~

to that of an evil invader is beyond comprehension, but we've seen it before and because as scripture warns in Jeremiah, " The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" we'll continue to see it again and again.

Proverbs 18;21 explains, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof."

Yet scripture also teaches . . .

"A wholesome tongue is a tree of life" (Prov. 15:4) May we as a nation heed His words of life!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Will Mississippi Change the Course of our Nation ?

Wow! It's been way too long since I've written a post here but I've had my reasons.

I've been blessed to be in Mississippi fighting to get out the vote to pass Amendment 26
to give legal protection to every baby in the womb. What a joy to meet people in the south
who have hearts tender toward God and his Creation, especially the tiny ones in utero.

Standing alongside a marvelous team of Godly men and women, we were so thrilled to take our message to the streets where we were greeted with 20-30 honks for life for every thumbs down.

We were really touched by the fact that even those who aren't supportive of the God-given, inalienable right to life, were so darned nice about it.

Where were the hard hearts we encountered in our Colorado battles to pass A 48 and A 62?

Ok, we did get cussed out by one car of vulgar young college girls but for the most part, we were very well received!

What an amazing experience we had lodging with our 85 year old midwife who escaped Nazi Germany!

Our hostess was not only full to overflowing with hospitality but she ran circles around us younger folks in her state to end the abortion holocaust.

Our gracious new friend and others on our team spent hours talking about the dangers she sees in America that many of us are missing because we are too close to the forest to see the trees.

God alone knows how today's vote will turn out but I'm not willing to stop calling MS voters as long as there is still a chance to get one more to the polls!

For I fear that unless America turns from our wicked ways and stops the shedding of innocent blood, the warning of our new friend's brother's book to our nation may become mandatory reading for this generation and their children to survive.

As my Pastor always reminds us, Personhood is the dagger in the heart of liberalism!!

Mississippi, all eyes are upon you ~ May you turn our ship of state back to the Lord!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Modern day Shadrach?

Their response: "O Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us from your hand, O king. But even if he does not, we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up."[v.16-18]

Ever since learning about the plight of Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, I haven't been able to shake the image of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace. Charged with apostasy for his faith in Jesus, Iran is calling for the execution of this innocent man for rejecting Islam.

As the rent a mob is disrupting the normal flow of life in NYC, a young family man faces death, and makes their crazy demands seem beyond petty in contrast to what really matters.

And as former liberal, David Horowitz, notes, "When it comes to publicly protesting the sentences of death row inmates, celebrity outrage for a convicted cop-killer is off the charts, but a Christian pastor in Iran about to die for his beliefs doesn’t even rate a “tweet.” (more . . )

Fortunately, social media is raising awareness and over 50,000 are now advocating for the end of Iran's human rights abuse of this courageous Christian and bold American leaders like Marco Rubio are challenging the international bullies in this excellent speech to congress.

The American Center for Law and Justice is leading a bipartisan effort to save Pastor Youcef, "They are sending a letter to Secretary of State Clinton calling on her to “use all the powers at your disposal” for “swift engagement with the international community to advocate for his release.”

If you have not yet called your representative to insist that he or she stand for religious liberty against this outrageous human rights violation, please do! He may be facing execution today ~ don't leave home without at least praying for this father of two young sons. And, ask yourself if you were faced with this kind of demand for you to renounce your savior or face execution,
how strong would any of us be?

Youcef is a tremendous example to the world of what true faith is all about ~ may his example spark true revival in Iran and around the world.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Obama protest Denver ~ MSM blackout!

OK, if you've followed the action from the state that started the abortion holocaust for very long, you know we never miss an opportunity to protest evil. But if you are looking at the MSM coverage of the current resident of the White House's rally in Denver today, you'd never know that we brought the truth of America's holocaust to the 1,000 in line to hear their "anointed one."

You might read that there were 6,000 in attendance which, IMO, is a beyond ridiculous exaggeration but I digress.

Though our numbers were small, we connected with the majority of the 1,000 who were given tickets and had to wait for their courtesy groping, prior to being allowed into the campaign rally for Jobs, jobs, jobs!!

Not one to face accusers head on, the BHO motorcade entered the venue from the backside so our signs didn't impact our intended target, but nevertheless, he might learn about the cadre of Coloradans who cherish the God given, inalienable right to life of every baby in the womb. So much so, that we speak truth to power and show the ugly truth of America's shameful holocaust at every opportunity, especially to the wicked leaders who are bought and paid for by evil, racist Planned Parenthood!

If you are moved by the fact that the "Leader of the Free World" supported even infanticide by his votes against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, perhaps we can collectively figure out a way to get the new video "180" onto his radar screen!

Apart from such a miracle, all his calls for God to bless America as he takes his jobs bill on the road for his 2012 presidential campaign, ring especially hollow.

God will not be able to bless America, until the slaughter of the innocents stops and the Personhood of the pre-born is established in law.

Repent, America!!! God will not be mocked!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Colorado Med Waste picks up picked over dead babies

Sept. 20th, 2011 ~ Jo Scott

Colorado Medical Waste was observed picking up buckets of aborted baby parts from the notorious Mayfair Women’s Center in Aurora, Colorado, today.

Mayfair Women’s Center “Safety, Compassion, Respect”
Affiliated with the National Abortion Federation since 1976
Ronald E Kuseski, MD, Medical Director
Associate Clinical Professor, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Staff Physician, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group

Suzanne Thorp, RNC, MS,
Certified Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

14446 East Evans Avenue
Aurora CO 80014

Mike Marcavage, of Repent America, is leading a national campaign to pressure medical waste companies that collaborate with the abortion industry into ending their contracts with the mills. Stericycle and Colorado Medical Waste Disposal “efficiently” clean up after the bloodshed of the abortion industry in Colorado.

On September 20th, 2011while protesters stood on the street outside the Mayfair Women’s Center, an abortion facility located in Aurora, CO. a Colorado Medical Waste Disposal truck pulled in front of the mill to make a pick up. He exchanged several buckets filled with baby parts (left over parts that Mayfair couldn’t sell for profit) for empty containers to collect the remains of the children to be killed by abortionist Kuseski.

