Tuesday, September 19, 2006

HELP SAVE EMMIE-ROSE!! Futile Care Alert Michigan

***This is a story about a baby born at 23 weeks***

Today Emmie-Rose’s Hospital has hit a major blow against us.

I believe some of the staff believe we are not providing the correct care for her and had us meet with the “Ethics” committee.

At most hospitals the Ethics committee is usually made up of staff, social workers, clergy, and parents of other children.

We had a room full of the staff, 1 surgeon, 2 social workers, and Stephanie and I. Let’s just stack all the cards against us. After wasting 2 hours going over the issues, it is their Ethical recommendation to not continue life saving treatments to our baby! This includes vent support which she has been on since day one. Why don’t you just turn the knife back and fourth after you stick it in our hearts! According to the committee we as parents of our child can not tell the U of M Doctors how to provide care to our child. They reserve the right to discontiune support when they feel like it.

They have not fed Emmie-Rose since 9/3/2006!

She had physical therapy this morning with NO problems. They moved her all over, pulled her legs in and out… no changes in facial expressions, no changes in heart rate etc. SHE WAS FINE!

I spoke with some other doctors tonight at some different hospitals that seem more willing to be able to work with her condition but they want to wait until Monday to see how she is doing before agreeing to a transfer.

I probably can not get a restraining order until Monday as well to keep the U from pulling the plug on her without our consent and give her food.

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