Friday, February 08, 2008


Ruth Ann Minner needs to hear from concerned pro-lifers
that she not only has the authority but the duty to protect
innocent human life. 

When calling to express concern about Lauren Richardson,
her staffer stated that she doesn't get involved in judicial

I explained that she has the authority to pardon criminals,
so she surely can pardon an innocent disabled woman whose
mother wants to starve her to death.

The staffer refused to acknowledge that the executive branch
can challenge the judicial branch.

Please call Governor Minner and plead for Lauren's life.

Wilmington office 302-577-3210
Dover office 302-744-4101

Lauren's website, has info about the use of
Ambien in removing individuals from locked in states.
Pray that her family will have the right to try this therapy
with their loved one!


Evan J. said...

Hey Leslie,
Here is a quote from Herb Titus, constitutional attorney, about Governor Bush's duty and authority to intervene for Terri.

"Not only does the governor have such power, but the governor has the constitutional duty to prevent any action taken pursuant to such a court order, because such action would violate Mrs. Schindler Schiavo's constitutionally guaranteed 'inalienable right to enjoy and defend life' regardless of her 'physical disability' as secured by Article 1 Section 2 of the Florida State Constitution."

The same is true for Governor Minner under the Delaware Constitution. The Preamble states "all men have by nature the rights of worshiping and serving their Creator according to the dictates of their consciences, of enjoying and defending life and liberty,".

Governor Minner needs to be reminded that she swore to uphold the constitution of her state.

Vickie Nee

Fare said...

Ms Leslie,

While I understand that you feel strongly about the subject of end-of-life wishes, it seems to me that you show great disrespect to Terri Schiavo and Lauren Richardson--the very people whom you purport to want to help.

For instance, calling Mrs. Schiavo "Terri Schindler" or Terri Schindler-Schiavo" is extremely disrespectful. There is absolutely no indication or evidence that Mrs. Schiavo herself ever used her father's name once she married. Your doing so is only one relatively mild example of mounting a political cause on the back of the gravely afflicted.

Calling the governor's office and attempting to instruct them, erroneously at that, on the rights and responsibilities of the executive is more than disrespectful, it is fraudulent and wasteful. (I say fraudulent because I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that you have the sense to know your argument is idiotic, but you make it anyway, out of excess zeal.) Disrespecting government officials and wasting their time and taxpayers' money on behalf of some person is disrespectful to that person. If you must insert yourself into the private matters of a person in a PVS, don't you think it would be better to do so honestly, fairly, and respectfully?

Just something to think about, as I have seen so many posts or blog entries similar to yours (Free Republic being by far the worst offender) that I wondered if perhaps you might consider your actions in a different light.

Best wishes,
Farish Cunning