As the truck driver carried the hazardous waste containers to his truck, he realized that pro lifers were taking his picture and he flew into a rage. He spouted all sorts of profanity as he loaded his “morgue on wheels” with the remains of innocent baby boys and girls sacrificed on alter of convenience at Mayfair. The truck was brimming with bio hazardous waste when the driver shoved the remains of the children into the “cradle to grave” tracking truck.

Colorado Medical Waste Disposal’s motto is: “All waste is manifested for "cradle to grave" tracking.” An ironic idiom considering the children that are picked up at Mayfair only experience the cold metal appliances used to pull their delicate bodies into pieces, never the comfort of a cradle.

Mayfair Women Center advertises “Safety, Compassion, Respect” but in reality the mill is well known for its nefarious activities, from grinding the remains of children in a meat grinder and flushing them down the toilet to overdosing Christie Stiles in 1993 leaving her in a coma to this day.

In the October 23, 1999 World Magazine article Ms.Ying Bei Wang, stripped of her medical license, is named as Mayfair Woman’s Center’s “harvester” employed by Anatomic Gift Foundation (AGF). No longer able to perform abortions she satisfied her bloodlust by harvesting aborted children for AGF. See baby parts price list. See fetal tissue consent form.

In the future, Colorado Medical Waste Disposal company will be visited by pro lifers and exposed for their gruesome collaboration with the bloody abortion industry.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Headed to the Ovens ~ Redux

Denver, Colorado September 6, 2011

By Sidewalk Counsellor, Jo Scott

"These murdered children are then taken to Stericycle’s incineration plants, where they are burned with the trash. "

Stericycle is a medical waste disposal company operating internationally with a presence in eleven countries. In Colorado, Stericycle leases its trucks from Idealease that is partnered with Mc Candless Truck Center in Aurora CO. Planned Parenthood contracts Stericycle to pick up the remains of the children that are aborted at their abortion facility in Denver. The motto emblazoned on their trucks is “Protecting People, Reducing Risk”. It’s an ironic idiom considering the precious children that they cavalierly cart away to be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Mike Marcavge, of Repent America, heads up the national campaign to expose Stericycle and has made quite a stir within the companies that lease to Stericycle. In the past two years both Ryder and Penske truck rental companies have dissolved their contracts with the abortion mogul due to public pressure from Marcavge’s efforts .

On September 2, 2011 pro lifers took video and photos of a Stericycle truck at entering and leaving the Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Denver. The driver sat on a side road waiting for the rescuers to leave so that he would not be photographed entering the mill but he had a schedule to keep and entered in full view of the sidewalk counselors.

After leaving Planned Parenthood for the day the pro lifers decided to visit Mc Candless Truck Center to expose them for their part in America’s Holocaust. Ron Brock's truth truck circled the business while 10 saints held large graphic signs on the street outside of the business and at the entrance to the Mc Candeless facility.

A gentleman who claimed to own Mc Candless greeted Ken Scott and explained that he had a contract with Stericycle that couldn’t be broken. Ken pleaded with the man to do all that he could to end his relationship with the abortion provider and informed him that Ryder and Penske found a way to get out of their contracts.

Recently Abby Johnson, former director of Planned Parenthood, now pro lifer, related this grotesque story about the Planned Parenthood freezer that held the remains of children waiting to be transported by the medical waste truck. “…I was introduced to our freezer in the POC (products of conception) lab. This was the freezer that held the fetal tissue until the biohazard truck came for disposal. I found out the name for that freezer…the nursery.”

Mc Candless Trucking is participating in the most gruesome crime in the history of this country. Whether we like it or not Planned Parenthood has involved the entire country in its cruel perversions. The postman to the trash man, the phone companies to the public schools, and everyone who pays taxes has been dragged down into the mire of abortion.

Monday, August 15, 2011

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad." ~Aldous Huxley

Last week's announcement that HHS is mandating birth control without charge, has brought reaction from all quarters and
in an attempt to pretend balance, a Denver based organization, Health Policy Solutions contacted Colorado Right to Life for a comment and their resulting article is most instructive in how the left
censors the input it seeks when it doesn't comport with their preconceived bias.

Of course Planned Parenthood was thrilled as their spokesperson indicates, "Covering birth control without co-pays is one of the most important steps we can take to prevent unintended pregnancy and keep women and children healthy,” Dr. Vanessa Cullins, vice president of Medical Affairs for Planned Parenthood, said following IOM’s recommendation."

But healthy ? Huh?

In response to the query from Heath Policy Solutions about the pros and cons of the mandate, I shared the following information:


Oral contraceptives are declared Group 1 Carcinogens to Humans by the World Health Organization.

Additionally, there is an "abortifacient action" in oral contraceptives, according the the manufacturers themselves in package inserts.

Breast surgeon, Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, has dubbed the Pill a "molotov cocktail" for breast cancer.

What could be more outrageous than forcing taxpayers to harm women and children with the fruits of our labor?"

Not surprisingly, the article gives far more ink to the three women who are delighted that oral contraceptives will be provided without charge, but when pertinent information provided by opponents isn't included, one wonders if balance was truly the intent.

The article starts with the plight of a young female college student who says, "“I feel like if a woman chooses to be safe and take responsibility for her sexual health, that that should be supported and made easy. It should not be a struggle for any woman,” Carpenter said.' Then of course, the obligatory NARAL and Planned Parenthood representatives are quoted, crowing about how necessary the coverage truly is.

Next, Myung quotes yours truly, "Leslie Hanks, vice president of Colorado Right to Life, said the new law will cause more women to use birth control, which she believes carries “grave health risks.” She and other pro-life advocates assert that the new law will cover abortion-inducing drugs, known as abortifacients – a claim that HHS denies.

Why do we care so little for the health of women and their innocent children being lost to these abortifacients?” Hanks said.

Pro-life opinion is often sought to give a sheen of "balance" but after being at this for nearly a quarter of a century, I'm growing weary of accepting the crumbs the MSM gives in order to make them look fair.

A few questions come to my mind ~


I gave you the name of a respected breast surgeon, Dr. Angela Lanfranchi who I heard speak at a Human Life International symposium on 50 Years of The Pill last December. Doesn't her claim that oral contraceptives are a, "molotov cocktail" for breast cancer even cause a blip on your radar screen? Did you call Dr. Lanfranchi to learn why she makes such a claim?

Do you care so little for women's health that you and your organization censor pertinent information from them without

Does the information about the pill being designated as a class 1 Carcinogen not merit mention? Are women unable to handle the truth?

Finally, if you quote me as being concerned the pill carries, "grave health risks" would it not be fair to mention the risks I shared with you ?

The other point I raised ~ the pill has an abortifacient action, you wrote, "a claim HHS denies." Did you do any research to
see if they are accurate in their denial? Do you know or care that the definition of pregnancy was changed, "In 1965, the medical definition for when pregnancy begins was changed by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Why? Ideology."

So, in the spirt of truth and love for woman and humanity, I'm asking the Health Policy Solution folks to raise the bar a bit!

When you seek the opinions of your opponents and they give you information that has health implications for your readers, you have an obligation to investigate the claims and report on your findings, in my opinion. Failing to do so, leaves you responsible for keeping women in the dark.

"God offers to every mind its choice between truth and repose. Take which you please - you can never have both." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Help Mei Stay!! Update

Woman facing prison, sterilization over 1-child policy

Robert Unruh

"A woman who originally came to the United States for a marriage arranged by her family stayed after being abandoned at the altar, because of the humiliation she would have faced on her return to China. Later, she met someone else, married and now has a family.

But over the years Xiu Mei Wei, pronounced Shoe May Way, has spent contributing to American society, she has failed to do all the immigration paperwork in the right sequence. Now she's facing what many advocates consider the threat of a forced return to China, where she would face a prison sentence and forced sterilization.

Lawyers with the New York law offices of John Chang confirmed to WND today they have submitted a petition to reopen the case to the federal Board of Immigration Appeals, the highest administrative body for interpreting and applying immigration laws in the nation.

The board itself said it has nationwide jurisdiction to hear appeals from a wide variety of decisions, rulings and situations."

More . . .

Xiu Mei needs the prayers and support of Christians who know the tyranny she faces, should she be deported. Please pray for the millions of women in China who endure forced abortions and that there will be justice for Xiu Mei.

If you would like to help in Xiu Mei's defense, please write her attorney and explain why you believe she should be allowed to stay in the United States of America.

Mrs. Wei does not speak English very well, but an interpreter can be provided. If you are interested in her story or have any information about how to help keep Xiu here, please contact Jo Scott.

Jo's cell: 303-550-8170 or Ken Scott at 303-501-4706

Mei's lawyer's contact information:

John Chang
401 Broadway Suite 2001
New York, NY 10013
Mei's case number is: 96281393

Letter talking points:

State who you are, give some contact info.

1) Mei has been trying for a almost a decade to become a citizen but because of a mistake her lawyer made she is in danger of being deported.

2) Tell them that Mei is a fine Christian woman who has violated China's one child policy and that she has been supporting the underground church.

3) If she is deported she is subject to forced sterilization, her children cannot be educated or employed until after exorbitant fines are paid but she will be imprisoned for being a Christian and supporting the underground church.

Finally, pray that the leaders in China will repent of their evil policy denying siblings and that they will learn about the God given, inalienable right to life of every baby.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

What's Next ~ Mandatory OCs for All ?

"New health insurance requirements announced by the Obama administration on Monday will force health insurance plans to cover birth control and voluntary sterilization — with no co-pays — as preventive care for women.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Service disclosed that the new guidelines, drafted by the Institute of Medicine, will take effect on or after August 1, 2012, and they are expected to apply to both individual and employer-based insurance plans"


Oral Contraceptives (OCs) are Class 1 Carcinogens designated by the World Health Organization.

According to breast surgeon, Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, OCs are, a "molotov cocktail" for breast cancer!

The 'abortifacient action' in hormonal contraceptives is documented by pharmaceutical manufacturers themselves
in package inserts.

Is it really that much a stretch to think that a government that can force taxpayers to pay to poison American women and kill their children could take another leap and require all women to take oral contraceptives?

More . . . .

Monday, July 25, 2011

Abortionist Whitney Whitewashes his Evil Deeds!

By Jo Scott ~ Neighborhood Alert Team Leader

Abortionist Randall Whitney Kills innocent little baby boys and girls at Orlando Woman’s Center (OWC) several days a week. Friday, the neighborhood alert team paid a visit to his community. He lives in Port Orange about a mile from the ocean on a cul de sac in an upper middle class house complete with a white picket fence. The streets are lined with gigantic live oaks laden with Spanish moss giving the Sugar Forest sub divisions a mystical storybook feel. Mrs. Whitney walked outside and stood with her two big dogs behind the whitewashed fence to confront Pastor Mark Holick with the fact that her husband is a physician. Her fence may be whitewashed but Mark would not allow her to whitewash Randal’s nefarious occupation. She spoke with pastor Holick for about five minutes but only to convince him that her husband is a fine man. Pastor wasn’t buying it.

Imagine my surprise, when at the end of the OSA church service on Friday night I realized abortionist Whitney was sitting right in front of me. When he got up to walk out just before everyone else, I followed him and asked him if would be willing to talk to me, he answered, “Sure”. He is usually willing to talk to the sidewalk counselors at OWC so it wasn’t a surprising turn of events.

I asked him what he thought of the service, he responded, “It was powerful.” "Do you believe that Jesus died for your sins?" I asked. He said that he didn’t believe that anyone could die for anyone else’s sins. He said that he believes in a god, but a god that is only love. I explained to him if his god loves the rapist and the raped there is no love, just chaos. Jesus loves intensely and he hates those who come against what he loves. I explained that He is always ready to forgive but he is also just and holy. Ps. 5:5, 7:11

Whitney believes in evolution so I asked him about his conscience. I explained, “In order for something to evolve it must have at least a cell, the conscience does not.” He agreed. Then I explained that God wrote the law on our hearts and that knowledge has no cell, or atomic weight. No scientist in the world can explain how all people everywhere innately know the difference between right and wrong. Then I explained to him that God gave him a conscience because thats where God goes to talk to us. I looked him in the eyes and said with conviction, “That is why the first time you killed a child in his mother’s womb, you knew it was wrong.” It was one of the few points I made with the 77 year old abortionist that he did not have an answer for, he just let it go.

He told me that the Bible says nothing about the child in the womb. I quoted Exodus 21:22, “"If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follows: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman's husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine. And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe."

He seemed a little shocked at that, but quickly regained his composure and with a superior attitude asked, “You believe in a god like that?” I answered you bet I do. He asked me if I’ve been watching what’s going on in the world. He said that the new democratic rule was leading the world to peace. He was very excited about it. I explained that salvation will not come from legislation. It’s a free gift and it comes from Jesus.

When talking about his abortion practice he said that he believes that he is truly helping women. He says he, “Really loves women.” And that he KNOWS that he is helping them. He refuses to listen to anything to the contrary. Our conversation went on for twenty minutes and what is interesting to me is he sees himself as a messiah of sorts, helping women in these tough times. But at the same time reality has smacked him up side the head lately. He slapped a woman in his office recently and he was arrested for it. He was called to testify at Scott Pendergaft’s trial this past week and he was probably the key witness to sink his colleague.

Whitney is not board certified in 7 critical fields and Pendergraft left him alone with a patient and went home. She complained that they would not give her anything for pain and then left the office, went to a hospital and delivered a child severely damaged by the botched abortion. Finally, he recently had surgery to insert a pacemaker. His whole image of himself may be
shaken and this may be an opportunity to shine the light of Jesus through the cracks in his facade.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Bought With the Blood of the Innocents!

Having just spent a week in Orlando Florida with a team of totally sold out to God, no exceptions pro-lifers, I'm encouraged to do a photo essay book of abortionists' homes in the USA titled, "Bought With the Blood of the Innocents"

Operation Save America does a week long rally every summer where they inspire Christians to put their theology into biography on the streets of an American city. During the days, there are large protests confronting the abortion industry and showing the ugly truth of the plight of the pre-born in our country today.

This week was no exception and the Florida abortion industry, Lord willing, will never be the same.

Numerous abortionists whose neighbors likely never knew of their profession, have been exposed for buying their mansions with blood money. Our team did three protests of abortionists in gated communities and one at a million dollar waterfront property in Titusville.

You can read about our effort to expose these evil people in this article from Florida Today:

TITUSVILLE — A national anti-abortion group targeted the Titusville home of Planned Parenthood official Sue Idtensohn for a protest Tuesday as part of its wide-ranging demonstrations throughout Central Florida this week.

About 30 representatives of Dallas-based Operation Save America protested along several street corners not far from Idtensohn's home near downtown Titusville -- chanting, singing, carrying placards and handing out leaflets. Idtensohn is president and chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando, which also had protests this week outside one of its Orlando clinics.

More . . .

The OSA evening prayer rallies are always tremendous and this year Doc Johnson, and Coach Daubenmire both spoke a strong word.

On my last day in town, notorious Orlando abortionist Scotty Pendergraft was in the same court house as Casey Anthony
receiving an 18 million dollar damages verdict for malpractice ~ God is at work in Florida!! Please pray that the seeds planted will be well watered and that revival will spring forth, leading to the end of child killing in the Sunshine State!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Wicked Flee

On July 18, 2011 a team of 30 Operation Save America pro-life Christians turned their theology into biography by taking the ugly truth of abortion posters to the Eaglebrooke subdivision in Lakeland, Florida.

The beautiful mansions behind gated walls at Eaglebrooke are a testament to the hard working families in this town an hour SW of Orlando .

Until yesterday, abortionist James Gelenbach’s neighbors were likely blissfully unaware of his profession.

James Gordon Gelenbach is, sadly, a hired gun who operates at the following Orlando death camps:

Lakeland Women’s Health Center
4444 South Florida Avenue
Lakeland, FL 33813-2159

All Women’s Health Center-Orlando
431 Maitland Avenue
Altamonte Spgs, FL 32701-5418

All Women’s Health Center of North Tampa
14498 University Cove
Tampa, FL 33613

All Women’s Health Center of Jacksonville Inc
4331 University Boulevard South
Jacksonville, FL 32216-4909

All Women’s Health Center of Gainesville 
1135 N.W. 23 Ave, Suite N
Gainesville, FL 32609

(Circuit rider abortionist for Gary Dresden.)

Following our pro-life witness, yesterday, the vast majority of his neighbors in the ritzy enclave are now very aware that his incredible home was purchased with blood money ~ from the fees Florida women paid him to murder their babies.

A car load of our missionaries to the pre-born distributed fliers to the neighbor’s homes before we set up shop outside the gates. When the local police arrived, they were exceptionally fair and even handed with our First Amendment rights, much to the fury of the security guard who had been cursing us and assuring us that the police would force us to leave.

One dear Grammy driving out of her community said, "Thank you for being here ~ “It’s murder”! At least 25 other neighbors driving home from work or to the store, took our flyer as they went to and fro.

For some inexplicable reason, Gelenbach decided to jump in his car and speed out of the comfort and security of his home, just before our protest was over.

“One thousand shall flee at the rebuke of one; at the rebuke of five shall ye flee: till ye be left as a beacon upon the top of a mountain, and as an ensign on an hill.” Isaiah 30:17

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Help Mei Stay!!

Prayer/help request from Jo Scott

Xiu's story: Xiu Mei Wei (Shoe Way May) was engaged to a man in China.
The engagement ceremony is a solemn event and taken very seriously.
Xiu's fiancé moved to the U.S. in the nineties and arranged their marriage ceremony. Her fiance picked her up at the airport, told her that he was no longer interested in marriage and abandoned her. When a woman has been betrothed in Xiu's culture, and the man then abandons her before the wedding, she is shunned by her family and her village.

Xiu's dilemma:
Over the next decade since she came to the U. S.Xiu met a Chinese man, married, settled in Oklahoma and now has four children.

Since 2002 Xiu has been petitioning our courts for asylum.
Although Xiu has been living in the United States, China still recognizes her as a citizen and she is held accountable to their laws, including their one child per family laws. Family planning officials
in China have stated to Xiu's parents that if she returns to China she will be sterilized and fined.

Mei became a Christian in 2004 and supports the underground church in China. Only after she spends time in prison and after she pays exorbitant fines would her children be able to receive health care, attend school or be employed.

On November 7, 2008 the 10th Circuit court in Denver ruled that because Xiu's former lawyer mistakenly filed her case in the 5th Circuit Court, she missed filing deadlines in the 10th Circuit and therefore must return to China. Case number 07-9527.

A petition for rehearing has been filed in the 10th Circuit Court. If
the hearing is denied or if asylum is refused, Xiu is subject to immediate deportation.

Please send a letter to Xiu's lawyer to present to the court. Please pray that she will be able to stay here with her family and brothers and sisters in Christ.

Also, feel free to post this on Facebook.

Mrs. Wei does not speak English very well, but an interpreter can be provided. If you are interested in her story or have any information about how to help keep Xiu here, please contact Jo Scott.

Jo cell: 303-550-8170 or Ken Scott at 303-501-4706

Mei's lawyer's contact information:

John Chang
401 Broadway Suite 2001
New York, NY 10013
Mei's case number is: 96281393

Letter talking points:

State who you are, give some contact info.

1) Mei has been trying for a almost a decade to become a citizen but because of a mistake her lawyer made she is in danger of being deported.

2) Tell them that Mei is a fine Christian woman who has violated China's one child policy and that she has been supporting the underground church.

3) If she is deported she is subject to forced sterilization, her children cannot be educated or employed until after exorbitant fines are paid but she will be imprisoned for being a Christian and supporting the underground church.

It's better if everyone tweaks the letter a little. They will be taken more seriously then.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New calls for Nuremberg Trials Needed!

In an effort to do something for those who have no voice each day, I submit that the time has come for a huge outcry for another round of Nuremberg Trials for crimes against humanity!

As Wikipedia explains, "The Nuremberg Trials were a series of military tribunals, held by the main victorious Allied forces of World War II, most notable for the prosecution of prominent members of the political, military, and economic leadership of the defeated Nazi Germany. The trials were held in the city of Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany, in 1945-46, at the Palace of Justice. The first and best known of these trials was the Trial of the Major War Criminals before the International Military Tribunal (IMT), which tried 24 of the most important captured leaders of Nazi Germany, though several key architects of the war (such as Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, and Joseph Goebbels) had committed suicide before the trials began."

If the following quotes from can be read without alarms going off in your head that we are about 40 years past the time for demanding that renewed trials be held for these killers and their heinous deeds, then we are truly a society beyond redemption.

We begin with two from the infamous Boulder, CO late term abortionist, Warren Hern:

"The procedure changes significantly at 21 weeks because fetal tissues become much more cohesive and difficult to dismember." (3)


"A long curved Mayo scissors may be necessary to decapitate and dismember the fetus." (4)

From a New York Times author:

"After an abortion, the doctor must inspect these remains to make sure that all the fetal parts and placenta have been removed. Any tissue left inside the uterus can start an infection. Dr. Bours squeezed the contents of the sock into a shallow dish and poked around with his finger. "You can see a teeny tiny hand," he said." (7)

Abortion Provider Dr. Bours

"You are doing a destructive process. Arms, legs, chests come out in the forceps. It's not a sight for everybody."(14)
"I hate it when people put it together to look like a baby. I hate that."(23)

Clinic worker "Risa" on handling dismembered remains from abortions

Dr. William Benbow Thompson of the University of California at Irvine

I asked the nurse, "Is that what I think it is?" She said, "Yeah."

After it was over, the ashen-faced woman staggered back to the other room, supported by no one until I went to her aid. The rest of my day was filled with gloom.

I spoke with some people at Planned Parenthood about my uneasy feelings and was told they would disappear after seeing a few more abortions."(57)

These quotes scream that even the perpetrators of these evil crimes against humanity cry out for justice ~ even while shaking fists at God, they know in their innermost thoughts that what they do is WRONG!

Spencer Tracy said it best, in this historic clip from the movie Judgement at Nuremberg ~

What will it take before we take up the mantle again?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mitt's Longest Day

15 stalwart activists for babies in the womb, spent several hours in Cherry Hills Village, yesterday, educating Colorado Republicans about the record of Mitt Romney, father of $50 co-pay abortions in Massachusetts.

The tony guest list featured host committee members, former US Senator Wayne Allard, former Congressman Bob Beauprez, CO AG, John Suthers ~ all who claim to be prolife. Is it really so easy for them to turn a blind eye to the painful plight of the 4,000 pre-born babies killed by abortion daily, that any lie about a candidate's foundational beliefs will suffice?

Are dismembered babies such an abstraction in the American mind, that it's now considered classy and sophisticated to relegate our posterity to a $50 co-pay death?

Were this Nazi Germany, would "Christians" have been respected for putting on their finest garb to mingle with Mengele and Herr Fuhrer?

Mitt Romney's record is exhaustively detailed at for any and all to see, if they care at all about the future of this nation.

As a Republican national delegate in 1992, we fought for the pro-life plank in the platform as has been successfully done in the nearly twenty years hence ~ to what end? Republican nominee, Bob Dole, told us he hadn't read the platform and wasn't bound by it. John McCain promoted immoral research on our tiniest citizens, on a par with the most horrific "scientific" experiments the German national conscience could conceive.

Denver's gussied guests may have had a hard time hearing what Mitt was selling, over the chants of, "Mitt funds abortion" but they are now without excuse when deciding who the Republican nominee should be.

God Almighty warns us in Proverbs 24:11 to, "rescue those unjustly sentenced to death." Some take that seriously, others ignore it at their own soul's peril.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Alice in Wonderland & the Mad Hatter in Denver

Pro life Sidewalk Counselors Fight for the Right to Speak on the Sidewalks of Denver

April 2, 2010 I, Jo Scott, was charged with that harassment, including assault, participating in illegal activities outside a health care facility and following a person in or about a public place and not one police agency contacted me for 42 days of the investigation. When Investigator Chavez contacted me, he informed me that the Denver Police department had alerted me to the investigation. I told him that I had had no contact with the police about the incident and he didn’t believe me, thus began my trip down into “Alice’s infamous rabbit hole”. I told Investigator Chavez that I had no recollection of the woman charging me with the crimes against her because the incident took place over a month before and allegations were false. I knew that I NEVER assaulted anyone. Chavez said that he had viewed a Planned Parenthood video recording of the incident and he saw me assault the victim Laura Brown and that there was an eye witness to assault.

Corporal Scudder of the Denver police department was summoned to mill to view the video and he also saw me assault Ms. Brown. The eye witness Catherine Alderman, vice president of Planned Parenthood public affairs, just happened to be driving by at the exact moment that I “assaulted” Ms. Brown and witnessed the whole thing. If you watch the video as the car drives by, my hands are in my pockets but that did not stop Alderman from lying under oath.

Under oath both Scudder and Alderman acted out a two handed assault and the actions that Ms. Brown had to take in order to free herself from my grip. Nothing is as it seems in “Alice’s Wonderland”.

One insane thing after another happened during the trial. Laura Brown wrote in her initial police report that she was afraid to drive by us so she parked a block and a half away and walked by us. Then a week before the trial she submitted a second statement recounting that she parked a block and a half away because she didn’t know that there was a parking lot at Planned Parenthood. Yet, during the trial, under oath, she testified that she had been there three times before.

The judge that presided over my case is on record for contributing to several abortion mills in Colorado and she is a member of that the “Association of Women Judges” that publicly opposed the Personhood Amendment 62 in Colorado while I worked to get it passed. She refused to rescues herself saying that she would be able to be fair. When my lawyer, Terry O’Malley, presented motions loaded with first amendment case law undermining the Colorado laws that they were using to quash my free speech rights Judge Claudia Jordan denied each motion without thought or legal reason why. Then, shockingly, she asked the DA to write up something as to why she ruled the way she did.

In his opening statement the DA said that I had cussed at Laura and called her a whore while assaulting her. It was difficult to listen to a DA accuse me of doing things that I

Laura brown wrote in her initial statement to the police that I repeatedly verbally and physically assaulted her. But on the stand she said that my demeanor was calm and worried for her. She admitted that I never called her names or cussed at her. She said, that I said, that she would be participating with murders if she went into Planned Parenthood. That is all that she would say against me. Although she did not testify to it and I do not remember her, I know that I would have offered her free help if she was willing to go somewhere else because that is something that I always offer to women walking into Planned Parenthood.

The Mad Hatter times six sat on my jury. Our culture makes the Alice’s Wonderland look almost normal. The world is a crazy place to be unless you understand that the world hates God and is more than willing to destroy the innocent image of God because of their hate. A woman in Jackson Hole Wyoming recently told me that she had one abortion and nothing that I could do would prevent her from having another. Unfortunately, if she doesn’t repent and come to know the saving grace of Jesus she’ll get to tell her children at the judgment seat why she killed them. Sidewalk counselors have chosen to love the unlovely and embrace the mad hatters of the world because Jesus loves them and he can use us to reach them. He loved us when we were unlovely. Not a one of us deserves what He has done for us.

In spite of the evidence the jury found me guilty of the intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person, repeatedly insulted, taunted, challenged or made communications in offensively coarse language to another in a manner likely to provoke a violent or disorderly response, participating in illegal activities outside a healthcare facility and following a person in or about a public place. I was not found guilty of the assault charge because the video vindicated me. On June 2, 2011 I was sentenced to 180 days in jail suspended, 90 days in jail, 2 years probation, 100 hours community service and about $1,700 in court fees and fines.

As I entered the court house for sentencing, I was approached by a federal marshal and served with a federal FACE civil lawsuit for Ken and I for $35,000.

It looks like things are going to get a little tougher on the sidewalk for a while. Ephes. 6:12 says, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” As long as we remember to love the Judge Claudia Jordans and Laura Browns of the world we will stay on focus and hopefully pull some out of the fire along the way. Then Jesus will get the glory!! Please pray for Ken and I as we have many very important decision to make as we move down the “rabbit hole”.

To view the "assault" click here!

Friday, June 03, 2011

Watchmen on the wall ~ Denver

Two of America's modern day heros are under severe attack in Denver, Colorado and the Christian church is nearly completely unaware and sadly, uninterested.

Ken and Jo Scott who rescue babies at Denver's death camp nearly every day the killing happens were served
yesterday with a federal lawsuit alleging they have violated FACE ~ Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances.

Jo was in court to be sentenced for an unjust verdict that she "detained" and "hindered" and used language intended to "provoke a response" in front of a "healthcare facility." And so while in court to be sentenced to 270 days in jail with 180 suspended, evil Planned Parenthood and their minions in the BHO "Justice Department" piled on with the FACE lawsuit in order to paralyze the biggest obstacle to their continuous cash flow at Murder, INC!

As Mike Martin who attended Jo's trial noted, "If the case against Jo Scott sticks, anyone carrying a sign that says, "abortion kills children" or displaying a poster showing the results of abortion could be accused of conveying a message likely to "provoke a response." Consequently, presenting the truth about abortion would essentially become illegal since any communication about the subject might "provoke a response."

Back in the good ol' days when lawmakers respected the First Amendment, if someone's words provoked a response, the response had better also be in words. If the responder resorted to violence, he was the one breaking the law. The implication of a law against using words that might provoke a response is that exercising free speech makes you somehow responsible for the other party's lack of self-control. Bad precedent. People are responsible for their own behavior, including how they react to free speech.

The abortion industry has long sought means to outlaw the efforts of anyone attempting to save babies -- to use the color of law to subdue their opposition. Of course, Jo Scott is their favorite target since, over the years, she has convinced at least 1000 mothers not to abort their babies. If the average fee for those abortions was $300, Jo has cost the abortion industry around $300,000. Small wonder she frequently finds herself falsely accused."

According to the Denver Post article which can't be posted in another First Amendment attack on bloggers, Ken and Jo block the entrance to the death camp and tell clients that God hates them.

In my hundreds of hours of rescuing along side these two saints who have saved nearly 1,000 babies from the abortionists knives over the past decade, I've only heard them say "God hates the hands that shed innocent blood" !

The scriptural imprecation to the killing "docs" and their clients is Ken's calling. He lives and breathes Ezekiel 33:8-9, " When I say unto the wicked, O wicked man, thou shalt surely die ; if thou dost not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. 9 Nevertheless, if thou warn the wicked of his way to turn from it; if he do not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul. "

Ken and Jo have lived their lives rescuing those being unjustly led to the slaughter ~ Proverbs 24:11

May the body of Christ in America emulate these dear servants, stand by their side in fighting this evil lawsuit and pray for our nation that has seriously lost its way!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Voices for the voiceless in Jackson, Wyoming

This encouraging word from OSA Pastor Mark Hollick's assistant ~

Would One Saved Life Be Worth It?
By Bruce Garren

"Who would have thought it could happen after the four days of standing for the unborn in Jackson, Wyoming. I know I didn’t. It was Saturday morning and I found some time to organize the signs we were using to depict the glory of life and the gruesome death that befalls the unborn children who have no one to defend them. As I took each sign out and leaned it against the side of the truck I noticed a white SUV driving slowly through the parking lot of the motel where we were all staying. Inside was an attractive woman in her late thirties and a young girl perhaps 10 years old. When the car stopped behind me I wasn’t sure what to expect. It had been that kind of week in Jackson. She asked me if she could speak to me so I walked to the open car window. Her eyes were moist with tears and the little girl with her moved over in between the seats to be next to her mother to listen to us talk.

The mother explained to me that twenty years before she was pregnant out of wedlock and had decided to get an abortion and end her baby’s life. Just a few days before the abortion she had seen a person holding a graphic sign of an aborted baby. Not only did it cause her to consider what she was about to do, but she decided not to kill her baby and today her oldest daughter is 20 years old. She said if it weren’t for people like us who were willing to hold graphic signs, her daughter wouldn’t be alive today. She said that the people who had been willing to hold them 20 years ago had saved her daughter’s life. She said she knew that we had not received much support from prolife people in Jackson or Wyoming and she wanted us to know how grateful she was that we had come to take a stand against abortionist Brent Blue and everyone in Jackson who support a culture of death.

By the time she finished thanking me there were tears in her eyes and in mine. I told her that her gratitude was greatly appreciated by me and that I would share it with the others who had come to Jackson. I told her that it had been a difficult week for all of us, by coming so far and getting such little support, but that we all believed that we had been called to ‘such a time as this.’ She said she was glad she could support us in a small way and again apologized for the lack of support for our efforts. She smiled at me through her tears and drove away. I am convinced that she was sent by our God to encourage us all after a difficult but rewarding week standing for the unborn."

Thursday, May 05, 2011

The wheels of justice grind slowly!

CHICAGO, May 5, 2011 ( - After nearly two years, the trespassing charges pressed against dozens of pro-life protesters at the University of Notre Dame graduation ceremony featuring pro-abortion U.S. President Barack Obama have been dropped.

On Thursday, Michael Dvorak, St. Joseph County, Indiana prosecutor, dismissed the criminal trespass charges that he has pressed against almost all of the pro-life protesters, known as the “ND88.”

More . . .

I had the distinct honor of being at Notre Dame during the protests against Barak Obama speaking to the 2009 graduating class. Two images stand out in my mind emanating from that historic event where a Catholic university invited the nation's most pro-death president in a horrendous contrast with all the university should stand for.

Two of the 88 pro-life heros that were arrested made serious statements by their opposition and their vindication is especially sweet!

Dr. Alan Keyes traveled to South Bend with the intent of being arrested, "I will step foot on the Notre Dame campus to lift up the standard that protects the life of the innocent children of this and every generation. I will do it all day and every day from now until the Master comes if need be, though it mean I shall be housed every day in the prison house of lies and injustice that Obama, Jenkins and their minions now mean to construct for those who will never be still and silent in the face of their mockery of God and justice, their celebration of evil"

Dr. Monica Miller was a woman on a similar mission. She was adamant that she was going to show the ND graduates the images of broken babies that she retrieved from the trash behind a Michigan abortionist's mill. She was insistent that she was going to break past the police line to force the graduates in line to see what the president stands for, despite the cost.

Very few Americans are willing to put it all on the line for the defense of the most innocent among us! Thank you, Dr. Keyes and
Dr. Miller for your inspiring actions ~ may we all take our responsibilities to be our brother's keeper as seriously!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pepsi Boycott Announced by Prolife watchdog group COG for Life

Every time we think our culture can't get any more depraved, along comes another story which should make us all think back on the not so distant Nazi Germany holocaust and its evil Dr. Mengele. Thanks to Children of God for Life and Lifesitenews for getting this Frankensteinian story into the news!

"LARGO, Florida, March 29, 2011 ( – Pepsico, Kraft Foods, and NestlĂ© are among the corporations partnered with a biotech company found using aborted fetal cell lines to test food flavor enhancers, according to a pro-life watchdog group.

The internationally recognized biotech company, Senomyx, boasts innovation and success in “flavour programs” designed to reduce MSG, sugar and salt in food and beverage products. Senomyx notes their collaborators provide them research and development funding plus royalties on sales of products using their flavor ingredients.

Pro-life watchdog group, Children of God for Life (CGL), has called upon the public to target the major corporations in a boycott, unless the company ceases to use aborted fetal cell lines in their product testing."

More . . .

According to COG for Life, President Debi Vinnedge, several food conglomerates have already decided to sever their ties to this horrific practice, but Pepsi has their heels dug in.

If your family objects to using aborted fetal cell lines for taste testing, can you do any less than forgo these products, whilst such evil practices remain in effect?

To listen to Bob Enyart Live's interview of Debi Vinnedge, go here.

Kent Snyder, CEO
4767 Nexus Centre Drive
San Diego, California 92121

Jamie Caulfield, Sr.VP
PepsiCo, Inc.
700 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase, NY 10577

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Circus Erupts at Denver's Planned Parenthood Death Camp!

A Circus Erupts, Planned Parenthood Theatens to Arrest a Patron and A
Baby is Saved
~ Jo Scott ~ Prolife Colorado

No child killing with tranquility is an idiom that Denver pro life sidewalk counselors live by.

Increasing social tension at abortion mills is always a good thing. Usually it’s the pro life movement that calls attention to the perversion of Planned Parenthood. But that’s not so at the Denver Planned Parenthood abortion mill. It seems that the retired police officers that work as security guards during the hours that the abortionists are killing can’t resist calling the police.

The “Frosty Felon Caper” comes to mind. That is the day that was so cold that the tarp on the fence around Planned Parenthood frosted over. Sidewalk counselors wrote things like “Stop killing kids"and "Mommy I want to live” in the frost on the tarp.

Security guard and retired Denver retired police officer Dennis Anaya called the police to report the destruction of the tarp surrounding the killing grounds. That day 10 squad cars arrived on the scene and the circus began.

Fortunately, after an hour Frosty the snowman would not press charges, so the citation for destruction of private property that was issued by the district 2 police department was revoked less than thirty minutes after it was issued.

Today, Planned Parenthood security guard Ron Pringle unsuccessfully tried to confiscate the pro life information handed to a young man as he entered the mill parking lot. Pringle, a retired Denver police officer, told the young male patron that he would not be allowed in the building with pro life information in his pocket. The young man ignored Pringle and entered the building. Furious, security guard Pringle called the police on the Planned Parenthood client. Six squad cars immediately arrived on scene to arrest Planned Parenthood’s client for not allowing Pringle to confiscate his personal property and entering the building. (You just can’t make this stuff up!)

While the circus erupted outside the killing center two young women walked out of Planned Parenthood’s parking lot to ask for help. Laura was scheduled to have an abortion. She thought that she had no other choice but to abort her child because her husband is out of work and she has three other children. Sidewalk counselors were able to convince her that there is help available and she decided to keep her child. So while Mr. Pringle was busy trying to have one of Planned Parenthood’s patrons arrested, a baby was saved. Mr. Pringle in his relentless pursuit of perversion, missed his chance to intimidate the two women and force them into the mill to kill the child.

Instead, Laura and Maria, her friend, left the mill and went to the Riverside Baptist Crisis Pregnancy Center for help. Praise God!!!!!!

Planned Parenthood decided not to press charges on the young man with pro life literature in his pocket and he was released. So much for "Choice".

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Tale of Two Women

America's worldly media is abuzz this week that Time Magazine has included Cecile Richards, head of evil Planned Parenthood in their top 100 most influential people list. For all the glamour, glitz and fanfare it seems like a real badge of honor for the "proud mother of three." As Time notes, "To watch Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards at work is to see a portrait of grace, intellect and determination. Her family believes that public service is a noble calling; her mother, the remarkable Ann Richards, taught her that social justice is a cause worth fighting for. And Cecile has dedicated her abilities to progressive causes.

How the magazine can ignore the plight of the slaughter of the innocents while claiming Cecile is fighting for social justice, remains a mystery. Thank you, Bryan Kemper for reminding us that Social Justice begins in the womb!

But Time continues their effusive praise, "Cecile is a tenacious organizer, talented at both inside maneuvering and outside mobilization. She always wins. She leads with diplomacy and makes her case with facts, not hyperbole. That's what I saw when she served as my deputy chief of staff; that's what the nation sees as she leads Planned Parenthood."

Of course the stubborn facts unveiled by Live Action revealing PP's cover up of child sexual assault have been airbrushed from her story, along with her organization's founding mother's eugenic and racist past.

The eugenics facination of Margaret Sanger led her contemporaries to call her Hitler in a skirt.

If we follow that bunny trail back through history we can find the story of another woman who Time Magazine likely never saw fit to have on a list of most influential people.

Corrie Ten Boom lived in Harlem Holland during the Nazi reign of terror responsible for the deaths of over a million european Jews. According to some she was a Dutch savior ~ "But she did not only become a pioneer craftswoman. It is possible that she was the first woman to head a resistance movement against the Nazis in her country.


When she was 48 years of age, on seeing what was happening in Holland under the national-socialist regime -especially the unrelenting persecution of Jews- she decided that she had to do something about it. She then devised a way to assist them, an idea that met at once with her father’s and brother’s approval. In this manner she could ”resist” the Nazis, but in ”her” particular way, without violence, fully in agreement with her Christian principles and belief."

Corrie didn't have tax payer funding, she didn't have polished organizational skills and a fawning media eager to give her access to promote her cause. What she did have was love in her heart for the innocent and a love for the Lord and His chosen people.

She came up with an idea, "A hiding place measuring 2.5 m long by 0.70 m wide was built in Corrie’s own bedroom, on the second floor of the building. The entrance was hidden behind a wardrobe and the available space could make room for a maximum of six persons simultaneously, all of whom had to remain in a standing position without making any movement."

Like the saints on the front lines of today's modern death camps, like pro-life heroine, Jo Scott, Miss Ten Boom counted the cost and put it all on the line to help her fellow man.

And so I invite you to ponder which you would rather be ~ honored by a slick internationally read and influential magazine or, known by the saints and the Lord as a lover of souls, willing to put your life on the line to save the least of these.

On this Good Friday, as we reflect upon the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who paid the price for us to be savior of all humanity, may we pray for a moment for those who need him most.

"It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin." Luke 17:2